How do you set up a business in Florida – Part 7: Non-Florida business doing business in Florida


Florida encourages and provides an easy means for non-Florida businesses, that is a business either registered in another State or Country, to register to conduct business legally in the State.  The method is similar to creating a business here and is done online on the State’s website, Sunbiz.   If a foreign business as it is called, either a corporation or LLC, has a credit card, internet access and a registered agent to accept service of process of lawsuits, it can register to do business here.  There are even businesses in Florida that cater to such foreign businesses and offer their services as a registered agent for the foreign business in Florida.


Although a foreign business need not always or absolutely register to do business in Florida, the benefit of so doing affords the business benefits that it would not otherwise enjoy.  How such benefits will apply to a particular foreign business and whether it is helpful for a particular business to do so is a topic better addressed in a discussion with David Steinfeld. The Law Office of David Steinfeld employs a great deal of technology to move at the speed of its business clients.  Therefore, a foreign business wishing to discuss these topics will find it easy to do so from anywhere in the country or the world.