Frequently Asked Questions

Three people Nominations

Who can nominate attorneys for consideration in Best Lawyers?
Anyone can nominate an attorney including clients, other lawyers, and marketing directors. We simply ask that lawyers not nominate themselves. Please note that the nominator, or number of nominations received, has no effect on an attorney’s listing.
How can I nominate attorneys for consideration in Best Lawyers?
To nominate an attorney, please access our nominations form via your Admin Page. If you do not have an Admin page, please enter your nominations here.
Who should I nominate for Best Lawyers?
We suggest that nominees be in practice for at least ten years in order to give them time to build a legal presence in their community and practice area(s). Best Lawyers does not accept nominations for in-house attorneys. All nominees must be in private practice.
Is there a limit to the number of attorneys I can nominate?
There is no limit.
Is there a limit to the number of Practice Areas an attorney can be nominated for?
No. However, since our ballots are based on the nominee’s submitted practice areas, only specialties that the attorney works in, and is known for, should be submitted.
Do attorneys already listed have to be re-nominated each year?
No. Lawyers who are listed in the current edition of Best Lawyers are automatically nominated for the following edition.
If a nominee is not included in Best Lawyers do they have to be re-nominated next year?
We keep nominees on the ballots for three editions. If after three research cycles the nominee has still not made the list, they will be archived and must be re-nominated for consideration.
How do I know who has been nominated from my firm?
You may find the current list of nominees on your Firm’s Administrative Page or contact us to send you a report.