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Kriton Metaxopoulos, born in 1962, is a graduate of the Athens University Law School (1984) as well as an LL.M graduate of the London School of Economics (1986). He has been practicing law since 1986 and he is the Managing Partner of “A. & K. Metaxopoulos & Partners Law Firm” since 2000. He is a BoD member of the Trans European Law Firms Alliance (TELFA) and was a BoD member of Warner Music for almost 20 years. Since 2006 he is also the Greek representative of the Global Advertising Law Firms Alliance (GALA). Kriton is an expert in IP Law, Copyright Enforcement and Antipiracy issues, as well as in international Corporate Litigation, White Collar Crime and Asset Recovery.

He has represented for years MPAA, the Greek Audiovisual Anti Piracy Association (EPOE), Sony, Warner Bros, Disney, Warner Music, Dassault Systemes, as well as many major players of the Greek entertainment industry, such as Odeon Group of Companies, Victory Media, Kiss Fm, Union of Radio Stations, etc.

Kriton’s “out of Greek borders career” is mainly linked to IP, White Collar Crime and Corporate Fraud prosecution. Kriton has been for almost ten years responsible for the coordination and legal strategy of a 150 million Euro international corporate litigation matter, involving legal work in Italy, Lebanon, Romania, UK, France and former Soviet Union countries and Greece. His experience includes representation before Civil and Penal Courts not only in Greece but also in France, Italy, UK and Romania in cooperation with local practitioners.  

Kriton’s experience in International Arbitration includes representation of an International Catering Group in 20 million USD arbitration (ICC), which resulted in an award against the Greek State (19 million USD) over the privatisation of Olympic Airways’ catering subsidiary in the ‘90s. Connected his name with
(i) the first ever in Europe prohibition of legal parallel imports of DvDs (Independence Day) by a 1997 decision of the Athens Court of Injunctions, which was subsequently adopted in 2010 by two ECJ “ad hoc” decisions which are applied until today by local Courts in EU Member States.
(ii) with the dairy cartel case and the “neighbouring to it” corruption of the General Secretary of the Greek Competition Committee in 2006, which resulted to the imposition by the Competition Committee of fines exceeding 50 million Euro to those Greek dairy companies that were found involved in the Cartel. The decision was geared by a complaint filed by a dairy company represented by Kriton at that time. Penal Courts have also convicted to jail sentences those accused for state corruption.
(iii) the major legal battle between DIVA SrL / MARCAL (our clients) and EMI which lasted for years and resulted to a major court victory before the Court of Appeals in Milan (with the cooperation of Professor Mario Franzosi) and then an extremely favourable for our clients licence agreement for all Maria Callas live recordings by DIVA / MARCAL to EMI Classics, which was at that time widely publicised.  

He is also known for his involvement in audiovisual censorship cases (Alexander the Great, Last Temptation of Christ) where he represented in Court the US producers and their Greek distributors, contributing to the free theatrical release of the relevant movies in Greece but also to the establishment of a solid case law in favour of the freedom of “viewing” even if “symbols” or “religions” are the “subject and / or matter” of the audiovisual work in question. Kriton represents, along with German Patent Expert Law firm “Preu Bohlig and Partner” before Greek and German Courts, a major Greek DVD plant in its dispute with MPEG LA over the use by the Greek DVD Plant of MPEG members’ patents in Greece and Germany. The dispute has after 8 years reached the German Supreme Court which recently issued a decision accepting the Greek plant’s appeal and rejecting MPEG’s claims on legal grounds, a decision which was widely commented as  being a sever blow” to MPEG LA’s legal position in relation to its patents.    

He is now leading the established in 1955 niche law firm “A. & K. Metaxopoulos and Partners Law Firm” with 12-15 fee earners / external associates and excellent reputation for the quality of their services which, despite its relatively small / medium size ranks traditionally among the leading law firms in Greece in expert publications such as the Chambers, the Legal 500, (previously PLC Which Lawyer) and the “Best Lawyers”. The practice is considered the leading IP, Advertising Law and TMT practice in Greece and Kriton a leader in Intellectual Property and Litigation by “Best Lawyers”.   

Ethnikon kai Kapodistriakon Panepistimion AthinonLL.B 1984London School of EconomicsLL.M 1986
Global Advertising Lawyers AssociationInternational Lawyers Network (ILN)

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