Too many lawyers have a cookie-cutter approach to employment disputes. We know that no two employment issues are identical. The players, facts, motives, perceptions, and law must all be considered before preparing an action plan. The wrong initial move can result in years of expensive and exhausting litigation and tremendous stress. The correct initial request, investigation, charge, or pleading is often the key to the case. These critical decisions cannot be left to a paralegal or attorney who isn’t well-versed in the area of employment law. At L&P, your case will be handled by an attorney who has been practicing employment law for at least 20 years. Whether you are an employee or employer, don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. Let us help you think out of the box to weigh all of your options. L&P represents employees in wage-hour class actions, discrimination, and contract matters. We represent employers in wage-hour matters, employment litigation, and other employment-related work such as crafting compliant workplace handbooks and policies that can help increase employee morale and productivity. Our practice has been limited to helping employees and employers since 1990.