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António Maria Pimenta

Listed in Best Lawyers since 2012

António started his career at the European Commission (DG Development) in Brussels in 1997 and in 1999 he joined Arthur Andersen (Deloitte after the merger in 2002) as a tax adviser of its Lisbon office Tax Department. He also developed his professional skills as a tax lawyer in two of the most important law firms of the Iberian Peninsula, Cuatrecasas (2005-2006) and Garrigues (2006-2011).

In November 2011 he joined Baker Tilly as a Tax Partner and Oporto office Lead Partner.

António led the opening of Miranda's Office in Oporto and was the office Director from May 2014 until September 2015. Miranda is one of the top full practice law firms in Portugal and definitely the one with strongest international presence.

António was hired by Telles in October 2015 where he will be developing his activity as a tax lawyer and sharing some managing responsibilities regarding the firm's business development.

António has extensive experience in providing tax assistance to a large number of clients. He concentrates primarily on corporate tax and international transactions, with particular expertise in Portuguese tax matters and cross-border transactions planning and structuring. He has represented the interests of clients in transactions, mergers and acquisitions, financings, restructurings and investments abroad and in Portugal.

He also handles estate planning, including the restructuring of private estates, inheritances and family-owned businesses, and estate planning for high-net-worth individuals. The main emphasis of his practice is counseling clients regarding the preservation of their estates and the minimization of estate and inheritance taxes.

Besides his technical skills as  tax lawyer and consultant, throughout his career António also developed strong managing and business development capabilities.

António participates regularly as a speaker on tax issues in various conferences and seminars. He also teaches seminars in cooperation with law schools. He has published various articles on tax matters.

He is a member of the Portuguese Law Society (Ordem dos Advogados) since May, 1999.


Universidade Católica PortuguesaMBA 2002
Order of Saint James

Client Comments

"We worked with António Maria Pimenta one year in project jurisdictions. He is very professional and experienced in corporate and tax law. He has published various articles and news on tax matters for our information resource for tax professionals. Therefore, we invited him to become an author of the report "Doing Business in Portugal." We are proud of our collaboration with António."

"António Pimenta é um excelente advogado em termos de matéria fiscal. Possui uma vasta riqueza de conhecimento e experiência sendo consequentemente eficiente e bastante rentável. A sua responsabilidade e dedicação garante-nos sempre o melhor resultado final. Eu recomendo o António Pimenta e a sua equipa de trabalho em todas as questões relacionadas com matéria fiscal."

"António Pimenta is a superb tax lawyer and has brought great judgment and integrity to some important issues in our company."

"António Pimenta is a great lawyer with an extensive experience with tax matters. He sistematicaly provides added value and it is a previlege having him working with us."

"António is one of the top tax advisers in the market, providing a global approach to all the questions, as well as giving a very important international expertise regarding cross-border operations. All said, I would obviously recommend António. "

"António Pimenta demonstrates a broad knowledge and experience as a lawyer, particularly in tax matters. My experience as his client is extremely positive; he understands the needs and solves my issues with the most competent and intelligent solutions."

"António Maria Pimenta is a great strategic thinker and very practical. António Maria not only has the ability to convey ideas in multiple approaches, but he is equally at home with quantitative analysis and the human part of legal affairs."

"António Maria Pimenta is a great professional who delivers outstanding quality work, has a global understanding of the situations, and provides new solutions and perspectives for all the issues under analysis. It is a pleasure to work with him."

"António Maria Pimenta is a complete professional who is highly versed on Portuguese corporate matters. He is also extremely personable and is a pleasure with whom to work. António's problem solving ability in coming up with the right solution for the client makes him a valuable resource."

"António Pimenta's analytical ability and years of experience enable him to provide thoughtful, thorough, and, most importantly, practical legal advice regarding a wide variety of corporate tax issues. He listens carefully to client questions and comments, and he responds quickly and clearly with analysis and advice aimed directly at the issue. I have known António for almost 10 years and have never been disappointed in any aspect of his work."

"We worked with António Maria Pimenta one year in project jurisdictions. He is very professional and experienced in corporate and tax law. He has published various articles and news on tax matters for our information resource for tax professionals. Therefore, we invited him to become an author of the report "Tax and Corporate Matters in Portugal." We are proud of our collaboration with António."

"António Pimenta is an excellent tax lawyer. He has a vast knowledge and experience, and therefore adds value to the client. His trustworthiness and dedication allow us to achieve the best results. I recommend António Pimenta and his team in all tax related matters."

"António Maria Pimenta is an excellent tax lawyer, the best I ever worked with. He provides sound advice, and I would absolutely recommend his work, as he consistently delivers and helps with complex projects, giving close assistance to all relevant issues. He is definitely the tax adviser that we want to have on our side. António Maria Pimenta has extensive expertise both in Portuguese and International matters. "

"António Maria Pimenta is a highly knowledgeable professional who provides sound advice to complex cross-border situations. He covers many tax jurisdictions, most of which are within the Portuguese language speaking countries"

"We have worked with António Maria Pimenta not long ago in structuring the business of a Portuguese engineering company in Brazil with maximum tax efficiency under both Brazilian and Portuguese perspectives. Our firm was engaged by the client for the Brazilian tax analysis, whereas António was in charge of analyzing the proposed alternatives on the Portuguese side. António is highly experienced in tax law. He is extremely professional and reliable, not only regarding the quality and clarity of his work but also in timeliness of responses. He is also very easy and pleasant to work with. António Maria Pimenta great collaborator with whom I hope to have the privilege of working again. "

"We worked with António Maria Pimenta on a case for a mutual client. Besides being highly knowledgeable in his field, his thorough follow up on matters and willingness to be available at all times are plus points in servicing the clients."

"I have the best professional and personal opinion of Antonio, who always has a good answer on tax matters in Portugal"

"Our firm worked with António Maria Pimenta in the definition and designing of business structures to be adopted by Portuguese investors in the incorporation and operation of businesses in Brazil. António demonstrated a deep knowledge of Portuguese and International tax law and a great capacity to understand the challenges of a different jurisdiction. He is very responsive and committed, always providing a very balanced analysis. I hope I have the opportunity to work with him again."

"António Maria Pimenta is a very knowledgeable tax lawyer. We have collaborated on some occasions and his opinion has always been clear and effective. António is always available, has a very strong focus on his clients and is excellent in building bridges between different stakeholders."

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Rua Da Restauração 348
Porto, 4050-501

Practice Areas

Corporate Law
Tax Law (Benefits, Corporate Tax, Family Businesses, Indirect Tax, Individual Tax, International, Mergers and Acquisitions, Restructurings, Tax Accounting, Tax Disputes, Transfer Pricing)

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