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Mr. Casper has been a member of the Board of Governors of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association (CTLA) since 1987. He was the President of the CTLA from 1996-1997. He serves on CTLA's, Legislative, Amicus Curiae, Medical Malpractice, Public Relations, and Fund Raising committees and he has served on every Executive Committee of CTLA since 1990. He is a former member of the Motor Vehicle Automobile Insurance Coordination Committee and the Insurance Oversight Committee (Co-Chairperson) of The Association of Trial Lawyers of America (now the American Association for Justice, or "AAJ"). From 1999-2006 he was a State Delegates to AAJ. In 2006 he was elected to serve on the Board of Governors of AAJ and he presently serves on AAJ's Public Affairs Committee and National Finance Council. In 2008, he was designated co-chairperson of a working subcommittee of AAJ’s Public Affairs Committee charged with making recommendations to deal with ERISA subrogation and Medicare Set-Aside issues. He is a member of AAJ’s Professional Liability Section and in 2010 he was the Chairperson of AAJ's Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group. From 2005 -10 he was the Editor-in-Chief of the "Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group Newsletter." He is a member of the Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut (formerly the Brain Injury Association of Connecticut), the Brain Injury Association of America, the American Board of Trial Advocates and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. He also serves on the Legal advisory Board of the Sarah Jane Brain Foundation.

Classes/Seminars Taught:

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Cases – Determining Coverage, Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, 1985 – 1990

    The Million Dollar Verdict Theory & Theme in the Age of Tort Reform, Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, 1988

  • Investigation for Auto and Premises Liability Cases, Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, 1990

  • Municipal Liability vs. Immunity Under The Tort Reform Act, Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, 1991

  • Conflicts of Law Issues in Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Cases, Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, 1991

  • Summation – The Finishing Touch, Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, 1991

  • Automobile Insurance Reform Act of 1993, Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, 1993

  • Bad Faith, No Faith or Incompetence – Claims Against Insurance Companies and Independent Agents, Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, 1994

  • Consumer Remedies for Inadequate Insurance Coverage – Suing The Insurance Agent, American Association for Justice, 1995

  • Looking Fraudulent Surveillance in the Eye, American Association for Justice, 1996

  • Cross Examination of the Defense Medical Expert, Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, 1998

  • The Conundrum of Pre-existing Injuries, Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, 2002

  • Proving and Winning the Traumatic Brain Injury Case, American Association for Justice, 2006

  • The Selection and Use of Experts in the Traumatic Brain Injury Case, Association of  Trial Lawyers of America – New Jersey, 2006

  • Proving the Injury in the Traumatic Brain Injury Case, Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, 2006

  • Cross-Examination of the Defense Expert in a Traumatic Brain Injury Case – No Perry Mason Moments, American Association of Justice, 2008

  • Misclassification of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, North American Brain Injury Society, 2010

  • Debunking the Myths of TBI, North American Brain Injury Society, 2011

  • Using Depositions to Undermine TBI Myths, North American Brain Injury Society, 2012

  • 9 Myths of Traumatic Brain Injury, Iowa Association for Justice, 2012

  • What You Don’t Know About Brain Injury Experts Can Hurt, Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, 2013

  • Demystifying the Myths of Traumatic Brain Injury, North American Brain Injury Society, 2014Strategies for Diffusion Tensor Imaging & Volumetric Analysis in Pediatric TBI Litigation, American Association for Justice, 2014

Additional Information

Areas of Concentration — Mr. Casper concentrates his practice on serious injury cases involving traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, wrongful death and complicated orthopedic injuries.
University of Massachusetts, AmherstBA 1975Hofstra University School of LawJ.D. 1978
American Board of Trial AdvocatesConnecticut Trial Lawyers AssociationTraumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group NewsletterTraumatic Brain Injury Litigation GroupAmerican Association for Justice

Case History

Compensability of Exposure to HIV & Tuberculosis

In a workers' compensation case, the Connecticut Supreme Court reversed the Appellate Court and the trial commissioner who found that exposure to infectious diseases were not compensable events under the Connectuct Workers' Compensation Act.  Te decision has braoad and important applicability for first responders and health care providers. Doe v. City of Stamford, 241 Conn. 697 (1997).

Estimate of Loss of Prodctivity Supports Earning Capacity Loss

In Duncan v. Mill Management of Greenwich, Inc. (308 Conn. 1 (2013), the Connecticut Supreme Court approved of the use of the use of the plaintiff's own estimate of her loss of productivity to support her loss of earning capacity claim. This was the first reported decision addressing this approach used at trial by Mr. Casper to buttress his self-emplyed client's assertion that her injury not only caused her to lose income reflected on her tax returns but also limited her efforts to generate new clients.

Client Comments

"I write this endorsement on behalf of Stewart Casper with great enthusiasm. I had the privilege of having Stewart represent me this past year. He was receptive, knowledgeable and professional at all times. From the start, I could tell he always put me first. Stewart was quick to respond to any questions I had and always kept me informed with the process. His staff was receptive as well, and I always had a response to a call or email within hours. As a medical professional, it is clear that he understands the perspective of a client and as a lawyer. He understood medical laws and had clear guidance that took this information into context. He had a wide array of knowledge and it was clear that he had much more experience than the opposing lawyers. He did not hesitate to guide me, and each decision he helped me with clearly worked in my favor. Again, I cannot express with words how much Stewart helped me, and I highly recommend him to anyone with a personal injury. "

"Three years ago, our daughter Reiko was involved in a serious car accident, and experienced a severe subdural hematoma requiring more than a year of intensive supports and rehab. It was a horrendous experience for our family. Throughout the experience, Stewart Casper and his team at Casper & de Toledo were by our sides--not just for the legal support, but also for medical and personal supports. Stewart gave us the ability to focus on our daughter’s TBI needs while he handled the complex and necessary legal aspects. As a result, Reiko has made remarkable progress, and Stewart’s efforts have given her the opportunity to continue her recovery and regain important aspects of her life. Reiko is living successfully independently, is loving her new apartment and friends, is moving smoothly through her program to complete her BA, has a "boyfriend," and is having quality sibling time with her brother. She's got a neurologist and other medical supports, and she's finishing up a brief stint with a counselor to "talk through" some questions. All very good. Three years later, we still marvel at Reiko's remarkable recovery from her life altering accident, and will be forever grateful for the assistance we got from our personal and professional supports network. And Stewart Casper had a prominent and much appreciated place in that support network. We would recommend him highly and without reservation."

"I first met Attorney Stewart Casper five and a half years ago, a few months after I had been injured. I was unable to walk and needed constant care. I was unable to work. My business had ground to a halt. I was bewildered by the sudden and profound change in my circumstances, and I was very frightened. It had become clear that my injury was not healing and would have permanent consequences. Attorney Casper and his firm Casper & de Toledo steered me through the details of my story with the most interesting questions. I was aware that he listened intently to my answers. I remember most of all, he was very respectful. The feelings of helplessness and personal vulnerability that result from a sudden injury are intense and overwhelming; so to encounter respect at that moment is especially reassuring. He explained with clarity the law as it pertains to a case like mine, and he agreed to represent me. It was as if I had been tumbling down the side of a cliff, and a hand reached out and pulled me onto a ledge. During the following four and half years, I underwent multiple surgeries and courses of treatment-- none of which was straightforward, and all of which affected the course of my case. Attorney Casper steadily guided me through the Byzantine maze of personal injury law, endless conferences, meetings, negotiations and reports. When I had a question or needed reassurance, he or one of his staff responded within a day. "

"Attorney Casper is unlike any attorney I have ever met. In addition to his expert knowledge of the law and legal procedure, his support and encouragement are what astounded me most. For four years, he helped me through a very difficult and emotional case with all of the professionalism I would have expected, and all of the compassion that I needed. I was young and afraid to go through the legal process, but Attorney Casper made it easier by always being there for me, treating me as if I was his own daughter. It is impossible for me to thank him enough for caring about me so much."

-Kimberly Olson
Chatham Financial

"Stewart Casper is an extraordinary trial lawyer because he is passionate about his clients, has great integrity, and is extremely knowledgeable about the law. Throughout the many years of representing me, he guided me through the pretrial and trial process - doing excellent investigative work, developing the legal theories on a complex issue, conducting a lengthy trial against a formidable big defense firm, and winning a major jury trial. At all times, he was completely devoted to my case; he was well prepared, analytical, and highly regarded by the judge and his adversaries. On a personal level, he gave me the courage to pursue my rights and demonstrated the experience and professionalism required to obtain a positive outcome for my case."

-Nicholas Stroumbakis
Greenwich Urological Associates

"My mother suffered a traumatic brain injury when she fell down an unlit flight of stairs at my sister's residence. Because the case involved a family member, the lawsuit was a bit complicated and sensitive. Although the jury found my mother 40-percent negligent, we were still able to secure a $4.2 million judgment and walk away with $2.5 million. From day one, Stewart Casper was tenacious about the lawsuit and never doubted for a minute that we wouldn't win. He kept me up to date and very informed over the course of collecting information about the case, despite the fact that I live thousands of miles away in Texas. His numerous exhibits were first class all the way - large, colorful, accurate, and VERY effective. I consider him to be a top-notch litigator in the courtroom. I was so impressed by his ability to discredit almost all of the defense's witnesses. In my book, he was a genius!! There's no doubt in my mind that we won the case based on his amazing ability to think on his feet and litigate from the heart. He truly believed in our case and I will be forever indebted to him. "

-Alexia Dauterive

"I gladly share a portion of a note that I sent to Attorney Casper upon successful resolution of legal actions involving my late brother's estate. The note read, in part, "...I admire your tenacity, thoroughness, strategic approach, and sense of fairness. You have a well-deserved reputation based on these qualities...." "

-Michael Irwin
Investment Banker

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Lawyer of the Year Awards

2016 Lawyer of the Year in Personal Injury Litigation - Plaintiffs of the Stamford Metro Area
Stewart M. Casper has earned a Lawyer of the Year award for 2016!

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Personal Injury Litigation - Plaintiffs (Automobile Collision, Brain Injury, Medical Malpractice, Premises Liability, Product Liability, Professional Malpractice, Workers' Compensation, Wrongful Death)
Workers' Compensation Law - Claimants (Automobile, Executive Compensation, Insurance, Litigation, Occupational Disease)

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