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After spending approximately 18 years with a large and rapidly growing Dallas-based firm (10 years as chair of the Labor and Employment Law Section), in 2003 Hershell L. Barnes, Jr. founded one of the southwest’s premier boutique law firms. The Barnes Law Firm, P.C., now Key Harrington Barnes PC.  The firm represents employers in all traditional labor and employment law matters as well as defending clients involved in incidents of alleged Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violations. The firm has set the highest of standards for client service and satisfaction. Every lawyer and staff member believes this reputation has been and will continue to be earned through the professional pyramid of (1) prompt and superior work product, (2) regular and consistent client communication, problem-avoidance counseling, and, where necessary, aggressive defense, and (3) a client-favorable fee structure.

We believe the business world belongs to companies ready to compete, willing to learn new ways to enhance their productivity, committed to adapting quickly to positive change, and determined to constantly challenge themselves, all the while trying to avoid employee problems, union organizing, OSHA complaints, or other difficulties. Our firm shares that same view and encourages preventative, versus remedial, measures. If a lawsuit can be avoided, if a company can maintain non-union status (or deal with its bargaining agent in a positive relationship), or if an OSHA complaint is not filed, that is a win-win for all concerned. In that regard, the firm believes that constant preventative training of management on how to avoid negative employee relationships is of utmost importance. However, the firm also understands that some opponents will never stop short of actual litigation.  When that occurs, Key Harrington Barnes PC will spare no effort to secure the most prompt, cost-effective, and successful conclusion for those it represents.

The firm also recognizes employers in today’s marketplace in order to stay competitive must contain costs without compromising quality. As a business itself, the members of the firm embrace that fact. Consequently, the firm has been structured in way that allows a reduction in overhead with increased efficiency. It also provides the flexibility to allow the lawyers and non-lawyers to continually reexamine how matters are staffed and billed while demonstrating a clear understanding of each client’s unique business needs.

Key Harrington Barnes PC reflects an uncompromising dedication to excellence and client satisfaction that is exhibited in every legal matter it undertakes and in every contact it makes, thereby setting a new standard in the representation of management and employers.

We have the good fortune of representing a varied group of clients in traditional labor, employment law litigation, and OSHA matters. The firm serves clients in the gas utility, transportation, aircraft engine overhaul, food preparation, satellite communications, manufacturing, construction, bottling industries as well as companies in other industries. Additionally, a sizable number of our clients are American Fortune 500 companies as well as a smaller number based in the UK and Europe.

We bring value to our clients by working with them to accomplish their business objectives. Once again, we achieve those goals through the professional pyramid. We produce a prompt and superb work product, provide regular and consistent problem-solving counseling (if necessary, aggressive but professional litigation), and have a client-favorable fee structure. Our lawyers are trusted counselors and creative thinkers. They always keep the goal of the client the primary focus.

All attorneys and staff members of our firm share the most important commitment of all – excellence for and service to our clients. We strive to make Key Harrington Barnes PC an extraordinary firm where our lawyers and staff enjoy working – a firm you will be pleased and proud to service your needs relative to traditional labor, employment law, and OSHA.

Our dedication to teamwork, our readiness to change to meet the demands of our clients’ situations, and our commitment to be the best are the standards on which Key Harrington Barnes PC was founded and will continue to be built.

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3710 Rawlins Street, Suite 950
Dallas, TX 75219
Phone: 214-615-7925

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Stephen C. Key Stephen C. Key Key Harrington Barnes PC
Practicing in: Labor Law - Management
Practicing in: Labor Law - Management

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    Key Harrington Barnes PC

    Contact Information

    3710 Rawlins Street, Suite 950
    Dallas, TX 75219
    Phone: 214-615-7925




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