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Winston & Strawn LLP is an international law firm with more than 900 attorneys among 18 offices in Beijing; Brussels; Charlotte, NC; Chicago; Geneva; Hong Kong; Houston; London; Los Angeles; Moscow; New York; Newark, NJ; Paris; San Francisco; Shanghai; Silicon Valley; Taipei; and Washington, DC.

Winston & Strawn was founded in Chicago in 1853 by Frederick H. Winston, who was joined by the firm’s other name partner, Silas H. Strawn, in 1894. Winston & Strawn has built its reputation on the quality and character of its lawyers, past and present, many of whom are recognized leaders in the American legal community. The firm’s history of more than 160 years is a chronicle of individuals and events that have helped shape the firm and create the strong foundation on which it continues to build. Today, Winston & Strawn is one of the largest law firms in the United States. In the past two decades, a series of mergers, office openings and lateral hires has resulted in a global law firm with 18 offices across the United States, Europe and Asia. The legal profession continues to consolidate globally, and Winston & Strawn will continue to expand its global presence so it can serve its clients wherever it is needed.

The firm serves the needs of enterprises of all types and sizes, in both the private and public sectors. The exceptional depth and geographic reach of its resources enable Winston & Strawn to manage virtually every type of business-related legal issue.

The firm understands that clients look for value beyond just legal expertise. With this in mind, Winston & Strawn works hard to understand the level of involvement its clients require of it. The firm’s lawyers take time to learn about clients’ organizations and their business objectives. Significant emphasis is placed on technology and teamwork in an effort to respond quickly and effectively to clients’ needs.

Winston & Strawn remains committed to the traditions of client service, professional development and community involvement instilled by its leaders of the past, while embracing the innovations driving the legal profession in the 21st century.


Top Listed State Awards
Top-Listed in Illinois in Advertising Law with 2 lawyers.
Top Listed Metro Awards
Top-Listed in Chicago, Illinois in Advertising Law with 2 lawyers.

Client Comments

Brian L. Heidelberger

"Brian Heidelberger is a top-rate advertising lawyer; he is very knowledgeable and practical. Brian is always on the "short list" of advertising attorneys when we have a conflict and have to refer the business to another firm. We know that he will handle the matter well and that the client will be in good hands."

Terri Seligman
Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz

Bruce A. Toth

"Bruce Toth is extraordinary in every realm. He is highly professional and accomplished."

Thomas O’Neill
TreeHouse Foods LLC

"Bruce is a lawyer's lawyer with terrific judgment balanced with deep expertise."


"Bruce Toth is a terrific lawyer who gets deals over the goal line every time with maximized value and minimized collateral relationship damage."


C. James Levin

"Jim Levin is a knowledgeable and effective counselor and negotiator for complex transactions."

Douglas Kranwinkle
Univision Communications Inc.

Caryn L. Jacobs

"Caryn Jacobs is a terrific, hardworking lawyer with good litigation and case management skills. She is extremely responsive and has good rapport with witnesses. She has expertise in financial and accounting cases."


Charles B. Boehrer

"Charles Boehrer is exceptional, practical, and professional."


"Chuck is very responsive and knowledgeable of the lending markets. I always know when he represents us, we'll have every issue covered and be well informed on every issue. I wish I could work with him more often."


"Chuck took the time to understand the "big picture" before diving into the details. He did an excellent job of balancing the legal risks with the practical issues of the business."


"Charles Boehrer is the best credit agreement lawyer in the business that I have encountered."


Charles J. Moll III

"Chuck Moll is among the preeminent attorneys in the field of State and Local Taxation. He is also highly personable and a pleasure to work with. He would be the first person I would consider recommending for a California matter."

David Wilkes
Huff, Wilkes & Cavallaro LLC

Christopher D. Murtaugh

"Christopher Murtaugh is the best real estate attorney ever employed by my firm. He has tremendous breadth of knowledge, wealth of practical experience and "hands on" participation in the documents. He has the unique ability to identify problems in a transaction and then help craft a solution."

Paul Rubacha
Ashley Capital, LLC

"My professional relationship with Chris Murtaugh spans nearly three decades and he has been instrumental in the successful growth and management of Ashley Capital. He brings a wealth of experience and intelligence to every transaction. Most important, however, is his positive, problem solving attitude. Nearly every transaction encounters conflicts between the parties. Chris has a unique ability to understand those conflicts, propose solutions, and ultimately counsel in the selection of a course of action that helps "get the deal done." He is the best lawyer we have used and I would recommend him to others without hesitation. "

Paul Rubacha
Ashley Capital, LLC

"Working with Chris is a pleasure. Chris delivers unparalleled response time, works with all parties to come to equitable solutions, and balances the practical with reality. His expertise, coupled with his great attitude, is a rare combination that provides a very powerful business partner in your corner."


Columbus R. Gangemi, Jr.

"Columbus Gangemi is a very strong trial lawyer."


Daniel D. Rubinstein

"Dan Rubinstein will kill himself for the client on a case. He is a hard worker, great writer, and is dedicated to getting a great result."


Edmund S. Cohen

"In my experience with Ed, I have found him to be an exceptional lawyer and a complete client advocate. He has brought an unmatched level of expertise and client service to all of our engagements/projects. With a solid team behind him, he is the first recommendation I would give to anyone."


"Ed Cohen is highly experienced. Without a doubt he is the leader in his field. Ed's ability to apply his extensive knowledge to his client's needs is unparalleled."


Eleni Kouimelis

"Eleni is one of the best outside counsel with whom I have ever worked. She has expertise and experience in a wide range of matters and is delightful to work with, even if the matter is very difficult. She seems to understand the demands on in-house counsel's time and is extremely responsive. I recommend her without reservation."

Laura Lynn Smith
Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

"Eleni Kouimelis has a wealth of knowledge and experience in environmental issues. She is very business oriented and practical in her advice and guidance. She works well with environmental consultants and understands the technical aspects of environmental matters. She is always responsive and timely. She is well respected in the environmental legal community."


Eric E. Sagerman

"Eric Sagerman has a strong presence in West Coast restructuring and bankruptcy matters."


"Eric Sagerman is a very solid bankruptcy lawyer with good experience."


"Eric Sagerman is a very polished presenter that is always prepared."


Floyd R. Nation

"Floyd Nation is probably one of the top patent litigators in Texas. He has successfully litigated a number of patent cases and has the ability to explain complex theories in a manner that most jurors, especially Texas jurors, are able to grasp and appreciate. "

Rouz CoreLogic, Inc.
CoreLogic, Inc.

"Floyd has served as our patent counsel for the past seven years. He has provided not only excellent legal advice, but also good business advice. We have had a variety of situations where we needed Floyd and his team. These situations included litigating a patent infringement that went to a jury trial, assisting us in several patent mediations, prosecuting new patents, and, most recently, assisting us with two patent interferences in the U.S. Patent Office. We have come to rely on Floyd not only as legal counsel, but also as a business partner who has helped us navigate through several difficult situations. "

Constance Ryan
Streck, Inc.

"Floyd Nation is an extremely skilled, cost-effective Patent Law litigator."


"Floyd should always be on your short list of patent attorneys if you are involved in a case that your company must win. Floyd is extremely easy to work with, and always makes your company's goals his top priority."


Gregory S. Murray

"Gregory Murray is a great lawyer. He is very responsive and knowledgeable. Borrower clients find him very reasonable and value added."


"Greg Murray is one of the finest lawyers with whom it has been my pleasure to work. Greg is highly skilled at breaking down, prioritizing, and communicating the issues in a clear and succinct manner that is invaluable for clients."


"Greg Murray is a great attorney. I have worked with him for the better part of eight years. He is extremely knowledgeable and responsive. He understands what is important and works very well with our clients. He has handled flawlessly some of our more complicated transactions."


H. Allen Black III

"Mr. Black has deep knowledge of maritime law. He is thorough and helpful with advice and guidance."

Ole Chr. Schroder

J. Michael Booe

"J. Michael Booe is one of the best anywhere. He is very bright and can break down complicated deals and make sense of them. He always understand the client's objectives and handles the matter to meet those objectives."


"Mike Booe is tops in the bankruptcy/workout field. Mike gives sound advice and recommendations for alternative courses of action to take on a case based on his thorough knowledge of the law and years of experience in this area."


Joseph J. Torres

"Joe Torres' experience and knowledge of labor law is exceptional. I would highly recommend him to handle any and all labor related negotiations or issues."


Joseph M. Karp

"Joe is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable energy attorneys in California and FERC practice. I turn to him for our energy and regulatory matters, such as PPA negotiations and policy advocacy. "

Frank DeRosa
First Solar, Inc

"As I recently said to Joe Karp, I consider him to be the "gold standard" for lawyers and consultants. He has everything going for him: top-notch skill and experience, verbal and written articulateness, sound judgment, good policy sense, personal credibility (respect from across the table), skill and tactfulness in managing delicate situations, and very pleasant company. "

Nancy Rader
California Wind Energy Association

Linda T. Coberly

"Linda Coberly offers first-rate appellate work with a gentle but firm demeanor."


"Linda Coberly, who formerly practiced at Mayer Brown, is Winston's top litigator. I found her extremely bright, quick to learn case-specific intricacies, and very hands-on in the way she litigates. It seems to me that (while one knows that associates are involved) she is more directly involved with both drafting and strategy than partners in other big appellate firms, a fact that seems to pay dividends. The "arrogance quotient" of many appellate litigators is quite high; in comparison, I found her willingness to listen and respond to client suggestions very striking. I found her very easy to work with; and, I understand that her reputation for collegiality is high with other top appellate litigators. She has not yet acquired quite the public renown of some litigators, but I expect that will happen in the next five to 10 years. "


Lisa A. Cottle

"Ms. Cottle is diligent and thorough in all activities. She has a thorough understanding of energy issues and challenges. As a long-time counsel, she is particularly effective at considering legal implications to our business beyond the deal or issue immediately at hand."


Louis J. Weber III

"Lou is an excellent tax attorney with a broad range of expertise and a specialization in many areas of corporate taxation. He is very responsive and thorough in his analysis. The fees that are charged are very competitive, especially in relation to the value we receive."


Mark G. Henning

"Mark has an unmatched depth and breadth of experience."


Michael S. Melbinger

"Mike Melbinger is the best ERISA and executive compensation lawyer with whom I have ever worked. He is a nationally recognized expert in these areas. His response time is excellant, he is effective in working with others, and he brings a practical business-centered approach to his advice. I give Mike my highest recommendation."

Scott Hamilton
Global Brass & Copper, Inc.

Molly McGill

"Molly McGill has the perfect mix of intelligent, professional, technical, and interpersonal skills to make her one of the very best I have ever worked with in a 23 year lending career."

Robert Griffin
Wells Fargo Capital Finance

Paula W. Hinton

"Paula Hinton is one of the best attorneys I've worked with. She is knowledgeable, incredibly responsive, and attuned to the client's needs."

Cesar Arreaza
Shell Oil Company

"Paula Hinton is an excellent advocate for the company. She takes the business needs into consideration and consults with the in-house counsel throughout the case."

Mark Solls
Concentra Inc.

"Paula is one of the best trial attorneys I have worked with. She easily grasps complex issues and is able to explain them to the fact finder in simple, effective terms. Additionally, Paula has the fantastic ability to make the business clients feel at ease. That's a true gift. "

Cesar Arreaza
Shell Oil Company

"Paula has represented Concentra for several years. During the time I have known her, she has provided the highest level of professional representation. She has a broad knowledge of the law and a clear handle on the practical aspects of litigation so that she is able to achieve the best result in the most efficient manner. I have been particularly impressed with Paula's excellent customer service - she is very responsive and is mindful of my time as well as hers. Paula is bright, articulate, and effective in making complex matters understandable - thereby allowing her client to analyze the company's position and make an informed decision about the matter. I highly recommend Paula Hinton."

Mark Solls
Concentra Inc.

"Working with Paula is an in-house counsel's dream. She is smart, tenacious, feisty when she needs to be, and "sweet as Southern sugar" when that works best! She achieved a great result for my company and I look forward to future collaborations! "


R. Cabell Morris

"Cab Morris has a great depth of experience counseling companies, both big and small, on all aspects of securities and capital transactions. Cab's experience has helped us understand different transaction alternatives, and how to arrive at the most practical strategy. Cab also has the experience necessary to effectively negotiate with all others at the table. Cab has represented clients on all sides of these deals, and he uses this experience to negotiate quickly to the win-win position."

John Mooney
Anchen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Randy Rogers

"Randy is a highly skilled and intelligent restructuring lawyer. He crafts practical and cost-effective solutions to difficult situations."


Robert F. Wall

"Bob Wall is superb. He is practical, expert, user-friendly, responsive, commonsensical and principled. Despite these excellent qualities, he is without a trace of arrogance. He is absolutely the man to call when the stakes are high."


Ronald H. Jacobson

"Ron is a lawyer who predicts, understands, and solves problems for his clients in accordance with the client's needs and expectations in a highly responsive manner. He is always thinking about the interests of the client, and he lives and breathes a client's first attitude. Mr. Jacobson gets the deal done without concentrating on impediment information or injecting unnecessary delay or complexity into a situation. While Ron believes in being there for his clients 24/7, which he demonstrates in his responsiveness and service, he is the first to bring in additional resources or expertise if required. He does not try to pretend to be an authority on all areas of law. Overall, Ron is a leader in the industry with substantive knowledge and expertise that focuses on the client. "

Ian Fowler
CastleGuard Partners LLC

"Ron Jacobson in particular is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced ABL/loan documentation practitioners in the U.S."


Scott P. DeVries

"Scott has been a great resource to our company over the years. He is cutting edge in his area of litigation expertise. "

Douglas Gunson
Nucor Corporation

"Scott DeVries and his staff have provided result-oriented counsel and execution in the several matters with which we have been involved. I have been very impressed with his expertise and personal approach to legal representation. On both professional and personal levels, I have been very happy with his handling of our cases."


"I had the pleasure of working with Scott DeVries for 6-plus years on insurance recovery and commercial litigation. He is extremely knowledgeable in this field and very responsive to our needs. I would definitely recommend Scott DeVries for insurance litigation and commercial litigation."


Stephen C. Schulte

"Steve Schulte and the commercial litigation department did excellent work on a case that included the FTC and various Attorney Generals. During discovery, the company was found to have done nothing wrong and settled prior to trial with no monetary requirements and a few reporting minor requirements. The firm's contacts with consultants in and around the FTC and AGs were very helpful."


T. Thomas Cottingham III

"Tom is a very experienced trial lawyer. He is quick on his feet and will work to understand your business and the issues in the case. He is extremely professional and responsive."


"Tom Cottingham is an extremely skilled and experienced environmental litigator. He is considered one of our "go-to" litigators in this area."


Thomas J. Frederick

"I've worked with a lot of litigators over the years. Tom Frederick is definitely at the top of the list in his field."


Thomas J. Quigley

"Tom brings an invaluable combination of litigation expertise and business savvy to the table. "


Thomas L. Mills

"Thomas Mills commands a thorough understanding of health care regulations. Additionally, he commands a strong persuasive presence and is an excellent negotiator. "


"Tom Mills is an excellent lawyer and business advisor. He acts in his client's best interest and not only has an exceptional substantive knowledge of the law, but also a thorough understanding of the health care regulatory environment. He is top notch and I would highly recommend him to anyone."


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