Berry Appleman & Leiden (BAL) believes in creating a diverse workforce. But more than simply talking about it, they are doing it.

BAL’s commitment to workforce diversity stems from the firm’s mission. As one of the leading corporate immigration law firms, BAL knows that in order to speak to the legal needs of the world, the firm must look like the world. With this in mind, BAL has a long record of promoting women and minorities.

Throughout the firm’s ranks, women are leading the way. Of BAL’s more than 775 professional staffers, more than 70 percent are women. But this diversity is also found in the highest ranks. Of their more than 100 total attorneys, solicitors, and immigration managers, approximately 62 percent are women, and among their 18 U.S.-based partners, 11 are women.

Three women hold the title of equity partner, the highest post at the firm. Frieda Garcia works in the San Francisco office and provides guidance on global initiatives, development of best-in-class programs, and advice regarding requirements within various jurisdictions.

Carla Tarazi also works in the San Francisco office and offers comprehensive immigration solutions to Fortune 500 clients.

Kortney Gibson works in the Dallas office and provides advice and counsel on business immigration, with a focus on streamlining programs for high-volume clients. 

Clearly, BAL is committed to promoting female leadership, and the legal community has taken notice. Law360 ranked BAL as one of the nation’s best law firms for female attorneys and partners in its recent Glass Ceiling Report. The publication called the firm a “ceiling smasher” and ranked BAL as third on the “100 Best Law Firms for Female Attorneys” list and second on the “25 Best Law Firms for Female Partners.”

This is just the beginning for BAL. The firm believes diversity is not only the right way to do business—it’s the only way.