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Michael Zweiback has significant experience in matters involving the theft of trade secrets, intellectual property disputes, national security, technology, privacy and data security, and complex commercial litigation. Michael previously served as an assistant U.S. attorney and while in this role, served as chief of the Cyber & Intellectual Property Crimes Section and was the principal advisor to the U.S. Attorney General’s Advisory Committee on Cyber Crime. He has more than 25 years of trial experience, including civil litigation and international arbitration. 

Michael is a contributor to radio, television and print media on cybersecurity and privacy issues. Michael also participates in The George Washington University Center for Cyber and Homeland Security’s Active Defense Task Force, which is developing best practices for business and government in addressing cyber threats. 

Michael has significant experience defending government investigations on behalf of individuals and corporations in health care (providers and hospitals), financial services, antitrust, environmental and anticorruption, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). He also defends against enforcement actions brought by agencies such as the SEC, FTC, FCC and Department of Health and Human Services and against violations of various provisions of federal and state data security laws brought by attorney general offices.

Case History

Data Security:
  • Represented a company in an investigation by a state attorney general’s office as a result of a breach of the client’s computer database and the theft of consumer personal identification information, resulting in no enforcement or civil action taken against the client company.
  • Advised California corporations on data security/breach obligations. Advised a multinational corporation on EU Safe Harbor issues. Advised an online company on issues involving data aggregation and web crawling. Advised an online company on issues involving EU privacy rules.
  • Advised a Fortune 50 corporation on issues involving data security in a cloud computing platform environment.
  • Advised a multinational business with operations in the United States on the transfer and handling of customer data pursuant to EU data directives.
  • Advised a California university on issues related to the intrusion of a university sequel data base containing student information.
  • Drafted data handling and security policies for multi-national corporations with operations in California.
  • Advised multi-national corporations on USA PATRIOT Act and Electronic Communications Privacy Act provisions and U.S. law enforcement’s ability to obtain foreign stored data.
  • Reviewed and drafted third-party vendor agreements with provisions for cybersecurity.
White Collar:
  • Represented the pool of employees for an international corporation under investigation by the SEC and Department of Justice (DOJ) for violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The case was resolved by a deferred prosecution agreement.
  • Represented multiple high-net-worth individuals in an investigation by the IRS and the DOJ Tax Division for alleged failure to declare overseas investments in European and Israeli financial institutions. The DOJ declined prosecution.
  • Represented a former city manager in a state court prosecution for criminal conflict of interest, resulting in a sentence of house arrest and probation after facing a substantial state prison sentence.
  • Represented the former mayor of Rosemead, California, in a bribery and corruption prosecution brought by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and FBI (United States v. John Tran, CR 12-00104-DSF).
  • Represented an oncology practice under investigation by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York for medical fraud. The investigation was declined with no charges filed.
  • Represented a home health care provider in the Southern District of Alabama under investigation by the FBI for alleged fraudulent billings and false claims. The investigation was declined with no charges filed, and the civil false claims case was not pursued by federal investigators.
Part 2
  • Represented a high-ranking federal law enforcement agent in an investigation by his agency’s Office of Professional Responsibility for alleged false statements and obstruction of justice, resulting in a declination of all charges by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Defended the individual in parallel proceedings to terminate him from agency resulting in exoneration and return to work.
  • Represented a federal law enforcement agent in an investigation by the IRS for misuse of IRS computer databases, resulting in a declination of charges.
  • Represented an engineer of a large cargo ship involved in an oil spill within the Oakland harbor that was investigated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for federal environmental criminal violations, resulting in a declination of prosecution by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.
  • Represented a Southern California energy corporation charged with criminal responsibility for an oil spill on a dormant oil field. The corporation was charged by a local prosecutor’s office, and the case was successfully settled for a civil settlement with all criminal charges dismissed.
  • Represented a foreign sales agent in an investigation and prosecution by the DOJ into allegations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (United States v. Lindsey Manufacturing, et al., CR 10-1032(A)-AHM).
Part 3
  • Represented a Fortune 500 client in an investigation by multiple California District Attorney’s Offices for alleged violations of California consumer protection laws.
  • Represented a Southern California political figure in a bribery investigation conducted by the FBI, resulting in a declination of all charges by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.
  • Represented a victim defense industry company in a matter involving the theft of trade secrets by former employees that caused substantial financial damage to the company and resulted in criminal charges being filed against the former employees.
  • Represented a mid-sized victim company in a matter involving the theft of corporate trade secrets by a former employee who hacked back into the computer email network after he left for a rival business. Criminal charges were filed against the individual and a civil suit was successfully pursued.

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