Mark P. Robinson, Jr., doesn’t have a job; he has a mission— helping people in their time of need. Founder of Newport Beach’s Robinson Calcagnie, Inc., Robinson is widely known as one of the nation’s leading plaintiffs’ attorneys, securing billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements.

During the past four decades he’s received regional and national awards from the most prestigious legal press and trade associations. But the best reward, he says, doesn’t come in the form of a plaque or trophy.

“What makes me get up and go to work every day is knowing we can make a difference for a family that really needs it,” says Robinson. “We get to help them get justice. There’s nothing better than that.”

Robinson frequently faces an unfair fight, representing consumers against huge international corporations. In one of his latest cases, he represents women who claim Johnson & Johnson talcum powder caused ovarian cancer.

“There are many women out there who have used these products, and they’re frightened,” Robinson said. “We’re going to help them get answers and get their day in court.”

Challenging Pharmaceutical Companies and Manufacturers

He has already helped consumers fight the makers of the prescription drugs Actos, Vioxx, Yaz, Ortho Evra, and Reglan, carving out a niche taking on multinational pharmaceutical companies.

“Our clients have been hurt by the drugs that were supposed to help them, but they would never have the resources to take on these companies,” says Robinson. He also takes on major carmakers. Since his historic case against Ford for exploding Pinto gas tanks, he’s won a string of major victories against carmakers, causing manufacturers to put safer cars on the road. Robinson and his colleague, Scot Wilson, obtained a $46 million verdict against the Nissan San Bernardino and Nissan of Redlands dealerships.

As 2014 president of the prestigious American Board of Trial Advocates, Robinson helped create an organization called Save Our Juries to advocate for the right to trial by jury.

“The jury system is really the last check against dangerous products like defective automobiles,” he says.

Keeping Technology Safe

Robinson continues to keep a watchful eye on the auto industry, particularly the potential dangers of new driving technology.

“Self-driving cars are revolutionary,” he says. “But there are safety considerations. Government regulators don’t have the resources to do it all, so juries are critical to keep us safe."

“We have such an outstanding team of attorneys at Robinson Calcagnie,” says Robinson. “That’s what really sets us apart.”