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Gregory is well known for his experienced and pragmatic advice and is highly rated as one of Ohio's very best construction lawyers. He stays abreast of cutting-edge developments in the industry by serving many of the leading national construction trade associations as their general counsel.

Construction Advice to Minimize Risk
Don enjoys providing practical preventative advice on all aspects of a project, from bid to punch list, including: bidding (responsibility, responsiveness, mistaken bids and conditional bids); construction contracts (review and revision of AIA, AGC, ConsensusDOCS and other trade association forms, design-build, construction manager, architect, contractor and subcontractor agreements, purchase orders, and special clauses, such as No Damage for Delay and Contingent Payment); and risk management (insurance and indemnity).

Construction Litigation
Don has been involved in many of the most sizeable and important cases impacting the construction industry over the last 30 years, including disputes concerning: bid challenges, claims (differing site conditions, defects, defaults and performance bond claims, change order disputes, equitable adjustments, and liquidated damages); mechanic’s liens (notices of furnishing, notices of commencement, lien waivers, lien filings and foreclosures); and prompt payment (collections, payment bond claims, and recovery of interest and attorney’s fees under federal and state prompt payment acts).

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Don is active both as an advocate in the ADR process, and regularly serves as a mediator and arbitrator solving complex construction disputes. He has experience utilizing arbitration, mediation, dispute review boards, partnering and summary jury trials

Miami UniversityBA 1979The Ohio State UniversityJ.D. 1982
American Arbitration Association, National "Blue Ribbon" Panel of ArbitratorsAmerican Bar Association, Construction ForumAmerican Subcontractors AssociationAssociation of the Wall & Ceiling IndustryNational Ground Water Association

Case History

Prompt Payment Act — Wrote and secured passage of Ohio's Prompt Payment act. Won the first Prompt Payment act case tried to verdict.
Ohio Stadium Renovation — Served as project counsel on this $200 million renovation that needed to be completed in between football seasons. The job was finished on time and on budget, in time for a national championship season.
Mechanic's Lien & recovery of legal fees — Helped negotiate and draft the comprehensive changes to Ohio's modern mechanic's lien law. Prevailed in five years of litigation on an auto plant renovation to recover a verdict for the full amount of the subcontractor's mechanic's lien and approximately $750,000 in legal fees.
Construction defects on hotel — Represented the owner/developer of a downtown hotel who recovered in arbitration over $5 million in damages against one of the largest contractors in the Midwest.  
Bad Faith Claim against State — Prevailed in protracted litigation against the State of Ohio on a contractor's delay claim, and proved that the State and its Construction Manager had engaged in bad faith and unfair dealing in manipulating the schedule and the Article 8 dispute resolution process.

Client Comments

"Don understands our business, customers, subcontractors, and industry. Don takes a very practical approach when he makes recommendations. Don's experience in the construction industry allows him to be very efficient in getting to the central issue in a matter. Don is creative and innovative in thinking about how to solve a problem and is very good about indicating what he would do if he were in our position."

-Greg Grabovac
Vice President and General Counsel
Team Fishel

"Whenever called upon, Mr. Donald Gregory stands ahead of others in handling our complex and difficult cases. We never have to call Mr. Gregory for information as he always appears to be one step ahead of all the details. He is detail oriented and handles each case like it is the most important."

-John Sheehy
Credit Manager
L&W Suppply

"Don Gregory is a superb lawyer. He consistently advises my company on the best and least costly approach to resolve issues in the most timely manner. He has excellent instincts when it comes to negotiations, which have proven very valuable to my company."

-Steve Etkin
Executive Vice President/CEO
Association of the Wall & Ceiling Industry

"Don is a trusted partner who understands my business. He is an excellent communicator of complex construction problems. In mediation I have found him to get to the point and focus on resolution and the law. One time I called him and asked him to review a contract and he commented to me that no one is more passionate about contract review. At first I wondered how anyone could be passionate about something like that. Don can take the most sophisticated contract and turn it around in a timely manner and communicate the risks. It has been extremely valuable in my line of business. After the review I thought about what he had said to me about his passion for the law and doing what is right. I then not only understood contract, I totally agreed with his statement. "

-Bob Beal
Accurate Electric Construction

"Don Gregory grasps issues quickly and provides advice in a timely manner."

"Don Gregory is our chapter attorney and he always has what is best for our members, subcontractors, in mind! Don is one of the most liked and respected attorneys in central Ohio. As a matter of fact, whenever Don is a seminar or program presenter for our ASA chapter, members and non-members attend -- because they want to learn more from "one of the best!" -- and the chapter can bank on the best attendance ever! I know that Don is an extremely busy attorney. Therefore, I am always amazed that whenever I reach out to him via phone or e-mail, he ALWAYS responds in such a timely fashion. Don, plain and simple, is a good person, consequently, he is a good attorney. Why? Don cares about what is best for the person/client, what is ethical and responsible. He is not only an effective communicator but he also is an effective listener. I respect and admire Don Gregory, and I value his membership with the ASA-Central Ohio Chapter and I value his input and participation. "

-Marla Graham
Executive Director
American Subcontractors Association - Central Ohio Chapter

"Don's motto is, "Every case needs a good theme." Our particular case dealt with a construction delay. Here, Don picked the theme, "Time is Money!", which is actually credited to Benjamin Franklin in 1748. But, this simple, well understood theme really resonated with the jury. It stuck. Don understands complex issues must be simply explained. He's a black belt master of case simplification. Nowdays, people want information fast. "Less is more". Naturally, Don's philosophy saves a lot of time. And, after all, we all understand that, "Time is......." "

"I have been associated with Don Gregory as our business counsel and my good personal friend for the entire 17 years of our company's existence. We have weathered extremes in the legal field from lawsuits and fatalities to liens and contract review. Don has always applied his attention, knowledge, and experience to produce the best possible outcome. One of the traits I value most with Don is his ability to explain complicated legal situations in a clear and understandable manner; this is true whether he is talking to an MBA/CEO or a blue-collar field worker."

"In association management, the maxim is "no surprises" for the volunteer board, and none for the CEO, as well. Don Gregory works to keep us apprised of issues so that we can cooperatively work to reduce the odds of a surprise. Proactively serving our account is greatly valued. He is highly responsive and effective in delegating our issues to the right lawyers within the firm and keeping us and them in communication. While Don approaches every matter with the appropriate seriousness, he has the wisdom to temper responses from experience."

-Kevin McCray
Executive Director
National Ground Water Association

"I have been working with Don for twenty-five years and I have never had a better working relationship with any one else. Don has always answered every call, faced every problem, and gotten great results for me. I count Don as one of my good friends. Don has also given his time freely to The American Subcontractors Association to better conditions for subcontractors, not only in Ohio, but across the nation. Any recoginition Don receives is well deserved."

-Chester Gibson
C C Group, Inc.

"As a long-time client of Don's law firm, Kegler Brown Hill and Ritter, CMHA has relied upon his expertise in construction law on numerous occasions. Throughout the course of countless new and/or substantial rehab projects totaling over 150 million dollars, Don has given us professional advice, counseling, and court representation that is second to none. Perhaps more importantly, the Board, senior staff, and I like and trust him, both as a gentleman and an attorney."

"Don is very knowledgeable in his field. He has the ability to grasp a situation quickly and offer sound advice on the spot, saving us time and money. His communications are direct and to the point, without introducing a lot of extra information. While Don is a busy attorney, he is always available within a reasonable amount of time. This has been a great relationship for us."

-Rob Setterlin
R. W. Setterlin Building Company

"Don has provided excellent service to Montgomery County in the areas of construction law and construction litigation. His knowledge of that area of the law and his litigation skills are outstanding."

"Attorney Gregory possesses an amalgam of skills not commonly found in the construction industry. He has a surprising knowledge of the daily operations of building firms, a keen ability to interpret construction documents, and a genuinely impressive and eloquent trial presence."

-Alan Crace
Crace Construction Company

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