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Our criminal defense attorney law firm is dedicated to fighting for rights of citizen's accused of violating a criminal statute or a municipal or county ordinance in Georgia. From murder to serious traffic offenses that can result in imprisonment, a felony conviction, or driver’s license suspension (or all of the above), we handle all criminal defense matters in Georgia.

Because so many crimes involve alcohol and drugs, over 85% of all of our criminal cases fall into this category, whether it is felony drug possession (sometimes with intent to distribute) to DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol, of drugs or of some other COMBINATION of alcohol and drugs) felony DUI or repeat offense misdemeanor DUI and another impairing substances such as prescription medicine or aerosol paint fumes.

Our Criminal Practice. After being arrested, many accused citizens feel “guilty” and “ashamed”. Many assume that they are guilty, when the TRUTH is that most cases can be resolved without the devastating impact of the serious charges against our clients. In criminal defense, the KEY is experience and long-term relationships with the decision-makers within the criminal justice system.

Many citizens who have excellent, defensible criminal cases make a hasty decision to plead guilty or nolo contendere without looking into the chances that an experienced, skilled criminal defense attorney will be able to help find an excellent total solution [e.g., dismissal, conditional discharge, diversion, first offender or acquittal]. Often, we can negotiate a partial solution [e.g., the most serious offense reduced to a lesser offense, or most of the charges dropped or merged into one charge] in the pending case. In the overwhelming majority of the cases we accept, we are able to accomplish either total dismissal of the most serious charge or charges, or a reduction of that more serious offense to a lesser offense.
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We offer you a Free Consultation in all criminal cases. Why? Because we know that most non-attorneys will not be able to identify the good points and the bad points in their criminal case. In over 90% of our case evaluations with prospective clients, we can offer you hope that the case has merit to pursue a legal challenge in court. Plus, most people facing prosecution do not know the penalty or the range of possible consequences of a guilty or nolo contendere plea if that case is ultimately decided against them. If a "Free Interview " from our award-winning criminal defense attorneys was not enough incentive to get you to call us or e-mail us, perhaps the fact that all of our clients receive a Free Book, a Free DVD, a Free Portfolio (zippered folder to retain papers we send to you) and a Free Trial Preparation Kit valued at over $250.00.

If we accept your criminal case to fight for you, the first thing we will do after you hire our firm is get all available evidence against you, as allowed under Georgia DUI law, from the prosecutor, the police officer or officers involved in the case, gather all documentary evidence available, go to the scene of the arrest, possibly help you retain other experts such as accident reconstruction specialists, physicians, breath test experts, field sobriety test experts and obtain copies of statements from other witnesses. With this information, we will then apply our 145 years of combined legal experience and give you our written assessment of your opportunities --- if you fight your case --- to either obtain an acquittal, conditional discharge or a dismissal of the charges or the likelihood that our firm will be able to obtain a reduction of the serious charges you are facing to a less serious offense. After our investigation, we will also be able to tell you the likelihood that you can avoid jail and save your driver's license or privilege to drive in the state. 

Why should we hire YOU? What else makes our lawyers and our firm different? Our criminal defense lawyers handle all type of criminal cases from murder, sexting, domestic violence, embezzlement, to speeding and every type of felony or misdemeanor in between. We handle criminal cases statewide, and have developed relationships with criminal attorneys in every corner of Georgia (and even outside of Georgia) in case we decide that associating with local criminal defense counsel (or consulting with an attorney in another state) provides the best method of defending your criminal case. 

Over 85% of our criminal law practice is dedicated to crimes involving alcohol and drugs, particularly DUI-alcohol and DUI-drugs, drug possession, drug trafficking, since crimes involving alcohol or drugs involve a major segment of criminal law where accused clients who have too much to lose will seek to retain top-level, highly experienced legal counsel to protect their jobs, their driving privileges and their freedom. Over the past 10 years, no criminal defense law firm in Georgia has had more court victories or more successful negotiated cases for reduced pleas or a better reputation for winning than William C. Head, PC. None. See what Mr. Head’s PRIOR CLIENTS, other ATTORNEYS, the news media and even some community leaders have said about us over the years: NEWS AND PRESS.

A conviction for a crime in Georgia is permanent. A nolo contendere (no contest) plea is treated as a criminal offense, too, and will stay on your record for life. A criminal conviction is never "expunged" from your record. NEVER. That is why a decision you make today about your pending criminal case can last a lifetime. The quality of your life and your earning capability over your remaining lifetime can be negatively impacted by a hasty decision to take the cheap attorney route and plead guilty or nolo contendere to a misdemeanor or felony. 

Louisiana DWI attorney Glynn Delatte, a former state trooper and dedicated criminal defense attorney in the Bayou state tells his clients, "Good lawyers aren't cheap and cheap lawyers aren't good". For most people, that is just plain common sense. If you faced a serious, potentially life-altering medical decision, would you ask "Who is the cheapest doctor in town?" or would you ask "Which doctor has the best chance of saving me?" The same approach in selecting the best criminal defense attorney or the best DUI lawyer is how we ask our clients to think.

Mr. Head also handles a limited number of serious BODILY INJURY and WRONGFUL DEATH personal injury cases. He is not looking for "fender-bender" cases, like the television attorneys and billboard lawyers. By limiting his involvement to only SERIOUS civil cases, he can balance the time needed to able to go to trial when a case requires his nearly FOUR DECADES of litigation experience. Visit Mr. Head’s SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY WEBSITE for more information.

Call Mr. Head's paralegal, Allison Valdes, for a FREE professional consultation. 404-567-4030 is her direct line. Or, send Mr. Head an email, with details of your criminal law case, and he will call you back DIRECTLY. 

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