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Yaeger & Jungbauer Barristers, PLC ("YJB") is a personal injury law firm located in St. Paul, Minnesota. In addition to the firm headquarters, we have a network of field representatives and investigators located throughout the United States.

YJB has been representing injured Railroad Workers, their Families and others injured by Railroads for 85 years.  YJB is one of oldest law firms specializing in Railroad Law in the United States.

YJB has been recognized by US News and World Reports in its Top Tier (Tier 1) Nationally in the Field of Railroad Law every year that the award has been given.  Bill Jungbauer, firm President, has been recognized by the Publication "The Best Lawyers in America" in the field of Railroad Law for every year that this award has been made.  Jungbauer was also recognized as "Lawyer of the Year" in the field of Railroad Law in his area.

Our attorneys have handled cases in approximately 40 states. The bulk of our work involves representing railroad workers for on-the-job injuries under a law called the Federal Employers' Liability Act, commonly referred to as the FELA. This law applies equally to railroads throughout the country and allows us to file a suit on behalf of our clients in federal or state court. For more information on the FELA, click on some of the articles found below.

YJB has represented union railroad workers virtually from coast to coast and from all crafts and unions over the years.  YJB's extensive litigation library contains depositions, research, case results, trial exhibits gathered over the firm's 85 year history.  YJB has represented individuals and/or family members injured by Railroads on every Class 1 Railroad and many short line railroads across the country.

YJB has handled a number of catastrophic railroad cases such as toxic disaster cases in which the public has been exposed to toxic chemicals released in rail accidents, severe burn cases causing injury, grade crossing cases resulting in severe injury or death, passenger injury cases such as derailments or collisions resulting in severe injury or death. 

YJB also handles Whistleblower Claims of Railroad workers who have been wrongly harassed, intimidated, disciplined or fired by Railroads for reporting injuries, reporting safety defects and/or cases where individuals are denied access or delayed access to medical treatment by their railroad.   

YJB lawyers have an extensive network of local counsel lawyers in various states that the firm works with as needed as well as a network of expert witnesses including medical specialists who can provide excellent treatment option for injured individuals.

If you have any questions about personal injury matters, feel free to contact us at 1-800-435-7888 or send us an email message to We will promptly respond to all inquiries. In the event of an emergency after regular business hours, call our toll free number and we will have one of our staff contact you immediately.

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4601 Weston Woods Way
St. Paul, MN 55127
Phone: 651-288-9500

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Louis E. Jungbauer Louis E. Jungbauer Yaeger & Jungbauer Barristers PLC
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Practicing in: Railroad Law
William G. Jungbauer William G. Jungbauer Yaeger & Jungbauer Barristers PLC
Practicing in: Railroad Law
Practicing in: Railroad Law

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    YJB has been fortunate to have represented some of the greatest clients any lawyer could ever dream of representing over the past 85 years.

    Our clients are generally individuals who were injured or suffered damages caused by Railroad Negligence or violation of Federal or State Law. 

    Many of our clients are or have been members of a Rail Transportation union,  such as SMART TD, (previously UTU-United Transportation Union), BLET (Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen division of the IBT, formerly BLE-Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers), BMWE, (Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees), BRS (Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen) and other rail unions.

    YJB does NOT pay money or give anything of value in exchange for being listed as "Designated Counsel" by any Rail Union. 

    YJB President Bill Jungbauer is a national leader among lawyers who practice railroad litigation in the fight to end corruption by a small group of lawyers and union officers who wish to profit from illegal and improper bribery of union officers by corrupt lawyers who wish to be listed on a union DLC list in exchange for money or other improper things of value.

    Jungbauer worked with the US Dept of Labor Office of Labor Management Standards to present a national seminar in Washington, DC to lawyers who represent union workers on the subject of how to comply with various laws enacted to protect union members and the public from corrupt lawyers and corrupt union officials.  Unfortunately, a number of union officers and lawyers who represent railroad workers continue to fight against measures to curb or prevent such corruption.


    Yaeger & Jungbauer Barristers PLC

    Contact Information

    4601 Weston Woods Way
    St. Paul, MN 55127
    Phone: 651-288-9500


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