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José Manuel de Bunes

Listed in Best Lawyers since 2016
Phone: 34 91 514 50 00

José Manuel joined Deloitte Abogados in 2014, as a Partner of the VAT, Duty and Indirect Tax Sector, enhancing at the same time, our advisory services in the Valencia community.

He formerly developed his career at the Tax Government between 1984 and 2008, where he held several important positions such as the Deputy Director of VAT (from 2000 to 2004), becoming the Director General for Taxation (from 2004 to 2008).

He subsequently entered Arco Abogados y Asesores Tributarios as a Tax Partner, where he developed a successful career in tax advising.


  • Author of numerous books  concerning Tax Law entitled: «Atlas Fiscal: IVA», «Todo Fiscal», «Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido», «Todo IGIC», «Guía integrada de la LGT y sus reglamentos de desarrollo», etc.
  • Author of other books for the Public Finance Minister School : «Las operaciones intracomunitarias en el IVA y en los Impuestos Especiales armonizados», «Manual del IVA» and «Manual de aplicación de los tributos».
  • Multiple publications in specialized magazines concerning Tax.
  • Broad teaching experience in centres like : Escuela de la Hacienda Pública (Public Finance Minister School), Centro de Estudios Universitarios (University Studies Centre), Fundación Universidad – Empresa de la Universidad de Valencia and Estema (Postgraduate Centres, both depending on the University of Valencia). 

Complutense University of Madrid

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Plaza de Pablo Ruiz Picasso 1
Torre Picasso
Madrid, 28020

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Tax Law

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