How do you set up a business in Florida – Part 3: Why use the LLC


In 1999, Florida put its first LLC laws in place and then upgraded them in the early 2000s.  Because the LLC was created by the Legislature it is commonly referred to as a “creature of statute” as opposed to the corporation and partnership that developed in common practice first and then were formalized or “codified” into actual written law by the government.  More recently in 2013, the Florida Legislature updated and upgraded our LLC laws to fill in some gaps that had been identified over the previous years and make the LLC more user-friendly for people wanting to do business in the State.


One of the reasons why the vast majority of all businesses now formed in Florida are LLCs is because it acts like something of a hybrid; it provides and combines the protections of the corporation with which many are familiar with the practical day-to-day use and feel of the partnership.  It is arguably less burdensome to manage than a corporation and provides more protections than the partnership, thus making it an ideal choice for the closely-held concerns that comprise the bulk of the business engine in Florida.