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Steven M. Gordon

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Client Comments

"As a doctor, a surgeon, and the president of our corporation, I've worked with an array of lawyers during my 25 years of practice. I am an "educated legal consumer". Attorney Gordon stands apart, in my experience, as a lawyer of the highest skill and knowledge in the law, with a devotion to clients (which many claim), but he stands as an exemplar of this ideal. Attyorney Gordon has the ability to frame complex issues into workable legal solutions. He demonstrates both a superb grasp of the Law, and an impressive ability to "get into the trenches" when needed to deliver results. He is similarly valued by those other clients whom I know, not only in a small town, but the State capitol. He has a talent for showing the velvet glove of negotiation when dealing with an adversary, and knowing when it's necessary to show his iron glove - a truly impressive skill set before the Bar, using the legal strategies and tactics, which he is a master of. Attorney Gordon also shows a concern for being cost-effective, although one would not expect a lawyer of his caliber to be a "lowest-bidder' professional. Although we're aware of his numerous and impressive peer awards, he delivers excellent counsel and legal talent for his clients - the bottom line. My corporation and I have felt exceedingly well and fairly represented by Attorney Gordon, ranging from portentous issues to those that are more mundane. As his client, we can rest (to the extent that a layman can in legal matters) knowing that we have the most skilled attorney out there, one who keeps details large and small on his screen. Finally, I am aware of Mr. Gordon's reputation for excellence in Criminal Law. vGratefully, I've worked with him only in civil matters. Once again, this is a small State, and his abilities are well known. When my liberty and freedom are at risk, I can think of no lawyer in whom I whose hands I would rather place myself, with justified faith. As a lawyer, Attorney Gordon is a person whose level others of his profession might aspire to, but exceedingly few can even approach his skill set. Lawyer Gordon's knowledge, experience, and dogged devotion to those whom he represents, and his sense of ethics, certainly make him worthy of being amongst the most elite in his craft. "

"It has been my good fortune to have been represented by Steve Gordon of "Shaheen and Gordon" in a criminal matter in the state of New Hampshire. This experience has given me a new respect for the legal profession and for those who practice it in our society. Prior to this experience, I had no involvement with or understanding of the Criminal Justice system. My main source of information was through the evening news reports of the various goings on as reported by local news organizations, and I gave little thought to the complexities, subtleties, or impact of the law on the lives of individual citizens. As a result, I entered into the criminal process as a neophyte, both unprotected and unaware. With remarkable clarity of vision, Steve undertook my representation with a depth of knowledge and experience that was, for me, a reassurance that I would be protected and that the outcome would be favorable despite the seriousness of the charges. As the case progressed through the court process, Steve was there at each turn with an explanation of the development communicated to me in a calm and rational way that eased my tension and reduced my fear. He never failed to respond quickly to an email request or a phone call, and his responses typically contained a comprehensive answer to my query in a language that I could understand. Another key aspect of Steve's representation was his accurate communication of the situation, whether the information was negative or positive toward my position. He never raised my hopes through overly positive speculation, yet he was always confident that my position had merit and that, through his handling of the case, the facts would win out. This sense of balance helped me through the many twists and turns of my situation and kept me focused on the possible and rational rather than the impossible and the irrational. Without this leadership of purpose I don't know how I would have been able to think clearly and assist Steve in my defense. The Webster's dictionary defines the word lawyer as "One versed in the laws, or a practitioner of law; one whose profession is to conduct lawsuits for clients, or to advise as to prosecution or defense of lawsuits, or as to legal rights and obligations in other matters." Today, as a result of my experience, Steve Gordon and his law firm now define the word lawyer in all the very best ways in which that term can be used or understood. "

-Warren Marble

"Steven is articulate, persuasive, thorough, and simply brilliant! You want him on your side. "

-Dick Anagnost
The Anagnost Companies

"Steve saved my life. His passion and BELIEF in me helped me navigate my way through the worst time in my life - being investigated and later charged with environmental felonies, totaling 39 years in prison!! The State's first settlement offer was to send me to State prison for five to seven years. At the time of this indictment I had a wife, three small children, four businesses, and over 500 employees. I was never so frightened. Steve helped me deal with all the emergencies I had with my staff, banking and bonding companies, insurance companies, clients, and family by being with me when I spoke to them. Steve's guidance was absolutely immeasurable to my businesses and my family. His overview covered not only the case, but also how the outcomes could affect my life. On my behalf, Steve veraciously negotiated with the State and we reached a settlement after a year and a half of 39 days in county jail with immediate work release, a fine, and several speeches where I would talk about what not to do when removing asbestos from old buildings. I am so glad this is over and I hold Steve Gordon in the highest regard for his expertise as Counsel throughout the entire process. In addition to the criminal offense, Steve handled a construction dispute where a subcontractor was suing us for 300k. We countered for 700k; the sub went bankrupt. Not throwing in the towel, Steve attached our claim to the insurance companies and we were able to settle that matter to our complete satisfaction of a full release from the subcontractor and an award from the insurance company of 237K. Steve and the people of Shaheen and Gordon are awesome! "

-Kevin Craffey
Craffey Companies

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107 Storrs Street
P.O. Box 2703
Concord, NH 03301
United States

Lawyer of the Year Awards

2013 Lawyer of the Year in Criminal Defense: White-Collar of the Concord Metro Area
Steven M. Gordon has earned a Lawyer of the Year award for 2013!

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Bet-the-Company Litigation
Criminal Defense: White-Collar
Litigation - First Amendment