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Mark G. Grueskin

Listed in Best Lawyers since 2007

Mark's law practice occurs at the junction of all three branches of government. In the law-making process, he drafts legislation and ballot measures and also challenges initiative ballot titles and petitions; Campaigns & Elections Magazine has called him "Colorado's best election lawyer, bar none."  In the courts, he litigates high profile policy and political matters, using trial strategies that the Denver Business Journal said "emphasize innovation over convention."  And before executive branch regulatory agencies and licensing boards, he represents commercial clients including industry leaders in Colorado's limited gaming industry. For these reasons, Law Week Colorado named Mark the state's Best Government Lawyer in a Law Firm.



University of PennsylvaniaBA 1976

Case History

In re Ballot Title for Initiative 1999-2000 #255, 4 P.3d 485 (Colo. 2000) — Successfully represented advocates of initiative against challenge over adequacy of ballot titles and submission clause
Beauprez v. Avalos, 42 P.3d 642 (Colo. 2002) — Successfully represented City & County of Denver in congressional redistricting litigation
Colorado Education Association v. Rutt, 184 P.3d 65 (Colo. 2008) — Successfully represented teachers'''' association in connection with its exercise of First Amendment rights in campaign context
In re Interogatories Submitted on House Bill 04-1098, 88 P.3d 1196 (Colo. 2004) — Successfully represented Colorado General Assembly over governor''''s use of federal funds
Mesa County Bd. of County Comm’rs v. State, 203 P.3d 519 (Colo. 2009) — Successfully represented State of Colorado and the Governor in defending school financing statutes, in light of constitutional tax limitation provisions.

Client Comments

"Few lawyers have attained the kind of universal acclaim and respect that Mark Grueskin has. His work in the are a of public affairs, public policy, and campaign finance law has made him by far the most sought after and celebrated attorney in his field in Colorado. As a client and (I hope) a friend, I've had the good fortune of learning from Mark not only the law, but also what being a true professional means. Having served with hundreds of lawyers over the course of my career, I can think of no one more deserving of the recognition of one of the best lawyers in America. Mark fits that description in every way. "

-Dominic DelPapa
IKON Public Affairs

"Mark Grueskin has served as legal counsel to the Colorado Gaming Association since 1994, and I have had the pleasure of working with him since 1997. Mark's knowledge of the Colorado political environment has been invaluable to us in achieving short and long-range goals for the association. He has been extremely responsive to our needs, and his recommendations for our association's political and legal issues are always given with an eye toward looking at the "big picture" of the casino industry in Colorado - not just the issue at hand. He is a well respected, an excellent communicator, and his expertise in our legal and regulatory matters over the years has helped us achieve strong credibility for the Colorado Gaming Association with lawmakers, community leaders, and elected officials."

-Lois Rice
Executive Director
Colorado Gaming Association

"Mark works in an area that requires astute political skills, coupled with sharp negotiating abilities, to achieve successful results for his clients. Among his many contributions to our company, through his expert counsel and guidance, is his unique ability to distill very complicated issues into a concise plan of attack. Mark always brings a very strong, healthy respect for the other side of an issue, as he takes nothing for granted. He has guided our organization through many complicated governmental/administrative issues with extremely successful results. Lastly, as an added bonus, he's a wonderful person. I treasure his counsel and his friendship."

-Stephen R. Roark
Jacobs Entertainment, Inc.

"Mark is extremely smart and hard working. He is strategic in his thoughts and will often play out various scenarios with clients. My favorite thing about Mark is that you know he is on your side. He is an advocate. Not only does he let his passion show, he does plenty of preparation and legal background as he works. He is often thinking about his clients and cases late at night or early in the morning. I don't know what it is, but he has an extremely high credibility factor with clients, as well as with judges and opposing counsel. He represents our organization often and we are always very pleased with his work. "

-Lynne Mason
Political Director
Colorado Education Association

"Just starting out, the qualities that defined Mark Grueskin in 1987 were that he was always prepared, thorough, creative; his rich, baritone voice coupled with a measured opinion translated into an authoritative voice. From the beginning, people had confidence in Mark's counsel. Take all of that and add in 20 years of defining case law on most of Colorado's landmark decisions addressing ballot issues, constitutional and statutory election law, and its easy to see why those in need of that discipline pick up the phone and call him first - and everyone else second."

-Rick Reiter
Campaigns & Elections
Reiter & Associates

Office Location

1600 Stout Street, Suite 1000
Denver, CO 80202
United States

Lawyer of the Year Awards

2017 Lawyer of the Year in Gaming Law of the Denver Metro Area2016 Lawyer of the Year in Administrative / Regulatory Law of the Denver Metro Area2015 Lawyer of the Year in Government Relations Practice of the Denver Metro Area2013 Lawyer of the Year in Gaming Law of the Denver Metro Area
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Practice Areas

Administrative / Regulatory Law (Elections, Regulatory)
Gaming Law (Government Relations, Licensing)
Government Relations Practice (Campaign Finance, Legislative, Property Tax, State Lobbying)

Other Information

Gender: Male