Sidley Austin LLP provides a broad range of legal services to meet the needs of its diverse client base. The strategic establishment of its offices in the key corporate and financial centers of the world has enabled it to represent a broad range of clients that include multinational and domestic corporations, banks, funds and financial institutions. With 1,900 lawyers in 19 offices around the world, talent and teamwork are central to Sidley’s successful results for clients in all types of legal matters, from complex transactions, to "bet the company" litigation, to cutting-edge regulatory issues.

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William A. Sarraille William A. Sarraille Sidley Austin LLP
Practicing in: Health Care Law, Administrative / Regulatory Law
Practicing in: Health Care Law, Administrative / Regulatory Law
Mark D. Schneider Mark D. Schneider Sidley Austin LLP
Practicing in: Communications Law, Administrative / Regulatory Law
Practicing in: Communications Law, Administrative / Regulatory Law
Dale E. Thomas Dale E. Thomas Sidley Austin LLP
Practicing in: Energy Law, Administrative / Regulatory Law
Practicing in: Energy Law, Administrative / Regulatory Law

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    "Top-Listed" National Awards
    "Top-Listed" in the US in Securitization and Structured Finance Law with 12 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in the US in Private Funds / Hedge Funds Law with 13 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in the US in Litigation - Regulatory Enforcement (SEC, Telecom, Energy) with 8 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" State Awards
    "Top-Listed" in Illinois with 102 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in California in Litigation - Regulatory Enforcement (SEC, Telecom, Energy) with 3 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in District of Columbia in Litigation - Environmental with 8 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in District of Columbia in Environmental Law with 7 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Illinois in Securitization and Structured Finance Law with 5 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Illinois in Private Funds / Hedge Funds Law with 6 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Illinois in Environmental Law with 4 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Illinois in Insurance Law with 9 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Illinois in Corporate Compliance Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Illinois in Equipment Finance Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Illinois in Corporate Law with 10 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Maine in Litigation - Regulatory Enforcement (SEC, Telecom, Energy) with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in New York in Securitization and Structured Finance Law with 6 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" Metro Awards
    "Top-Listed" in Chicago, Illinois with 102 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Palo Alto, California in Information Technology Law with 3 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Los Angeles, California in Litigation - Regulatory Enforcement (SEC, Telecom, Energy) with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in San Francisco, California in Patent Law with 3 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Washington, District of Columbia in Litigation - Environmental with 8 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Washington, District of Columbia in Environmental Law with 7 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Chicago, Illinois in Environmental Law with 4 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Chicago, Illinois in Insurance Law with 9 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Chicago, Illinois in Securitization and Structured Finance Law with 5 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Chicago, Illinois in Private Funds / Hedge Funds Law with 6 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Chicago, Illinois in Corporate Law with 10 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Chicago, Illinois in Equipment Finance Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Chicago, Illinois in Corporate Compliance Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Portland, Maine in Litigation - Regulatory Enforcement (SEC, Telecom, Energy) with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in New York, New York in Securitization and Structured Finance Law with 6 lawyers.

    "Top-Listed" National Awards
    "Top-Listed" in the US in Securitization and Structured Finance Law with 12 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in the US in Private Funds / Hedge Funds Law with 13 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in the US in Litigation - Regulatory Enforcement (SEC, Telecom, Energy) with 8 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" State Awards
    "Top-Listed" in Illinois with 102 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in California in Litigation - Regulatory Enforcement (SEC, Telecom, Energy) with 3 lawyers.

    Client Comments

    "Mr. Shoyer is one of the best strategic legal practitioners with whom I have worked in 25 years. He has a keen sense of practicality and realism that informs his strategic counsel and eliminates unnecessary (and expensive) analyses and work. When approaching a complex governmental submission, Shoyer focused on the high value aspects of the submission and consciously delayed completion of the other components until the government indicated that such were needed. Interestingly, the other components were never required or requested. The authenticity and ethics of Shoyer are exceptional, and indeed, essential in the global trade practice in which he excels. He is not one to shift positions based on what a client wants to hear or the possibility of new work. On more than one occasion, he has declined to undertake work that he thought would add little to no value to us, his client. Shoyer also has extraordinary anticipatory skills which he couples with his thorough knowledge and experience in international trade. Recently I sent him a question related to the interpretation of a WTO agreement. In my message I indicated the negotiation at which I was present and he was able to determine who was likely in the conversation and why the interpretation would matter given his experience with our company and the issues we face in international trade. When he responded, he addressed the interpretation in a detailed and dimensional manner, providing insights into why others who might be in the conversation would/could have an alternative interpretation and how we could advance and reconcile our views. Mr. Shoyer is a respectful, thoughtful, and skilled attorney with whom I hope to have the privilege of working for the remainder of my career."
    "Andrew Shoyer has a long experience in the area of international trade laws in particular on the WTO. His response is timely, effective, and of high quality."
    "Angela Fontana is an excellent lawyer. She is my "go-to" lawyer with respect to debt financing transaction."
    "Angela Fontana has excellent knowledge of the field. She has a good negotiating style with lawyers, is solution-oriented, and provides very fast turnaround times."
    "Beth has been a trusted adviser for our firm on ERISA matters for many years. She is well respected and trusted by all legal and business team members in our group. She has been especially helpful in analyzing complex ERISA issues, investment structures, and transactions. She has been instrumental in raising the awareness among team members regarding ERISA responsibilities."
    "If you need to understand free trade, contact Brenda Jacobs. She is absolutely the best in the industry."
    - Ray Hindle
    Youngone Corporation
    "Brenda Jacobs was as much a partner in the work as she was counsel. She always made herself available and typically responded promptly to any question or email. Brenda was able to understand my company's unique situation and crafted all of our initiatives around my size, budget, and timelines. It was refreshing to work with someone who was an expert in the area of focus, and was clearly respected by individuals we had to meet with and influence. Brenda is a true professional."
    - Mark Harris
    Cellcorp Global Inc.
    "Brenda Jacobs is the consummate professional and is very knowledgeable in her field."
    - Michelle Wardian
    Youngone Corporation
    "Brenda Jacobs is counsel to USA ITA (United States Association of Importers of Textiles and Apparel), an industry-wide association of manufacturers and retailers that champions the rights of importers. Ms. Jacobs is gutsy, competent, persevering, articulate, and resourceful, but, above all, a fierce and loyal advocate of our cause. Whether appearing in trade court or the halls of congress, she is a dedicated and tireless worker who can be relied upon to safeguard the interests of her client. Indeed, we are well served by Brenda Jacobs, Esquire. "
    - Robert Zane
    USA ITA (United States Association of Importers of Textiles and Apparel)
    "Brenda is my go-to person on trade and trade policy. She bears a wealth of information, not only about the facts, but the "why's" of the case, as well. She is a skilled attorney!"
    - Peter McGrath
    JCPenney Purchasing Corporation
    "The Oriental Rug Importers Association (a Non-Profit Trade Association) has worked with Brenda Jacobs successfully for over 10 years. Brenda Jacobs is a consummate professional; she is easy to work with and very prompt in responding to any requests we make of her. She has been very successful working on a variety of trade and labor issues relating to the Oriental Rug Industry. Ms. Jacobs has an invaluable list of high-level contacts who she can call on for a host of different issues. Ms. Jacobs takes pride in completing the job to the client's satisfaction. Overall, I would highly recommend Ms. Jacobs as a fair, honorable, and hard-working attorney who will get the job done in a timely fashion. "
    - Lucille Laufer
    Oriental Rug Importers Association
    "Brenda is a wonderful lawyer. She is extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and prompt. Her work is always thorough. It is a pleasure to work with her!"
    "Brian is a one-of-a-kind, super lawyer. He has been part of our team for over a decade. He is simply the best."
    - John R. Samolis
    Exelon Corporation
    "In my 35+ years in labor relations, Brian Gold is the best labor lawyer I have ever seen. He is skilled, honest, hardworking, and an integral part of our team."
    - Jonathan R. Samolis
    Exelon Corporation
    "I work very closely with Brian Gold at Sidley Austin LLP. He has been my support regarding Railway Labor, Employee Relation Cases, and other Labor related activities since I joined Bombardier in 2006. Our company is actually contracted with another firm and I justify to my company yearly why I need to work with Brian on specific projects. His understanding of the Rail industry, the NLRA, ability to come up with alternative solutions for our business, and his credibility are all superior compared to any other lawyer/firm we have worked with. I continually go back to him to validate information or work closely with him on confidential upcoming projects. I would recommend him to anyone who needs Employment Law support."
    "I have utilized Brian for 11 years in very complex labor law matters. Brian is very intelligent, hardworking, creative, and responsive. Brian is a critical part of our labor team. Brian's hard work and integrity are legendary. He is a respected member of the legal and civic community serving on the Board of "Leadership Greater Chicago" and other civic groups."
    "Brian Krisberg has extensive real estate debt and equity structuring experience and knowledge. He is responsive and easy to work with. He is focused on finding solutions to problems and closing deals. He provides clear answers to questions and reasoned assessments of legal risks."
    "Sidley has one of the largest and most diversified securitization practices, and Carlos is one of their best partners."
    - James Y. Lee
    Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated
    "Carlos Rodriguez has great expertise and a very commercially reasonable demeanor. He is very user-friendly."
    "Carlos is a great lawyer and partner to his clients. He has broad expertise and is very responsive, but mostly it is his calm demeanor and levelheadedness that make him so valuable. He provides great advice but in a manner that is very business-friendly and gives his clients confidence in his advice and judgment."
    "Carlos Rodriguez is excellent."
    "Carter Phillips has handled two significant cases for us, including one before the U.S. Supreme Court. Much has been written and said about his legendary appellate work. It's all true. He is a brilliant lawyer with the best oratory skills I've seen. He is the go-to lawyer for bet-the-company cases."
    - Timothy Feagans
    Saint-Gobain Corporation
    "Carter Phillips is my all-time favorite lawyer for any matter!"
    "Carter Phillips is deeply experienced and sees across appellate issues to the big result."
    "Carter Phillips is an extraordinary lawyer with impeccable people skills. He is always "top of mind" when selecting counsel."
    "Carter Phillips is without equal in his experience and familiarity with the U.S. Supreme Court. I cannot imagine asking any other attorney to represent my company in that Court. Even with his superb reputation, Carter is extremely pleasant and easy to work with and a true gentleman."
    "Cathy's breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in structured finance are hard to match. Moreover, her responsiveness (despite her busy schedule) and consistent readiness to provide what her client needs, have completely won me over. She is number one on my speed dial."
    "Chad Hummel is among the finest lawyers I have ever been associated with. His instincts are terrific as is his process. I recommend him without hesitation."
    - Alan Novich
    Steve Madden
    "Connie is incredibly insightful and has excellent written and oral advocacy skills. He is also a great person with whom to work. "
    - Kyle Kappes
    Kimberly-Clark Corp.
    "David Graham is an extremely bright and articulate attorney with great skills."
    - James M. Sheehan
    Tellabs, Inc.
    "David Graham is one of the smartest lawyers with whom I have ever worked, and he is great on his feet. He is a strong advocate."
    - Matthew Koritz
    Equity Office Properties
    "David Graham is a brilliant attorney with strong negotiating skills and great intellect."
    - James M. Sheehan
    Tellabs, Inc.
    "David Graham has high technical skills with a strong business understanding and common sense. He is outstanding in every way."
    "David Zampa is extremely responsive and client service oriented."
    - Pamela Krop
    St. Jude Medical
    "Dave is very knowledgeable, hardworking, and intelligent. Moreover, he is a pleasure to work with."
    - Pamela Krop
    St. Jude Medical
    "I have worked closely with Mr. Kreisler for several years, most notably with respect to forming and raising private equity funds. Of particular value was Mr. Kreisler's depth of knowledge with respect to the private equity industry, the ever-changing landscape of terms and conditions of partnership and other related agreements, and his ability to communicate to a broad-based investor group and their advisors. He has always been a pleasure to work with; he is an extremely personable professional, having a keen mind and steady nerves in the face of deadlines and other pressures."
    - Julia Selvig
    Berkshire Partners
    "David has represented Berkshire Partners in its private equity investing activities for many years in several different capacities, including fund raising, transactional issues, and as counsel to portfolio companies post closing. He is responsive, smart, and experienced. We highly recommend him."
    - Richard Lubin
    Berkshire Partners
    "David is extremely knowledgeable and proficient in the area of private equity. He is very responsive and exhibits a tremendous capability to multi-task. Some of his other attributes are his ability to find creative solutions to difficult issues, his performance in understanding his client needs and relating to various levels within the organization, strong written and verbal communication skills, and the highest standard of ethics and integrity. David always conducts himself in a very professional and composed manner, while creating a relaxed environment in the work place. He is focused, goal oriented, and a problem solver. He is a pleasure to work with and an invaluable resource for the firm. "
    - Joseph Pesce
    Thomas H. Lee Partners, LP
    "In working with David Kreisler when we raised a new fund, we found David's experience and knowledge of the market invaluable. David and his team were extremely responsive during the process and were very service oriented. Based on that experience, we have begun to use David's firm for some of our transactional work."
    - Anne-Marie Shelley
    Accretive, LLC
    "David is a terrific lawyer. He is practical and commercial; he understands concepts quickly and is able to development workable solutions. David is very user friendly and is a great source of market and legal knowledge in private equity."
    "We have been using David as our outside counsel for fund formation since 2001. We have been very pleased with the relationship. Highlights include: level of professionalism, timeliness in responding, quality of work product and counsel, deal experience, market intelligence, and depth of relationships with outside LP counsel. We plan to use David and his team in the foreseeable future for our fund-formation activities."
    "David is a commercial, experienced, and efficient attorney who is a pleasure to work with."
    "I have been working with David for seven years and find him to be an exceptional resource for THL Partners. His knowledge and ability to decipher and explain in clear terms, both the structural and business issues in Private Equity, is unsurpassed. David is a pleasure to work with."
    "David Buente is the smartest environmental lawyer I have ever worked with. He has extensive knowledge of all the statutes and regulations, is always astoundingly well-prepared, and his judgment is consistently accurate. He is my environmental lawyer of choice whenever I have a new matter."
    - Bruce R. Adler
    General Electric Company
    "David Buente is an experienced and highly skilled environmental law expert. He has a proven track record of success in counseling clients across the spectrum of issues that fall under the rubric "environmental law." He is one of a handful of "go to" lawyers for any client with an environmental issue."
    - D. Michael Miller
    American Electric Power Service Corporation
    "David Buente is one of the top environmental lawyers in the country."
    "David Buente is one of the very best environmental lawyers around. He is extraordinarily knowledgeable, handles difficult problems with ease, and provides excellent advice."
    "David Buente's reputation in the field of environmental law is beyond reproach. He is the attorney that you want to have on your team! Not only will he deliver top notch expertise -- he is diplomatic and always gains the respect of the other side."
    "David Buente and his team are exceptionally gifted and experienced environmental and environmental litigation lawyers. He is first rate."
    "David Pritikin is a very bright attorney with great experience and strong intellect."
    - James M. Sheehan
    Tellabs, Inc.
    "David is a calm and thoughtful leader, and an excellent first chair."
    "Deborah Marshall's domain of the Venture Capital world behind the scenes provides a very helpful compass to understand the motivations of the different players, far beyond the structural or legal aspects alone."
    - Rafael Torres
    General Electric
    "Deborah Marshall serves the startup company by bringing common sense and years of excellent legal experience to the table. She is very thorough and efficient, and brings great value to a small company management team."
    - Wende Hutton
    Canaan Partners
    "Debra is one of the best trial lawyers I have ever encountered. She has very strong client loyalty and will do whatever it takes to help the client reach their goals. She is wonderful to work with and great at partnering with others. Debra never lets her ego get in the way. She always keeps the end game in sight and delivers on her commitments and wins!"
    "Doug Hart is a very effective litigator. You do not want to negotiate with him."
    "Ed is knowledgeable, responsive, and always very professional. I enjoy working with him."
    "Elizabeth McCloy is an excellent lease negotiator. She picks up on details and pushes hard for points, but knows when to give. She has good follow up and is timely. She is a pleasure to work with."
    - Phillip Patinkin
    Double P Corporation
    "Eugene Schoon is an outstanding lawyer. Eugene is intelligent, hardworking, articulate, and a true problem solver."
    - Charles Reiter
    Loyola University Health Systems
    "Extremely well prepared, unshakeable, and generates full trust of court"
    "Eugene Schoon is experienced and very responsive."
    "Gene Schoon's oral argument skills are exemplary. He can explain difficult legal issues in layman terms -- this is truly a gift that I haven't seen from many lawyers. Gene is a true joy to work with. He is a great example of a true gentleman."
    "Gene is a trusted, experienced counsel, and a good person. His efforts are tireless, and his abilities are second-to-none. Working with him is an enjoyable experience."
    "Gene Elrod is one of the best FERC lawyers in the business. His advice is always objective, realistic, and well thought out."
    "I have found Frank Bruno to be one of the most knowledgeable attorneys in the industry."
    "Frank's competence in the 40 Act is second to none. Combined with a practical approach and quick turnaround, his representation of clients is simply outstanding. "
    "Fred is a brilliant lawyer with great command in the board room. He has evidenced an ability to cut to the heart of a matter and provide thorough analysis. I have been pleased to work with him for over a decade."
    - Lee Shapiro
    Allscripts Healthcare Solutions
    "Fred is an outstanding transactional lawyer and corporate counselor. His technical expertise and practical advice have been invaluable in a wide range of complex transactions."
    - Brian Vandenberg
    "Fred is an accomplished corporate and M&A attorney whose counsel is sought by many boards."
    - Gary Schmidt
    Alberto Culver
    "Fred is an excellent, experienced advisor who provides guidance in matters of great complexity."
    - Lee Shapiro
    Allscripts Healthcare Solutions
    "Mr. Moates is quite possibly the best overall railroad lawyer in the country."
    - Paul Hitchcock
    CSX Transportation
    "G. Paul Moates is highly knowledgeable and respected, understands a client's needs, and is an extremely effective advocate."
    - Nathan Fenno
    NY-Susquehanna and Western Railway Corp
    "My association with Sidley is working with their litigation group when they hire me as an expert forensic accountant and economist on litigation matters. As an expert working on behalf of Sidley's clients, I have seen all aspects of Sidley's work including analysis and fact finding, interacting with clients, legal reasoning, strategic decisions, business knowledge, motion practice and trial capabilities. I have seen Sidley's work on bankruptcy, securities, professional negligence, intellectual property, SEC investigation, Public Accounting Oversight Board investigations and other matters. I rank Sidley very high among major U.S. law firms. Their attorneys are smart, strategic, efficient, creative, thorough and professional. They are liked by their clients and respected by their peers. Gary Bendinger (New York) is one of their attorneys I have enjoyed working with."
    - Avrum Tucker
    TM Financial Forensics
    "Glenn Pinkerton is an excellent attorney -- an in house attorney's best friend."
    - Stephen Brownell
    "Glenn Pinkerton is very commercial and practical. He has excellent energy expertise."
    "Scott is the clear preeminent food and drug law expert. He helped craft and pass the US Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994 and has built a strong team in the EU (including Maurits Lugard, formerly with the European Commission's Legal Services section) and China. Recently, on behalf of the Food & Drug Law Institute, Scott authored the comprehensive book detailing dietary supplement regulations around the globe (I contributed the section for Central and South America). Scott is well-respected by government officials, particularly at FDA and FTC."
    - John Vernardos
    Herbalife Ltd.
    "Scott Bass in an unquestioned leader in the area of FDA law, with a wealth of knowledge in the area and a great ability to balance legal, business and reputation. He not only provides excellent legal advice but helps us advance our business."
    "Scott Bass has a remarkable wealth of expertise in FDA regulatory, advertising, and health care laws broadly. Scott listens to client needs and responds promptly. Scott consistently provides a high quality work product, and ensures other attorneys at the firm meet his standards."
    "Imad Qasim has a terrific breadth of knowledge and experience, and is a great negotiator."
    - James M. Sheehan
    Tellabs, Inc.
    "Imad is a highly skilled, knowledgeable, yet practical, business lawyer. His expertise is very broad, enabling him to handle any type of complex transaction. He commands the respect of his clients and all parties to the transaction, is highly professional, and responsive."
    - Alisa M. Singer
    Equity International
    "Imad Qasim is a superior negotiator with a great approach to matters. He has vast experience and is a brilliant attorney. He is pleasant to work alongside and makes tough situations easier to manage. He is the best attorney I have had the pleasure to partner with as general counsel."
    - James M. Sheehan
    Tellabs, Inc.
    "Jack Bierig is very pleasant to work with, responded to questions, and gave us options all along the way. It was a pleasure to work with him and his team."
    - Chris Galler
    Minnesota Association of Realtors
    "In the seven years that I have worked with Mr. Bierig, I have learned to trust both his legal advice and his more broad-based intuition and judgment on matters. His wisdom in addressing this client's needs has helped us through a number of challenging situations."
    - Phil Saigh
    American Academy of Pain Medicine
    "If you need an attorney that effectively deals with legal issues related to accreditation, Jack Bierig is your guy! There is no substitute for experience!"
    - Thomas Smalling
    Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care
    "Jim is a very capable and experienced professional in the area of financial services/clearing houses. He is a well-respected individual whose opinion carries weight within the industry. He is also a very responsive lawyer, which can be a critical factor at times. I would recommend him to anyone. "
    - Martin Doyle
    Automated Equity Finance Markets, Inc.
    "Jim Stansel is an excellent advisor who helps navigate sensitive matters with a thoughtful and thorough style. He effectively combines his experience in government and private practice to help clients consider all aspects of an issue."
    "James E. Clark is a great lawyer. He has a huge wealth of experience. He is very commercial and pro-business."
    "Jim Clark is one of the deans of the Chicago legal community. His experience is invaluable."
    "James Conlan is a superior leader in the field of bankruptcy and re-organization. He has a very strategic view that helps the process achieve extraordinary results; but most of all, he has exceptional intuition that is required to succeed in a process that is heavy with emotion and loaded with nuance. Moreover, Jim is a great coach and mentor. When Jim and I worked together, I was Chairman, CEO and CRO. The learning and experience I acquired while working with Jim has propelled me to another level in executive leadership and in restructuring thought process."
    - Paul Block
    Merisant Companies
    "Jim is an outstanding attorney who has the unique ability to quickly diagnose issues and develop elegant solutions. Jim's clients look to him as a business advisor as much as they view him as a restructuring attorney. In conjunction with these business smarts, Jim's specialized expertise in complex restructurings and specifically cross-border restructurings sets him apart from his peers. I have enjoyed working with Jim and his team."
    - Keith Kaiser
    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
    "James Conlan is a strong bankruptcy practitioner with a national and international reputation."
    "Jim is one of the outstanding restructuring lawyers in the U.S. He has vision, creativity, drive, and intellectual horsepower to handle the most complex of restructuring assignments. He is definitely at the top of the profession."
    "I have known Jim Conlan professionally for over 15 years. Jim has always provided expert counsel in dealing with debtor issues and provided creative solutions that maximize value for the constituents involved. Even though he has significant client responsibilities, Jim is always available to discuss matters. Jim is effectively aggressive in promoting his client's position, and I do not believe any client could get a better advocate."
    "James Conlan is an outstanding lawyer."
    "Jay Zimbler is very creative and responsive. He is very efficient at working matters."
    "Jeff Liebmann's experience and judgment make him the counsel to go to for expertise in dealing with the particular legal and regulatory dimensions of major insurance company transactions."
    "Outstanding. He is the most knowledgeable patent attorney I know who deals with IP issues facing the drug/biotech industry."
    "Jeff brings an added PTO/Regulatory expertise to the team which is essential to working through difficult issues in the Hatch Waxman arena."
    "Jennifer Hagle is an excellent attorney. She is very responsive and effective. She is able to bring sides together in very difficult matters to come to a resolution."
    "John is an outstanding attorney. He has a deep understanding of the laws and regulations dealing with mutual funds. He is a pleasure to work with and provides sound business judgment in addition to his legal advice."
    "John is very effective in dealing with the fund's board and a great resource for the legal and regulatory requirements in the asset management industry."
    "Jock MacKinnon is everything you want in a law firm partner. He is smart, balanced, practical, authoritative, and responsive. Jock is one of the best lawyers I have ever worked with because he understands the nature of the industry and the role of partner as trusted counselor, but also, as service provider."
    "John Sabl is the go-to transaction lawyer my company deals with. We have ventured into other firms and lawyers for transaction expertise and have been disappointed. John's knowledge of the insurance sector is as strong as anyone I have encountered in my 37 years of practice."
    - Thomas Zurek
    OneAmerica Financial Partners
    "John Sabl is a superb lawyer with a wealth of experience. He is very responsive, hard working, and an excellent business partner. He operates pursuant to the highest ethical standards. I am privileged to work with him often."
    - William H. Strong
    Morgan Stanley
    "John Sabl is a very competent professional. He is willing to work with clients for best possible outcome. He harnesses the full talent of the firm to achieve positive results for clients. "
    "John Gallo has served as the State of Illinois Judicial Inquiry Board's outside counsel since 2000. During his tenure as outside counsel, Attorney Gallo has proven to be an effective and conscientious counsel, and is known to timely and respectfully respond to the needs of the board. Attorney Gallo performs his duties with extreme integrity, sensitivity, and thoroughness -- attributes which are essential due to the confidential and sensitive nature of the board's work."
    - Kathy Twine
    Judicial Inquiry Board
    "John Gallo has a good level of experience, is extremely responsible, and understands corporate structure and relationship."
    "John's years of experience and good judgment offer our clients reasoned guidance they trust. He knows our business as well as the legal doctrine, which is a rare find."
    "Jonathan Kelly is one of the best lawyers I have worked with irrespective of practice area. He is all around superb."
    "Jordan is lawyer who has my complete confidence. Whether working solo or as part of a larger trial/appellate team, he can be relied upon to provide sound legal advice. It is also refreshing in that he is not a "yes" man and does not just tell you what you want to hear. Whether a Missouri-state or federal appellate issue, he can and has done it all."
    - Jerry Hashimura
    Suzuki Motor of America, Inc.
    "Our firm has been using Joe McLaughlin for securities and regulatory matters for years. He is extremely knowledgeable, on-point, and responsive to our needs. Despite Joe's intense travel schedule and the incredible demands on his time, when seeking guidance and advice from Joe, I always feel as if I am the only client he is working for."
    - Jonathan Levin
    Williams Capital
    "I have known Karen Popp for many years and feel confident that if I was personally in trouble I would turn to her. Her legal instincts are superb. She examines every angle of a situation bringing together legal, political, and business savvy to her advice. She is exceptionally strategic and possesses a brilliant legal mind."
    "Karen Popp is a thorough attorney with substantial experience, who consistently focuses on rendering a high quality work product."
    "I have worked with a lot of outside counsel since going in-house over a decade ago, and Ken Irvin is at the top of the list in terms of expertise, drive, ability, willingness to help, and congeniality. There is simply not a better lawyer available when you need energy marketing-trading advice, and he is also an outstanding bankruptcy lawyer."
    "Kevin has assisted us over the years on a broad range of topics, including corporate governance and securities law issues. Kevin and the rest of the talented lawyers at Vinson & Elkins we work with on a regular basis have always provided expert, common-sense advice on a timely basis."
    - Mark Shaw
    Southwest Airlines Co.
    "Kevin Lewis has been one of Continental's lead attorneys for over a decade. Whether it's a routine compliance question or a complex financing, Kevin approaches every matter with excellent judgment and professionalism. However, what truly sets him apart is his ability to match the legal solution to the business needs of Continental."
    - Jennifer Vogel
    Continental Airlines, Inc.
    "Kevin is effective not only because of his legal acumen, but because he understands the working relationships and dynamics of his clients as well. We know we can rely on his advice because he's always thinking several steps ahead, knowing how we operate and knowing what our expectations are in any deal. We enjoy working with him and appreciate his sage counsel."
    "I have always appreciated working with Mr. Lewis. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Furthermore, he is timely and reliable, and he makes himself available around the clock (which is very important when assistance is required with securities and corporate governance matters). He also has a great personality and sense of humor, so he is enjoyable to work with, even in high-pressure situations."
    "Kim did an outstanding job for us. She has an expert understanding of the process and how the other side works and used that understanding to fashion an optimal outcome in a relatively brief period of time."
    - James Better
    Capricorn Holdings
    "Kim Dunne is one of the best lawyers I have ever worked with during my career. Besides being knowledgeable about healthcare law, she brings her trial lawyer skills, in particular, the strategic and tactical thinking of a former prosecutor, to her role in representing clients. She has an unfailing attention to detail. She is also masterful at negotiating and bringing to an acceptable resolution issues that arise between prosecution and defense teams during litigation."
    - Karen Lines
    Genentech, Inc.
    "Larry is one of the top Chapter 11 attorneys in the US. He is particularly effective in devising and executing creative strategies in complex, contested Chapter 11 cases."
    "One of the most respected leaders in his field"
    "Larry Nyhan is highly knowledgeable and experienced with a problem solving approach."
    "Larry Nyhan is one of the very best bankruptcy and restructuring attorneys in the country. He has strong skills and experience in cross border involvency matters."
    "Larry Nyhan is an excellent, highly responsive, practical attorney who bridges complicated differences among loan parties."
    "Larry Nyhan is an outstanding lawyer."
    "Larry Nyhan is one of the very best commercial bankruptcy lawyers practicing anywhere."
    "I have found Laura Barzilai to be a highly competent tax attorney, as well as personable and easy to work with. She is highly responsive, and like her other Sidley Austin colleagues, she is well-versed in business realities, as well as tax technical matters. I would recommend her to anyone."
    - Stuart Katz
    Swiss Re America Holding Corporation
    "Laura is an excellent, responsive, and efficient lawyer who is sensitive to both our legal and business concerns."
    "Ms. Kleiman has been extremely professional and knowledgeable in her service to our firm. We trust her advice explicitly. She has helped guide us in many aspects of the adviser and mutual fund industry. I recommend her services highly, and that of her team."
    - Joyce LaPreta
    Mirae Asset Global Investments (USA) LLC
    "Laurin Kleiman consistently provides sound practical advice on compliance issues. She understands the impact of that advice on the client's business."
    - George Roeck
    Charter Bridge Capital Management
    "Laurie is a skilled practitioner in this area. She provides a wealth of knowledge, even though we tend to have particularly complex or unusual questions. Laurie is practical in her advice and understands that navigating regulations necessarily involves a risk analysis that is most helpful to our internal business partners."
    - Jessica Cole
    AEGON USA Investment Management
    "Laurin Blumenthal Kleiman offers effective and practical advice based on her broad perspective and market experience."
    - Christopher Epes
    One William Street Capital
    "We have been very fortunate to have the benefit of Ms. Kleiman as our attorney. Her experience and clear, commercially on point guidance have been invaluable."
    - Kurt Alfrey
    James Caird Asset Management, L.P.
    "Laurie Kleiman is one of the best lawyers I have ever worked with. She is a true expert in her area, and remarkably commercial and practical. She is always available, and consistently provides prompt, decisive advice - without prevarication."
    "Lee Attanasio is a strong New York City-based restructuring and bankruptcy attorney."
    "Marc Hayutin is a "go-to" real estate lawyer. His knowledge of the law, combined with his maturity and negotiating skills, puts him at the top of this practice area. Marc is also incredibly efficient, thereby making his billing rate relatively economical. He does the work rather than involving associates or junior partners. He is also one of those lawyers who leave a negotiating table with the other side respecting his ability and purpose."
    - Albert Z. Praw
    KB Home
    "Mark Hopson is a brilliant litigator with a first class legal mind. He is a truly exceptional lawyer and counselor. Mr. Hopson is someone you want next to you in the foxhole."
    "Mark Hopson is one of the best. He is extremely intelligent, thoughtful, and responsive."
    "Mark Hopson is an excellent trial lawyer, a solid and wise counselor."
    "Mark Schneider has an excellent grasp of substance and nuance. He has practical insight into what can be accomplished and the best way to do so. Mark has big picture understanding."
    - Jerald N. Fritz
    Allbritton Communications Company
    "Mark is a nationally recognized leader in Private Fund and Investment Adviser Law."
    "I have worked with Maureen Crough from Sidley Austin often. I am continuously impressed by Ms. Crough -- she is a very dedicated, conscientious attorney who consistently provides useful and creative advice."
    "Michael Nemeroff has very sound judgment. He is reliable with an impressive knowledge in all the areas we have worked with him on over the last 26 years. Whatever legal issue I am dealing with I start by talking to Mike Nemeroff. He has always directed me in the right direction."
    "Mike Wolk is my first choice of a go-to lawyer for any broker-dealer related question."
    "Michael Wolk is an excellent lawyer. He is my "go-to" lawyer for difficult broker-dealer questions."
    "Mike Schmidtberger has a unique ability to combine a deep understanding of the law with an understanding of the legitimate business needs and functions of a fund manager or sponsor. He is a problem solver, as opposed to so many smart lawyers, who are simply issue spotters. This is the most important attribute, in my mind, that a leader of a practice group serving our industry can have. "
    - Thomas P. Lloyd
    Campbell & Company, Inc.
    "Mike Schmidtberger is a premier attorney and counselor in the private funds area. We greatly value and we rely on his advice."
    "Michael Schmidtberger is always tremendously responsive and helpful."
    "Michael Gold is not only an excellent attorney, but he is a trusted advisor. He knows the market and is respected by his counter parts at other firms. If there is a tough issue, he can be relied upon to provide guidance that will help a client make an informed decision."
    "Mike Gold is a top-notch attorney who consistently provides excellent service and guidance on various types of banking transactions regardless of complexity. He is very effective in understanding both sides of various issues and communicating the pros and cons of important business and legal decisions that his clients need to make. Responsiveness is never an issue with Mike and I would not hesitate to refer additional business his way."
    "Michael Gold is a strong commercial lawyer with particular expertise in the restructuring context."
    "Michael is both a lawyer's lawyer as well as a business person's lawyer. His financial background proves to be invaluable in complex insurance matters. He has common sense coupled with extensive insurance knowledge. Having worked both with Michael as a colleague when we were in practice together and as a client, I can say that he treats his colleagues in the same manner as his clients. He is a wonderful lawyer with whom to work -- regardless of the capacity."
    - Deborah Giss Stalker
    "Michael is very responsive and in-tune with the business side of insurance transactions from a bank's point of view. He is always very professional and resourceful."
    "Michael is very experienced and has a good personality. One of his strongest assets is his ability to be practical and reasonable. He effectively works with others and immediately understands when a matter requires additional experts on related subject matters."
    "Michele Ruiz is talented, effective, and smart. I think what I like best about her is that she is incredibly calm and unflappable, even under demanding circumstances."
    - Scott L. Wyler
    III Offshore
    "Michele Ruiz is extraordinarily hard-working, conscientious, and intelligent."
    "Nader not only has the expertise, but he also has the judgment and personality for representing large financial institutions in regulatory matters."
    "Neal is a lawyer who combines legal expertise and pragmatism in a manner that is the most beneficial to the in-house practitioner and the end user business client. Expert legal analysis divorced from a problem solving conclusion, more common than one supposes, plagues legal practice. It is a pitfall that Neal superbly avoids and thereby adds value to the enterprise that he advises."
    "Neal Sullivan combines legal expertise, great political sense, and terrific business judgment. It is the combination of these three attributes that set him apart and has earned him great success in the Securities Bar."
    "Neal is outstanding. He is a true expert and delivers excellent results tailored to our firm and our needs. He is among the most responsive lawyers I have ever worked with, and he and his team are consistently professional and efficient. We trust and rely on his judgment. He is the "man to see" on significant regulatory matters."
    "Neil Ellis is extremely professional. He is knowledgeable in many areas and knows how to build a team to complete strengths."
    - Mark Christiansen
    Cargill, Incorporated
    "Neil Ellis has been a trusted partner of JTEKT/Koyo for almost 30 years. The legal expertise is important, but knowing a company and the long term goals is just as important."
    - Tom Peacock
    Koyo Corporation of USA
    "Neil Ellis has on-point experience and professional skills which are combined with a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach. This combination gives clients confidence that their business issues are in capable and effective hands."
    "Paul is a very intelligent and hardworking lawyer who works to resolve matters economically and efficiently."
    "Paul Walker at Sidley provides significant value as he combines an excellent understanding of the law with practical business solutions. In addition, due to his prominence and experience he has many contacts in the industry which provides a pipeline of potential takeouts in distressed situations. Having worked with Paul for more than a decade on real estate workouts, there is no one I would trust more to assist me in finding solutions to maximize value."
    - Michael Criscito
    Credit Suisse
    "A true professional, Perry is a very well-rounded lawyer who also happens to have great market intelligence and sophistication. He is among the deans of corporate practice in the insurance industry."
    "Hard-working, highly knowledgeable, and an excellent communicator adept at anticipating issues long before they arise, Perry has been an invaluable member of our team."
    "Perry Shwachman is an outstanding lawyer who is exceptionally bright and has the experience to know when to be aggressive and when to finesse an issue. He also understands the business realities that clients face and how those realities impact a matter."
    "Perry is an outstanding lawyer who understands the nuances of even the most complex issue and the anticipated concerns of the client as soon as you provide the most basic outline of the problem. If he isn't the expert someone else there is. It's as if they can read your mind and can answer the questions and concerns you know are there but haven't yet been able to formulate."
    "Perry Shwachman is as well-rounded and sophisticated a lawyer as I have encountered in 20 years of law practice; yet, he is still responsive, personable, and committed to clients. He is among the best in the profession."
    "Peter Keisler is a superior lawyer with a deep understanding of both the judicial and executive branches in Washington. There is none smarter, and he is a superb writer, but he couples his impressive intellectual horsepower with real-world pragmatism and a rare gift for simplifying complex problems. He is also a genuinely nice guy and a pleasure to work with."
    "Peter Ostroff is one of the most responsive and caring attorneys practicing in this field today."
    "Peter Ostroff is an expert in the field of litigation. He is able to accurately assess the merits of a claim or defense, and brings a wealth of experience and great ability to the conduct of litigation to the benefit of his clients."
    "Phillip is involved in handling several cases for us. We like working with him and he has impressed us."
    "Phil has been helpful and knowledgeable in all our work with him."
    "Rick is a straight shooting, no-nonsense litigator who focuses on finding the shortest path to win a lawsuit. He is client centric and very responsive. Rick is sensitive to my budget, and delivers the highest quality work product at a fair price."
    "Rick Cederoth is a very effective and responsive lawyer. He has a high level of expertise and is attentive to client needs around both quality and cost effectiveness."
    ""Sees around the corner" smart, brilliant tactician and strategist."
    "Dick Belanger is an outstanding trade and customs attorney who commands a high degree of respect, both within government and in the importing community. He does a fantastic job explaining the theory behind trade and customs law, and he knows, in detail, how customs issues need to be addressed in the real world. He is one of the most insightful professionals with whom I have ever had the opportunity to work."
    "Richard Belanger is top notch."
    "Dick is an outstanding professional who has a deep knowledge of trade and customs law. He balances technical knowledge with a strong awareness of how the real world functions, which results in ideas and solutions that actually work in practice and lead to great outcomes."
    "Dick Belanger was a joy to work with. He is capable, responsive, and practical."
    "Richard Fries is the best lawyer I have ever dealt with."
    - Brad Lebovitz
    Silverpeak Real Estate Partners
    "I couldn't speak more highly of Richard Fries. He and his group in the Real Estate Department are among the top in their field. I recommend him highly."
    - Jonathan Tolpin
    M&T Bank Corporation
    "Richard Fries is the rare outside lawyer who "gets" it. We at JPMC value and trust his judgment to the highest degree. He often has direct experience with exactly the situation we face, or, even more importantly, tels you he needs to find the answer -- and then does. He doesn't waste my time or the company's money on questionable "research" - he just finds the answer or, when necessary, gives the hard advice that what we want to do is not advisable. He is the total package that is exceedingly rare to find when hiring outside counsel -- and I've been hiring them for over 15 years after working in a large corporate firm myself. I have proposed doing a joint ABA presentation with Richard trying to give lawyers at other firms some tips on how to correctly service clients. "
    - Laurie Breitenstein
    J.P. Morgan Securities Inc.
    "Richard Fries is the best real estate lawyer we deal with. He is honest, smart and responsive. He knows everone and is respected as an expert with distressed assets. He is an excellent negotiator and does not put up road blocks unless he has too."
    - Peter D'Arcy
    M&T Bank Corporation
    "We view Richard Fries as a best in class counsel. He is rightfully renowned for his work-out aptitude, but equally terrific closing new business. He is highly sophisticated and intelligent, and he always keeps focused on the goal in question. We appreciate his integrity and well-thought out, informed positions. He is a very effective negotiator with a collaborative and straightforward style."
    - Peter D'Arcy
    M&T Bank Corporation
    "Richard Fries and his team at Bingham McCutchen provide our company with the highest standard of legal representation, professionalism, business support, and guidance. He has represented the company for 20-plus years and is an integral part of the team. Richard understands not only the substantive legal matters he handles, but also the culture of the company and therefore his guidance and advice, both business and legal, are invaluable. Richard is always accessible, is a natural teacher, and is a true pleasure to work with."
    "Richard Fries and his team have represented our unit for 10+ years and I find him to be professional and competent, always acting with the highest degree of integrity. The quality of his work product is exceptional, his negotiation skills are superior and his thoughtfulness in approaching difficult situations and problem solving is the best in the industry. His timeliness in responding to our requests is excellent. I would recommend Richard and his firm without hesitation. "
    "Richard Astle is an extremely diligent, dedicated, and knowledgeable player in this field. "
    "Robert Olian is an outstanding lawyer for environmental matters."
    - Mark K. Schoenfield
    Jupiter Aluminum Corp.
    "Rob is very knowledgeable in his field, and crafts flexible and practical solutions."
    "Roger is a seasoned environmental lawyer and brings a practical and well-rounded view to his cases."
    "Roger Martella is very intelligent, has a good sense of strategy, and is very well-informed."
    "I think Roger's experience and expertise are well known and without comparison. But his responsiveness and clarity in working with his clients in a public setting are outstanding. He's highly respected and is the most sought-after consultant on environmental and regulatory issues. He is the first person I would recommend to colleagues on these issues."
    "Choosing a lawyer is always a difficult exercise. I was introduced to Russ Weiss by another lawyer and I found exactly the person I needed. In addition to being a very skilled specialist of these Motion Pictures agreements, he is also the kind of person you want to work with. He is responsive, nice, and available."
    - Francois Mantello
    3D Entertainment Films Ltd.
    "Rusty is an expert in his field of expertise, patient with his client, and a hard negotiator. He provides invaluable advice for my business and I'd highly recommend him."
    "Rusty Weiss is incredibly responsive and knowledgeable about videogame law. He has a wealth of experience regarding issues that may arise, and he refuses to provide incomplete analysis. He is a pleasure with whom to work."
    "Sam Boxerman is an outstanding attorney and a true pleasure to work with. He brings years of in-depth experience to all air quality related matters and has earned a high level of respect from all sides. Sam is the attorney I always turn to when I need timely, sound advice on regulatory matters, and I highly recommend him."
    - Starla Lacy
    NV Energy
    "Sam Gutter has a wonderful, unflappable manner and is incredibly responsive to client needs. He has excellent judgment and is a delight to work with."
    - Bruce R. Adler
    General Electric Company
    "Sam is clearly well respected, intelligent, experienced, and sensitive to aiding a client get to where he would like to be, or telling us "like it is" when our desired outcome is unadvisable. I enjoy receiving his counsel."
    - Kobi Wright
    Cummins Inc.
    "Sara Brody is an analytically bright and experienced securities attorney. As part of the Sidley securities litigation team, she was integral in obtaining major victories for the company by obtaining expeditious dismissals of a major securities class action lawsuit and a major shareholder derivative lawsuit."
    - Codette Wallace
    Wilshire State Bank
    "Top notch litigator. I recommend her without hesitation."
    - Edward Dobranski
    First Republic Bank
    "Scott is a great lawyer and an excellent person. He is very smart, practical, efficient, and, most importantly, has very good judgment. He is a pleasure to work with."
    - Thomas Giller
    Kraft Foods Inc.
    "Sharon Flanagan is an exceptional lawyer. I would recommend her for corporate and M&A matters without reservation."
    "It has been a pleasure to work with Sharon Flanagan over the years. She demonstrates a high level of professionalism and expertise. She can be relied upon for thoughtful and sound advice based on a thorough evaluation of the facts at hand and potential issues raised. I value her counsel and highly recommend her services."
    "I have worked with Sharp Sorensen on numerous transactions throughout the last 4 years and have always found him to be incredibly responsive while still providing thorough and clear guidance. His experience shows in his ability to provide practical solutions even when faced with complex issues."
    - Joanne Tempone
    "Sharp has been my go-to outside tax partner for some time. His expertise and responsiveness are unparalleled."
    - Benjamin Haas
    Exelon Corporation
    "We have received outstanding advice on one of the longest procedures ever in front of ICSID. I would highly recommend him."
    - Charles-Louis de Maud'huy
    Veolia Water
    "Mr. Stanimir Alexandrov is the leading expert with regard to international arbitration cases. He is very professional, very knowledgeable, understands the key issues very rapidly, is patient, and overall a very pleasant person to work with. With Mr. Alexandrov I recognize also the entire legal team working with Mr. Alexandrov."
    - Pieter de Kok
    "Stanimir Alexandrov is highly experienced, frank, and open. He is easy to communicate with and is timely in responding. I have a good and sincere relationship with him."
    "Stanimir is very practical and possesses an excellent understanding of global issues. He understands how different governments and government officials think and react; and represents clients aggressively yet civilly. His advice has always been spot on."
    "Suresh is a highly competent tax attorney with good business sense. "
    "Tom Cole is a top notch attorney with incredibly relevant experience and deep knowledge in the areas he practices in."
    - James M. Sheehan
    Tellabs, Inc.
    "Tom Cole is amongst the best corporate and merger attorneys in the country."
    - Gary Schmidt
    Alberto Culver
    "Tom is a brilliant and experienced advisor and counselor. He is among the strongest in the field in experience and stature. It is a pleasure to work with Tom and all members of his firm."
    - James M. Sheehan
    Tellabs, Inc.
    "Tom is one of the best corporate lawyers I have dealt with in my 20 years as a GC. He is on top of the law, practical, responsive, and overall best-in-class."
    "Thomas Cole is a consummate Corporate Governance expert. He also presents his thoughts with great clarity and ease. "
    "With his outstanding experience and his ability to advise in complex matters, Tom is a great help for a non U.S.-company in difficult situations"
    - Lutz Feldrappe
    Bilfinger Berger A.G.
    "Tom Cunningham's value to me and my company is twofold. Not only has he effectively represented my company in complicated reinsurance arbitrations, he has partnered with me to work through operational issues and seek solutions outside formal proceedings. It is helpful to work with someone who delves into the data and shares an interest in the business of insurance, not just the law of insurance."
    - Judith A. Pluard
    Kemper Insurance Company
    "Tom is a top-rate attorney who has achieved excellent results for CNA in several complex reinsurance matters. Tom is extremely bright, talented, conscientious, and responsive -- all of the skills that demanding clients require of their lawyers."
    - Victoria P. Hallock
    CNA Insurance
    "It has been a pleasure working with Tom. Tom is very responsive, and his significant experience has been a tremendous help as I work through a potential litigation matter. He is always well prepared and takes the time to make sure I am as well. He manages the situation and opposing counsel very well."
    "Tom is an excellent lawyer. He resolved a very contentious matter for us. He remained focused on the goal throughout the entire matter and did not get caught up in the opposing counsel's games."
    "Tom is an excellent litigator and is extremely responsive."
    - Mark Terrano
    LSI Corporation
    "Tom is one of the most knowledgeable lawyers you can find in the field of Asset Securitization."
    "Timothy Devetski is very responsive and a quality technician."
    "Not only does Tracy Williams have a great grasp of the tax code and its applicability to one-off situations, she also is a great sounding board in making tactical business decisions not strictly tax related. Her counsel keeps us out of trouble. As importantly, it makes us money."
    - Stephen Cernich
    Athene Holding Ltd.
    "Ms. Williams is a fantastic lawyer. She thinks outside the box and comes up with innovative solutions to issues. She is also very responsive and provides exemplary services."
    "Vern has a deep expertise and knowledge in patent litigation. He is a deep thinker on issues presented in the litigation. He is an excellent writer as well. Vern obviously loves his job and makes a strong effort to relate to the client's concerns and issues apart from the litigation."
    "Hardy and the other partners are extremely accessible. They answer the phone, and they answer the question. Their advice is based both on knowledge and experience. If Hardy is unavailable, then he has backup in place that is always very accessible."
    - Harriet Britt
    Think Equity LLC
    "I was very impressed with the quality of his brief writing and his handling of our case."
    - Keith H. Williamson
    Centene Corporation
    "Walter Carlson is highly intelligent, thorough, and is a consummate professional."
    "Walter Carlson is a first tier litigator in shareholder derivative suits and class action proceedings. He is very persuasive in arguing cases and has an excellent demeanor."
    "Walter Carlson is top notch, articulate, well mannered, and persuasive. He is a great lawyer."
    "Walter Carlson is an excellent securities litigator and a persuasive advocate."
    "I have worked closely with Bill Sarraille during the last five years. His knowledge of U.S. health care law is exceptional. He has a calming, easy-going style. He identifies and anticipates legal issues that most miss. Most importantly, Bill routinely offers workable business solutions for complex legal issues."
    - Jim Vollins
    Talecris Biotherapeutics
    "Bill Sarraille is an excellent lawyer who is always on top of breaking issues. He is always helpful in working through very complex issues."
    - Michael B. McCulley
    Johnson & Johnson
    "In my role as the head of public policy for my company, Bill Sarraille has been outstanding to work with, as we have built this function over the past four years. I cannot count the number of times that Bill has been proactive in anticipating our needs as a company and has steered us down a path that ultimately saved us from making some major policy and, subsequently, financial mistakes. He has anticipated what we needed to do and where we needed to go on several occasions when our team lacked the complete understanding of the issues. He has, and will continue to be the ideal model of a business partner."
    - Bruce Bunyan
    Talecris Biotherapeutics
    "Bill Sarraille is an excellent attorney and is one of the premier experts in the country in the area of health care law and government price reporting. Bill's in-depth knowledge of price reporting issues peculiar to the pharmaceutical industry makes him the "go-to" lawyer in this area."
    - Jose P. Sierra
    Sepracor Inc.
    "Bill is a well-recognized and respected name in the healthcare law arena. He is the "go-to" guy within Sidley Austin on numerous issues, spearheading the needed resources to meet our diverse needs. He commands respect from both the industry, as well as policy-makers. Given the breadth and diversity of Bayer's business, we find Bill's expertise invaluable. Bill is consistently available to meet urgent requests and is always responsive and provides clear communication. Most importantly, he has the highest level of integrity and a reputation for problem solving in a straightforward and pragmatic manner. Bill always represents the right thing for the business to do, in an ever challenging environment. His demeanor and frank nature are welcome and he carries a level of authority and knowledge that is respected throughout the highest levels of our organization."
    "Working with Bill is always a pleasure. He has a strong command of all aspects of Health Care law and is extremely effective at working within house counsel to understand both the legal and business issues, which is invaluable when trying to provide a legal solution that also allows the business to be successful."
    "Bill Sarraille is a very knowledgeable and thoughtful compliance and reimbursement attorney. Ellyce Cooper is a rising star representing clients on health care compliance investigations."
    "Bill is a true expert in the area of Healthcare Law. "
    "One of the attractive things about Bill Williams is that he is very willing to let us do as much of the work in-house as we want, so that he and his folks do (very well) only what we ask them to do."
    - James R. Peterson
    National Fuel Gas Supply Corp.
    "Bill understands not only the legal issues (second to none) but he also gets the business and the dynamics at play, and this is a pretty complicated business. I rely on him (and his team) 100%, trust him and them implicitly. I was a law firm lawyer for 20 years myself and have "seen it all," particularly the weaknesses. I have yet to experience that with Bill."
    - Claude A. Baum
    Ore Hill Partners LLC
    "Bill Kerr consistently impresses me with his command of the legal and regulatory landscape facing hedge fund managers and funds. The vast majority of the time, I am impressed with the value of the advice and cost-effectiveness aspect of Bill's services -- he is efficient, loyal, and fair to a fault. Bill is a true professional who usually knows the answer and, if not, gets you there on a straight line."
    - Scott L. Wyler
    III Offshore
    "Bill is extremely responsive and knowledgeable on hedge fund-related matters. He understands that we require a very rapid turnaround time and provides solid, thoughtful advice."
    "Bill is one of the finest hedge fund/investment management specialists. In particular, he brings a level of business insight and pragmatism to his analysis that many lack. His group's ability to manage complex projects is also an invaluable resource."
    "Bill Kerr is one of the most knowledgeable attorneys in the field. He understands the business, which allows him to give confident, clear, and specific advice."
    "Bill is a great lawyer. Behind a fairly unassuming demeanor, he is simply brilliant and a pleasure to work with. His knowledge of the futures and derivatives markets is unmatched, as is the breadth of his expertise on the commercial side of the business. He is highly responsive, always helpful, has great instincts, and does terrific work both providing regulatory advice and providing representation in connection with regulatory inquiries and investigations. "
    "I have great regard for Bill Eckland. He is an excellent attorney, has a great sense of the financial services industry, and understands our company."
    "Mr. Shoyer is one of the best strategic legal practitioners with whom I have worked in 25 years. He has a keen sense of practicality and realism that informs his strategic counsel and eliminates unnecessary (and expensive) analyses and work. When approaching a complex governmental submission, Shoyer focused on the high value aspects of the submission and consciously delayed completion of the other components until the government indicated that such were needed. Interestingly, the other components were never required or requested. The authenticity and ethics of Shoyer are exceptional, and indeed, essential in the global trade practice in which he excels. He is not one to shift positions based on what a client wants to hear or the possibility of new work. On more than one occasion, he has declined to undertake work that he thought would add little to no value to us, his client. Shoyer also has extraordinary anticipatory skills which he couples with his thorough knowledge and experience in international trade. Recently I sent him a question related to the interpretation of a WTO agreement. In my message I indicated the negotiation at which I was present and he was able to determine who was likely in the conversation and why the interpretation would matter given his experience with our company and the issues we face in international trade. When he responded, he addressed the interpretation in a detailed and dimensional manner, providing insights into why others who might be in the conversation would/could have an alternative interpretation and how we could advance and reconcile our views. Mr. Shoyer is a respectful, thoughtful, and skilled attorney with whom I hope to have the privilege of working for the remainder of my career."
    "Andrew Shoyer has a long experience in the area of international trade laws in particular on the WTO. His response is timely, effective, and of high quality."
    "Angela Fontana is an excellent lawyer. She is my "go-to" lawyer with respect to debt financing transaction."
    "Angela Fontana has excellent knowledge of the field. She has a good negotiating style with lawyers, is solution-oriented, and provides very fast turnaround times."

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    Litigation - Intellectual Property
    Litigation - Labor and Employment
    Litigation - Mergers and Acquisitions
    Litigation - Patent
    Litigation - Regulatory Enforcement (SEC, Telecom, Energy)
    Litigation - Securities
    Mass Tort Litigation / Class Actions - Defendants
    Media Law
    Mergers and Acquisitions Law
    Municipal Law
    Mutual Funds Law
    Natural Resources Law
    Non-Profit / Charities Law
    Oil and Gas Law
    Patent Law
    Personal Injury Litigation - Defendants
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    Real Estate Law
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    Venture Capital Law