Common real estate disputes in Florida – Part 1: Real estate is a business in Florida


For almost one hundred years in Florida, real estate has been considered a business and lawsuits over real estate have even been addressed on the business litigation board certification exam.  While many people purchase a home in which to live, many others buy for investment either in their name or through a business entity, which may also involve several investors.  Properly structuring a business for such investment is as important a step just as with a business that intends to sell a service or product and is a service that the Law Office of David Steinfeld regularly offers.


Disputes over the purchase and sale of real estate, real estate contracts, and rentals concerning landlords and tenants are matters that the Law Office of David Steinfeld regularly addresses, but closings and title work are not within the expertise of the Firm and referrals are commonly provided to local attorneys who do that type of work.  Chapter 83 of Florida’s Statutes is the Landlord-Tenant Act and provides the obligations applicable to landlords in residential tenancies.  However, the obligations of landlords and tenants in commercial rentals is largely governed by the terms of their written lease.  The Law Office of David Steinfeld reviews commercial leases to assist and guide businesses in renting space for their operations.