How do you set up a business in Florida – Part 5: Do you need an LLC Operating Agreement


Not every LLC needs an operating agreement or requires one from its inception, but the decision as to whether the LLC needs one and when it should have one should be made by the owner or owners after understanding the issues that impact the decision.  Without an operating agreement, the LLC is bound by the Revised LLC Act, Chapter 605, Florida Statutes and, therefore, gets what the Legislature has decided the business should have.  Sometimes, this one-size fits all approach is not appropriate for or tailored to the needs of the business.


To increase the efficiency of the process of developing an operating agreement to fit a business and to reduce the costs involved, David Steinfeld created a proprietary and easy to navigate questionnaire that incorporates the provisions of the Revised LLC Act that can be changed or modified.  This allows the Law Firm to obtain salient information from the business owner without a lengthy and direct interaction, which effectively eliminates one meeting and saves hundreds of dollars for the business.  Because many LLCs undertake an operating agreement early in their existence, the cost of so doing is normally very important because the fledgling business often has only so much money with which to work at that point.  By making the process of creating he operating agreement faster and cheaper for the business, the Law Office of David Steinfeld can provide a value and benefit to the business that promotes its future success and avoids costly disputes in its future.