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David H. Nachman, Esq. is one of the Managing Attorneys at the Nachman Phulwani Zimovcak (NPZ) Law Group, P.C., a pre-eminent International Immigration and Nationality Law Firm with offices in NY, NJ and Indiana. The Firm also maintains affiliated offices in India and in Canada that are dedicated to providing a wide array of business and family immigration law services for skilled U.S.-and Canada-bound workers. The Attorneys at the NPZ Law offices assist clients with waivers, marriage cases, citizenship applications, nonimmigrant and immigrant work visas, DAPA, DACA, and Provisional Waivers as well as I-130 application sponsorship for the family, removal defense, PERM, I-9 compliance work for employers, etc. 

At previous law firms, Attorney Nachman and fellow lawyers contributed to landmark decisions in such cases as Berger vs. Berger and Woolley vs. Hoffman-LaRoche. As one of the Managing Attorneys at the Nachman Phulwani Zimovcak (NPZ) Law Group, P.C., Mr. Nachman prepares H-1B visas, TN applications, O-1 artist visas and extraordinary ability visas and Treaty-trader and Treaty-investor visas. Mr. Nachman assists international businesses of all sizes with L-1 intracompany transfers, I-9 Form issues, DOL Wage & Hour Audits and consular processing of immigrant and nonimmigrant visa applications throughout the world. The VISASERVE staff also assist corporations with I-9 Audits, H-1B Site Visits and DOL Audits.

Appearing on NJ News Channel 12 twice as a recognized authority on business and corporate immigration law, Mr. Nachman is also a former Chair of the NJ Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). Nachman also presented Continuing Legal Education programs for the NY State Bar, the Bergen County Bar Ass'n, the U.S. DOJ, Sterling Educational Services, the Employers’ Ass'n of NJ (EANJ), various Paralegal Associations and CELESQ. Additionally, Mr. Nachman and Mr. Phulwani appear on a weekly TV Program about U.S. immigration and nationality law for the Indian Communities on Vision of Asia and iTV which is aired throughout the U.S. They have also done weekly spots on TV Asia for a national audience.

As the Former Chair of the New Jersey Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyer's Association (AILA), David Nachman, Esq., is widely-published on U.S. immigration and nationality law issues. Mr. Nachman also serves on various National AILA Committees. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Paralegal Studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University and at Bergen Community College. In addition to teaching immigration and nationality law, Mr. Nachman moderates an annual program on "Immigration Law Basics" for the NJ Institute of Continuing Legal Education (NJICLE).

Mr. Nachman earned his JD from Case Western Reserve University Law School in Ohio in 1988. He also received an MBA from Case Western Reserve University in 1989. He continued classes for an LLM in International Trade at NYU Law School through 1993. He is a member of the New Jersey Bar, the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Court of International Trade.

Nachman Phulwani Zimovcak (NPZ) Law Group, P.C. is an International Immigration Law Firm with offices in NJ and NY. The Firm has affiliated offices in Canada and India. The Firm provides assistance with waivers, removal defense, PERM, green cards, visas, work permits and immigration compliance matters for employers and employees and their families.

Some of the very best immigration lawyers in the U.S. work at Nachman Phulwani Zimovcak (NPZ) Law Group, P.C. We assist our clients with the full spectrum of Family and Business Immigration Law Services. We also have a Canadian Division (with Canadian Immigrations Lawyers in the U.S.) who can provide an option for those who want to immigrate to Canada. NPZ Law Group offers the following services in the many languages spoken by the  VISASERVE Team . . . Green Cards, Work Permits, Family and Employment Immigration Lawyers, Canadian Immigration Law Services, Removal Defense, Nonimmigrant Visas, Immigrant Visas, Waivers, Hardship Waivers, H-1B, Artist Visas, Business Visitors, Trainees, Investor Visas, International Student Visas, Deferred Action Cases, DACA, TPS, Immigration Court Representation, Removal Defense, Researchers, Scientists, Canadian Immigration Law, Transfer of Highly-skilled Labor, H-1B, E-1, E-2, J-1, L-1A, L-1B, O-1, P-1, P-3, R-1, Religious Workers, U visas, Professional Workers, PERM, Labor Certification Process, Intracompany Transferees, DOL Audits, PWD Audits, FDNS Site Visits and Audits and investigations, Consular Processing in India and throughout the world, Immigration Compliance for Employers, E-Verify Compliance, IMAGE, Immigration-related Litigation.

Immigration Lawyers David Nachman, Esq., Michael Phulwani, Esq. and Ludka Zimovcak, Esq. have over 70 collective years of immigration law experience. Michael Phulwani, Esq. is the author of a guide to U.S. Immigration law that has been distributed to Consulate Offices throughout the World.

Please feel free to check out our website at for a wide array of information about our Law Firm and about various U.S. and Canadian Immigration Law issues.  Our staff is quite ecletic and they speak many foreign languages including, but not limited to: Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Tamil, Hindi, Gujarati, Nepalese, Slovak, Czech, Russian, Polish, Tagalog, Hebrew, Chinese, German and English.

 Please feel free to call us at 201-670-0006 (x107) to schedule an initial consultation.

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David H. Nachman David H. Nachman Nachman, Phulwani, Zimovcak Law Group, P.C.
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Practicing in: Immigration Law

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    David H. Nachman Managing Attorney
    David H. Nachman
    Managing Attorney
    Ludmila Zimovcak Managing Attorney
    Ludmila Zimovcak
    Managing Attorney


    U.S. and Canadian immigration law processes are very time-consuming and complex and they require a great deal of patience - both by the immigration lawyer as well as the client(s). The Nachman Phulwani Zimovcak (NPZ) Law Group, P.C. is pleased to be able to continue to deliver excellent and favorable results for our clients and to be able to get them nonimmigrant visas, green cards and citizenship in the U.S. and in Canada. We invite you to read our client's comments and recommendations.

    The world has become and it continues to become a more global marketplace. With the fluidity of migration, companies continue to seek top talent from around the world to stay ahead of their competitors. Countries around the world continue to write their immigration laws to attract the "best and the brightest" workers. We are engaged in a struggle to attract the best and the brightest talented foreign national workers to add value to our Nation's economic infrastructure and to assure future stability of our financial markets. At NPZ Law Group, P.C., the VISASERVE immigration law staff of professionals, assist organizations of all sizes to be a part of this success story.

    From our numerous office locations, in New Jersey, New York, Indiana and our affiliated offices in Canada and in India (Mumbai and in Gujarat), the Nachman Phulwani Zimovcak (NPZ) Law Group, P.C., concentrates on working with Fortune 500 companies, academic and non-academic organizations, universities, for-profit and not-for-profit clients and families and individuals to help them transfer to the U.S. on the basis of family or employment immigration in the U.S. or Canada. Our U.S. and Canadian immigration attorneys and lawyers are accomplished at helping professionals relocate in the U.S. and Canada and in other countries throughout the world.


    Nachman Phulwani Zimovcak (NPZ) Law Group, P.C. represents clients ranging from the world’s largest multinational corporations to individuals and their family members. We are as adept at working with small and mid-sized companies as we are with colleges and universities. The broad spectrum of industries we represent are equally diverse. From multinational financial services firms to manufacturers and health care companies – our knowledge of the priorities, needs and challenges of the industries we serve enables us to provide immigration advice best suited to each client.

    We invite you to read about what some of our clients say about our services (client testimonials):

    FROM A HAPPY FAMILY-BASED IMMIGRATION CLIENT OF THE FIRM: "Hope all is well with you! ___________ has returned to the US and now we are waiting for his permanent resident card to arrive. My family members think you are the best lawyer they have come encountered! They asked me for your name and location, so they can have a reference handy when necessary.

    Thank you for all your help. You have a talented and caring team. I already have my cousin asking me a question regarding her parents green card issue. I appreciate your guidance regarding the below issue. Happy holidays!"

    FROM A HAPPY EMPLOYMENT-BASED CLIENT: "Thank you _______! Please let me know if there are steps to follow next. And particularly I would like to thank ________ and ________ for their extraordinary efforts in the submission. They were outstanding and impressively professional. I will definitely encourage my friends to contact your group when they are seeking for immigration help".

    FROM A RECENT AND HAPPY FAMILY-BASED CLIENT: "Dear NPZ Team: I just want to write you and tell you the great news. My I-485 was approved today, they say that I will receive my welcome notice by January 27, 2015. I am forever grateful for your advice and assistance. We've had years and years of terrible legal advice, and I honestly can say that you are the best lawyer I've ever dealt with by far. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. VTY, ________.

    FROM A RECENT FAMILY IMMIGRATION CLIENT: "Mr. __________, I have been incredibly impressed by the hard work and by the vast extent of the knowledge of ______ throughout this process. Your firm has helped my family and I like no lawyer ever has come close to doing in the past, and for that I am forever grateful. Anyone else I know needing immigration help will receive a passionate recommendation for your firm from me. I sincerely appreciate all that you have done, and will send ______ a copy of the green card document once it arrives. Thank you very much!

    Sincerely, ________."

    FROM A HAPPY ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING CLIENT OF OUR FIRM: "Thank you David, so much for your genuine responses. Like you suggested I'll get in touch with you as & when needed. God bless you & your firm; I really really appreciate your sincere answers & I'll definitely refer people in need of immigration issues to your firm in future. Please acknowledge my eMail. ____________"

    FROM A HAPPY NPZ LAW GROUP CLIENT: Dear _______: I cannot express how grateful I am for the gift you gave me today. I don't believe a simple thank you is good enough because you've helped my family and I numerous times. But I am extremely thankful for your generosity and I hope you have a wonderful long weekend. Sincerely, ________.

    RELIEF FROM FORFEITURE IN CONNECTION WITH THE SEIZED PROPERTY: Our client, a permanent resident of Canada, was traveling back to Canada from the Republic of South Korea after visiting her mother and family. According to Custom Laws, anybody who arrives in the United States or is in transit through the United States and is in possession of over $10,000.00 needs to declare the total amount of funds on their possession.

    Our client was aware that the undeclared limit per person was $10,000.00 and she therefore completed CBP Form 6059B and itemized the amount of funds that were in her possession while transiting to board her next flight to Montreal, Canada. After a review of her Form, CBP officeers decided to conduct a search and found that our client had more funds in her possession than was declared. Our office was retained to obtain the funds back from CBP. After contacting CBP and arguing our client's case, CBP approved our Petition filed on behalf of our client, and our client was able to receive her seized funds within four weeks of submitting the petition to the Government. Our client was charged only a minimal penalty for the inaccurate reporting. The Attorneys at Nachman, Phulwani, Zimovcak (NPZ) Law Group continue to assist individuals who have customs confiscation issues of cash at the border (with CBP). For more information about these services, please contact us at or call our offices at 201-670-0006 (x107).



    Nachman, Phulwani, Zimovcak Law Group, P.C.

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