Representing employment discrimination and sexual harassment victims in North Carolina is not for the faint of heart. North Carolina is a conservative state with conservative judges. Yet, at Van Kampen Law, we successfully bring big firm savvy and expertise to bare on behalf of individuals in employment disputes from the factory floor to the board room. Josh’s career as an employment lawyer began in Chicago, Illinois, where, from 1998 to 2004, he worked as an associate at two nationally recognized employment law defense firms: Seyfarth Shaw and Franczek Radelet. In 2004, Josh flipped the script and opened a practice in Charlotte devoted exclusively to representing employees. The hallmark to Josh’s litigation approach starts with fearlessness. “We’ve had clients come to us and say that other attorneys were scared to take the case. We don’t get scared. We get excited.” We also understand the challenges ahead and know that we have to pick the right cases, work harder and be better prepared than our defense colleagues. At Van Kampen Law, we’ve carefully built our reputation one case at a time. We like to think that our next client will benefit from the work we’ve done for our last.