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K&L Gates LLP delivers legal services on an integrated and global basis, with approximately 2,000 lawyers in offices across five continents. Positioned at strategic intersections of the global economy, K&L Gates has one of the largest contingents of lawyers and offices across the United States of any law firm and a strong local presence in key capital cities and world commercial and financial centers. The firm’s extensive latticework of lawyers, practices, and offices - including approximately 300 lawyers in Europe’s largest economies and the largest presence in the Asia Pacific region of any U.S.-based fully integrated global firm - creates a worldwide network to serve clients’ growing international needs. Our lawyers remain committed to counseling clients on their most sophisticated legal challenges in all areas of corporate, regulatory law, and litigation.

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K&L Gates Center
210 Sixth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-2613
Phone: 412-355-6500
46 offices in 17 countries

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Brian S. Montag Brian S. Montag K&L Gates
Practicing in: Environmental Law, Administrative / Regulatory Law
Practicing in: Environmental Law, Administrative / Regulatory Law

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    "Top-Listed" State Awards
    "Top-Listed" in Alaska in Land Use and Zoning Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Alaska in Municipal Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in District of Columbia in Mutual Funds Law with 9 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in North Carolina in Leveraged Buyouts and Private Equity Law with 6 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Pennsylvania in Insurance Law with 10 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Pennsylvania in Bet-the-Company Litigation with 6 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" Metro Awards
    "Top-Listed" in Anchorage, Alaska in Land Use and Zoning Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Anchorage, Alaska in Municipal Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Washington, District of Columbia in Mutual Funds Law with 9 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Charlotte, North Carolina in Leveraged Buyouts and Private Equity Law with 5 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Morrisville, North Carolina in Health Care Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in Construction Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in Insurance Law with 10 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in Environmental Law with 3 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in Securities / Capital Markets Law with 3 lawyers.

    "Top-Listed" State Awards
    "Top-Listed" in Alaska in Land Use and Zoning Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Alaska in Municipal Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in District of Columbia in Mutual Funds Law with 9 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in North Carolina in Leveraged Buyouts and Private Equity Law with 6 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Pennsylvania in Insurance Law with 10 lawyers.


    K&L Gates represents leading global corporations, growth and middle-market companies, capital markets participants, and entrepreneurs in every major industry group as well as public sector entities, educational institutions, philanthropic organizations, and individuals. In addition, the firm is a leader in legal issues relating to industries critical to the economies of both the developed and developing worlds - technology, manufacturing, energy, transportation, telecommunications, financial services and life sciences, among others. For a list of representative clients, please visit the firm’s website at

    Client Comments

    "Mr. Hogewood is a subject matter expert. He is good, responsive, and knowledgeable. He is eager to look for a solution."
    "Alan is one of the true deans of securities regulation. His years of experience as a senior SEC official and private practice attorney make him an invaluable resource. He is a lawyer who can answer my questions without generating an expensive research project staffed by multiple associates. His expertise is wide-ranging across several disciplines. He is a pleasure to work with."
    "Alan is always very responsive and is able to tap into the right resources within his firm. He also has the ability to take complex situations and summarize them in a concise manner. He is a pleasure to work with."
    "Amy Williams is a good business partner. She is knowledgeable, well respected in the bar, and effective in resolving disputes."
    "Amy is a fantastic lawyer. She is very good at what she does. She is very responsive and professional, and she consistently gets good results for us. I would recommend her to anyone looking for counsel in North Carolina."
    "Tony LaRocco is an outstanding attorney. He has the highest legal and communication skills and ethics. He is highly regarded by judges and other attorneys as well."
    - Richard H. Albert
    Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
    "I have worked with Tony La Rocco for almost twenty years. I would say he is a personal friend of mine. Tony is Catholic and knows clearly the Bishop's stand on all issues. He works very hard to defend the Bishop and the Diocese and to defend us in a way where we he is defending the catholic belief. Tony is responsive to our requests. He returns calls immediately and follows through on legal matters as quickly as possible. Tony is our legal representative in the firm. Tony knows his level of expertise and when the expertise required is beyond his, he uses other professional legal help from the firm. Tony is highly respected by judges and other attorneys, not only in his firm but within his field. He is very professional, very soft spoken, and very persistent in arguing for a resolution. He is very fair to clients, especially with sexual abuse cases that we handled in our diocese, and is very sensitive to the Diocese of Metuchen with settlements. "
    - Thomas Toolan
    Diocese of Metuchen
    "Mr. Anthony La Rocco is a lawyer's lawyer. He is caring of his client's needs, including time frames, and always offers his solutions from a very practical point of view, keeping cost considerations in the forefront. Additionally, Mr. La Rocco can marshal the full resources of his firm (on a world-wide basis), as required, in order to provide his clients with the necessary expertise in any given instance."
    "Art Delibert and his team are highly responsive, proactive when needed, and can always be counted on to give us what we need when we need it."
    - Tom Seip
    Independent Trustees of the Neuberger Berman Funds
    "Bailey Patrick, Jr. of K&L Gates LLP gets the highest recommendation one can possibly give for his knowledge and experience in land use and zoning law, his effectiveness in handling cases, and his personal character and integrity. He is held in the highest esteem by everyone in this community. My company has used Bailey on numerous complicated zoning matters over the past 20 years. In each instance, Bailey has represented us zealously within the bounds of the law with great success. It is indeed a pleasure for me to be able to strongly recommend Bailey to anyone considering hiring a land use & zoning law attorney."
    - Thomas Coyle
    Childress Klein Properties
    "Bart Freedman is very effective in navigating the difficult political issues surrounding tribal communities."
    - Andrew Stemp
    Ilisagvik College
    "Brendan McDonnell of K&L Gates has been our "go to" attorney for our Private Equity transactions for the last 10 years. His experience, both technical and practical, is a key value driver for our firm."
    - Geoffrey Bland
    Wedbush Capital Partners LP
    "I have worked with Brian extensively for over six-seven years on permit and environmental issues of wind projects totaling approximately 500 MW (over one billion dollars). He is an absolutely superb lawyer and I could not recommend him more highly."
    - Gary Hardke
    Cannon Power Corporation
    "Brian is always responsive and efficient. If he does not have the expertise necessary, he finds it. He is thoughtful and wise."
    - Teresa Silcox Torrey
    The Williams Company
    "Charles Dale has been our contact with K&L Gates. He has provided extremely valuable, thoughtful, effective, and economical advice on numerous bankruptcy and distressed situations. I believe he has by now advised us on at least ten different matters over the years. We have always been very impressed and pleased with his services. He is especially helpful in thinking through when to pursue legal action, and when to avoid doing so. We anticipate having him handle as much of our work in this area as possible on an ongoing basis."
    - Jim Goodman
    Gemini Investors
    "I am a multiple user of Chad Dale's services, and my regard only grows. He is first rate, and his cut-to-the-chase advice is geared towards results."
    - Thomas Powell
    Tatum LLC
    "We work with several top law firms in various disciplines and over time have come to use Mr. Dale as our "go-to" bankruptcy counsel, whether it be for acquiring a company out of bankruptcy or seeking advice for one of our portfolio companies. Mr. Dale is quick on his feet, decisive, and offers very practical business advice in a timely manner. In every scenario we've discussed with him, he's had specific, relevant experience and context from which to offer his advice and the pros and cons of a given situation. He is always available, responds quickly, and does not need extensive research projects to come up with his answers or advice. We have received numerous compliments about Mr. Dale from other parties involved in a few different situations we've worked with him on. Mr. Dale will continue to be our attorney of choice in any situations related to his areas of expertise."
    - Matthew Keis
    Gemini Investors
    "I recommend Mr. Dale without reservation. As a business reorganization and bankruptcy lawyer, he brings a silver lining to often difficult situations. He is intelligent, communicative, and highly professional, and always manages to make you feel as though you have his undivided attention. His guidance has proved invaluable to our business and I would not hesitate to seek his counsel again."
    - Kim Birks
    Shreve, Crump and Low
    "Chad is very well regarded at our firm and a top choice for bankruptcy counsel. We've found him to be very thoughtful and technically strong, but he also brings an understanding of business issues and a perspective on what is important. He's helped us navigate through technical issues where other lawyers may get bogged down with the details. "
    "Charles Dale is very responsive and personable. He has put together a great team. He is a pleasure to deal with, and I feel very confident that he has got my best interests in mind while handling my matters."
    "Chad has been great to work with across multiple transactions. He is deal-smart, thoughtful, careful, effective, and always available. He never lets his ego get in the way of a transaction, and works tirelessly on behalf of the client. On a personal level, he is a pleasure to work with; he doesn't let the pressure overwhelm him, and finds a way to keep a sense of humor throughout the deal. We have been through some easy transactions as well as some difficult ones together, and Chad has always been able to maintain a clear focus on the objective, never allowing the situation to spiral out of control."
    "Charles Purcell is an excellent tax attorney. He has a broad technical tax knowledge base and great business judgment. This powerful combination allows him to understand his client's goals and navigate the various tradeoffs in negotiating acquisitions, divestitures, and joint ventures. Charles also has the depth of knowledge and experience to help his clients rethink the way they do business, balancing tax efficiency and business effectiveness, as clients restructure their operations and engage in general tax planning."
    - Nick Pavelich
    Laird Norton
    "We have always found Mr. Strauss to be a professional, business-oriented attorney who has always been responsive to our needs. His ability to balance the business needs of his client with expert and timely legal advice has been an integral part of our company's growth."
    - Benjamin Hulburt
    Rex Energy
    "Charles Strauss is a superior lawyer with special expertise in M&A and corporate securities offerings. He brings a practical orientation to legal problems and knows how to manage his firm's resources to address a host of cross-disciplinary legal problems, both during transactions and in day-to-day operations. He is of the highest ethical character and never fails to deliver excellent service and results."
    - Daniel Churay
    YRC Worldwide Inc.
    "I have worked with Charles for more than 10 years in a variety of in-house counsel roles. He is knowledgeable and experienced in the transactional arena and is a great negotiator. Charles organizes projects well at the outset, focuses on issues, staffs projects efficiently to ensure timeliness and cost-effectiveness, keeps everyone on track with "gentle reminders", and makes sure the loose ends are tied up post-closing. In other words, he delivers a great project to his client. Additionally, Charles is always professional and is a pleasure to work with and funny."
    - Suzanne Thomas
    Houston Texans / McNair Group
    "The management relationship Charles Strauss has provided over the past ten years has proved to be invaluable to the variable cost model of an in-house legal department in terms of responsiveness, expertise, and collaboration."
    "I would trust Charles Strauss with any corporate law matter, from a minor project to a "bet-the-company" type of transaction. I have worked with Charles for several years and he has always provided a high level of expertise, responsiveness, and client service. One of Charles's greatest strengths is his attention to detail -- if Charles is involved with the transaction, nothing will slip through the cracks."
    "Summit is "the" startup law firm. They are the entrepreneur's choice because they are practical, and have worked with hundreds of successful startups."
    - Henry Albrecht
    Limeade, Inc.
    "Charlie possesses a unique blend of lawyer and general business acumen that provides real value to Powerit. He is very responsive, timely, and a great communicator. Charlie also provides good common sense, which is of great value to us, and has provided us with a perspective that we seek when involving key executive, strategic, and Board level matters."
    "Christine is one of the most knowledgeable and responsive lawyers I have ever worked with. She was invaluable in assisting my company during due diligence and an eventual asset acquisition."
    "CJ Voss has provided valuable counsel when representing our clients and when representing me as a former operator. He has a balanced approach that mitigates complication, time, and cost. He is well-versed in the range of complexities in diverse transactions and quick to bring in expertise in those areas where appropriate. He is an effective negotiator and has great drafting skills. CJ and Stoel Rives have been great partners to have on a deal team."
    - Randall Miles
    Meridian Capital LLC
    "Christopher Carletti is highly responsive, and gives comprehensive legal advice. He has excellent judgment. He aggressively protects our interests, yet still always works toward win-win solutions. He adds value to our business. He tells us what we need to know, not just what we want to hear."
    - Robert Buote
    Watermark Estate Management Services
    "We have worked with Chris Carletti for over 12 years and have appreciated his involvement and support in our growth. He has been a strong advocate in deals and provided clarity in complex transactions. Although we are a small client in their firm, his responsiveness and attention to our needs has always made us feel that we are a top tier client. I have no hesitation in providing Mr. Carletti with my highest recommendation."
    - Douglas Spears
    Merril Gardens LLC
    "Craig Trueblood is an excellent attorney and we have found him responsive, knowledgeable, and cost effective in his support of the City of Spokane's water-quality related matters and litigation."
    "Craig Trueblood has represented our municipal wastewater utility for many years. He is very responsive and diligent in all regards. A seasoned attorney, Mr. Trueblood brings a career of experience to all matters. Creativity and problem-solving are added strengths. His billing practices are fair, reasonable, and entirely transparent, a critical skill in difficult economic times. Craig Trueblood is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend him."
    "Craig is an excellent communicator as well as skilled legal practitioner, advocate, and strategist who regularly demonstrates his ability to grasp complex problems, identify the key open issues, and effectively communicate with both internal and external constituencies to achieve a favorable result for his clients."
    - Michael Hoffman
    Riverstone Residential Group
    "Craig is an excellent person as well as skilled counselor and team leader. He is incredibly intelligent, articulate, as well as pragmatic in his analysis and approach to a legal problem. Craig is very client focused and goes to great lengths to ensure that his clients and law firm are in a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship."
    - Michael Hoffman
    Riverstone Residential Group
    "Craig Budner is an outstanding lawyer who can grasp complex legal and business problems, assisting in the creation of novel and cost-effective business solutions."
    - Lynn Moore
    Tyler Technologies
    "Mr. Budner is a very astute litigator who always keeps his clients' objectives in the forefront. He is a cost-effective leader of his litigation team."
    - Steve Turoff
    The Renaissance Consulting Group, Inc.
    "Craig Budner is a top lawyer with expertise in multiple areas. He understands client goals and the impact of litigation on business. He is focused on client-driven results."
    "Craig Budner is an all-star business lawyer who gets the strategy right up front and communicates it with senior leadership in an effective way."
    "Cynthia is an exceptional attorney who applies her inherent intellect, her considerable knowledge developed through years of experience, and her razor sharp wit in her public finance practice. She allows you to meet and exceed your goals in a seemingly effortless manner that continually informs, protects, confides, and implements."
    - Deven Mitchell
    State of Alaska, Department of Revenue
    "Cynthia is an extremely competent and knowledgeable attorney that can guide your entity through the public finance legal maze."
    - Deven Mitchell
    State of Alaska, Department of Revenue
    "Cynthia Weed's varied and vast experience allows her to provide expert advice on virtually any matter in municipal bonds. She has been a trusted resource for many years."
    "David Bateman is the best in class for Internet security issues, including spam, internet fraud, phishing, hacking, etc."
    "Dave Franchina is by far the best environmental attorney I have ever worked with. His attention to detail is unparalleled. He has an excellent reputation with governmental and regulatory authorities. He is able to communicate extremely complicated legal and regulatory issues to his clients in a way that that is easy to understand."
    - Matt Browder
    Browder & Martin, LLC
    "David is an extremely capable environmental lawyer."
    "Dave Franchina has provided us crucial environmental support with difficult compliance related issues. Dave consistently provides the insight and understanding needed to develop a "team-oriented" solution. By that, I mean the solution addresses the regulatory agency's environmental concerns in harmony with our business realities."
    "David Wagner of K&L Gates' Raleigh, N.C. office has been, without question, the most responsive and effective real estate attorney I've had the pleasure to deal with during my 25 years in Commercial Office Leasing."
    - Don Shupe
    CB Richard Ellis Inc.
    "David Byer is the best IP lawyer I have ever encountered. He has a profound knowledge of IP across different industries."
    "David Tang has advised us for several years on matters related to business activities in China. He has an excellent understanding of our goals and gives thoughtful and thorough yet concise advice to help us achieve those goals. Our success in those areas is in no small part due to him."
    - Anne Canfield
    Vertex Pharmaceuticals
    "David is an exceptional attorney. He is extremely knowledgeable and responsive. It is a pleasure to work with David and his team."
    - Laurie Carter
    Juilliard School
    "David Tang is one of the wisest counselors possible for the type of firm I am building. His experience and skill set is tailor-made for our business, and he has been naturally helpful to us from the beginning, and throughout. No one understands the nuances of our business the way David can."
    - Chuck Hirsch
    "David Tang has solid knowledge and understanding of M&A in China. He gives frank and reliable advice."
    "David McDonald leads an excellent IP litigation practice at K&L Gates. He is on top of matters and strategy, and marshals the firm's vast resources efficiently for clients. If you have a patent case come in, you should talk to him. He will offer you useful strategic analysis and make a heck of a pitch for the work."
    - Liam Lavery
    Valve Corporation
    "David brings sound judgment and a wealth of experience. He is a pleasure to work with."
    - John Reagh
    Washington Research Foundation
    "David is a brilliant strategic thinker and very knowledgeable on intellectual property matters. He can marshal the resources of this very large firm to the specific needs of his client. He's an excellent counselor at litigation strategy."
    "David is focused on client service -- he is responsive, proactive, and pragmatic, and always keeps me well informed on progress and status. He has a remarkable capacity to dig into the details, while not losing sight of the big picture. David is also a terrific case team manager, making sure his colleagues stay on task and don't stray onto side paths or spin their wheels. I particularly appreciate his sensitivity to cost, budgeting, and achieving cost savings."
    "David is a very effective and responsive lawyer. He has a high level of expertise and is attentive to client needs around both quality and cost effectiveness."
    "For complex real estate transactions, Diane Stokke is the reason I have shifted much of my city's outside legal work to K&L Gates. She is expert and precise when creating workable transaction documents that move the project to closing while thoroughly protecting their client's interest."
    - Tom Brubaker
    City of Kent
    "Diane Stokke has a keen eye for detail and thoroughness with complex real estate transactions. You can rely on her to protect her clients' interests, without a doubt."
    "Don Kiel is a consummate insurance law practitioner and tenacious advocate for corporate clients seeking redress from carriers who may be initially reluctant to honor the terms of the policies issued to their insureds. He is our "go to" guy on all insurance matters in the U.S., and has never failed to secure a successful outcome for our constituent companies. "
    - Jack Adler
    Pentax of America Inc.
    "Don Kiel is top notch. Our company could not think more highly of him than we do. He is aggressive, polished, and knowlegeable. I would hire him for any coverage issue, even if outside of his normal jurisdiction. He is timely, effective, clear, and very persuasive. We have had great results. "
    "Liz has a very strong understanding of the WA EFSEC process and is effective in clarifying complex issues and moving them through the process. We are very pleased with the support that we have received from Liz and would recommend her to other developers."
    - tom Krueger
    Energy Northwest
    "Manny is a superior legal adviser and he has helped to guide the development of the strategic relationship between the firm and our organization. He has a well reasoned approach to meet the challenges of international business in the current economic and political environment. He is a gifted and trusted adviser and partner."
    "I have dealt with Eric Freedman consistently over the last eight years and have always found him to be knowledgeable, practical, and business-oriented. I would happily recommend him (and his colleagues at K&L Gates) to my best friends and family. He is just that good to deal with!"
    - B. Kathryn Chisholm
    Capital Power Corporation
    "Eric Freedman has excellent client service and is very good at keeping us informed of current trends in the market and industry. He is always available and responsive and I know that I will be able to reach Mr. Freedman if needed. This gives me great comfort and allows me to do my job and deliver on expectations, making my business development clients happy. "
    "Eric Freedman is responsive, flexible, and very efficient. Throughout the scope of his representation, costs were kept well in control and well within budget -- important facts for a municipality in these challenging economic circumstances. He is a wonderful attorney with strong communication, negotiation, and client-counseling expertise. I highly recommend Attorney Freedman and would retain him again the in future."
    "Gene Pridgen is the most professional, knowledgeable, insightful, responsive and helpful attorney with whom I have ever worked during my 47 year career. I highly recommend him."
    - G. Alex Bernhardt, Sr.
    Bernhardt Industries, Inc.
    "Gene Pridgen is the most professional, knowledgeable, insightful, responsive, and helpful attorney with whom I have ever worked in my 45 work years. I can highly recommend him and his firm, particularly his lawyers in Charlotte, whom I know best."
    - G. Alex Bernhardt, Sr.
    Bernhardt Industries, Inc.
    "Frank Politano is very responsive. His fees are very fair in light of work performed. He gives excellent counsel as to issues and solutions. We have a number of startup companies and have used Frank exclusively on these matters."
    - Joan Papadakis
    Presidential Suites
    "We have requested over 20 trademarks in various businesses through Frank Politano. Each has presented various challenges. We have been successful thanks to his guidance."
    - Joan Papadakis
    Presidential Suites
    "Frank Politano is an excellent lawyer with a keen interest in commercial matters and experience of working in-house. He brings business acumen to the table."
    "Frank Politano is knowledgeable, responsive, and practical in advice and the drafting of documents. He has a pleasant personality, too."
    "G. Scott Greenburg is a pro in every aspect. He is a smart negotiator and is invaluable to my business"
    - Ryan Black
    Sambazon Inc
    "Gary Kocher is the best corporate lawyer I have had the opportunity to work with. He is personable, competent, and proactive with his advice. He is a pleasure to work with."
    "Gerald Novack is very responsive. He has the impressive ability to grasp the intricacies of the key elements required to run the businesses he is defending, and to use that data to develop complex but realistic strategies. He is a great tactician."
    - Mike Winget
    Astra Oil Trading NV
    "Jerry Novack has been a truly remarkable resource for both my company and myself over the past few years. His depth of knowledge, experience in litigation, responsiveness, and understanding of our business needs are outstanding. I can always rely on Jerry to be two steps ahead of the competition when he is involved in our court cases. He genuinely cares about his clients and utilizes all resources to supply the best support possible. His clear and concise communications allow us to arrive at the necessary legal conclusions for our company without any wasted effort. Jerry epitomizes what every company should strive for having as their legal representative."
    "Grace Yuan is an outstanding asset to the legal team and K&L Gates. She has extensive experience, understands how to work in legislative processes, provides outstanding advice, and gets results. She is considered one of the leaders in education policy and law, and is respected by all constituencies. I cannot stress how effective Grace Yuan is for our organization."
    "Holly Towle is a very well-informed and detail-oriented attorney in the area of technology information and financial/payment card systems. Her professional expertise and thoroughness are combined with a delightful and easy going personality. "
    "I have enjoyed working with Jared Mobley on several M&A transactions and have found him to be very responsive to my concerns and diligent in protecting the interests of my company."
    "John Allison has a deep and broad expertise. He is confident enough to admit what he doesn't know and will access others at K & L for matters that aren't in his wheel-house. Mr. Allison is available 24/7 and will run through walls for our firm. He is very detail oriented but at the same time very pragmatic in his approach. In addition, he is very efficient and cost effective."
    "John Howell is the best lawyer a company or individual can have for representation."
    - Joe Hogan
    Alsbridge Inc.
    "The K&L Gates practice group has proven to have a superior value-to-cost ratio, and the cost-effectiveness may be credited to the firm for setting reasonable rates; however, the efficiency of John Howell as our lead partner was critical in driving this value. We have worked with John on several major transactions and we know the exceptional quality he brings to client representation in IT outsourcing. The major lesson from last year's law firm review is that this quality also comes at a great value."
    "John Howell has excelled in IT outsourcing since the field was invented, and thus his depth and breadth of experience literally cannot be matched. He sets the gold standard of client service."
    "John Howell at K&L Gates has truly unmatched expertise, delivers solid value for the money, and provides amazingly responsive service."
    "John Sullivan is a tremendous attorney. He is very effective and a pleasure to work with in complex litigation matters."
    "Under tight budget constraints, John Culver and his team prepared comprehensive and persuasive briefs in a complex and contentious multi-jurisdiction bankruptcy case. He strategically deployed limited resources for maximum effect and worked diligently to keep us apprised of developments and involved us in key directional aspects of the case. We have enjoyed great work at cost effective rates."
    - Trey Hanbury
    Sprint Nextel Communications
    "A lawyer's lawyer, John is a person who gets things done for his clients above all else."
    "Jack Erskine is very knowledgeable and well connected at the Texas Capitol. I would recommend him, or any of his staff, to any company or association that does business in Texas or is seeking to do business in Texas."
    - Brian Hawthorne
    Texas Private Security Bureau - Texas Department of Public Safety
    "My comments in references to Jack Erskine are solely in government relation interactions. Mr. Erskine and his staff in government relations were selected to represent our interests because the practice is balanced in working with both political parties. In addition, Jack has surrounded himself with staff knowledgeable in procurement, budget and the regulatory process. Jack is extremely knowledgeable of the legislative process and provides strategies to help us accomplish our legislative objectives."
    "Honesty, integrity, and unique ability to dissect complex matters best describe Jack. He commands the highest level of respect amongst his peers and is well known throughout the legislative body."
    "Mr. Erskine is one of the most knowledgeable, skillful, strategic, and well-connected government affairs experts in Texas. Everyone who is anyone in Austin's capitol building knows him and greets him warmly by his first name."
    "John has the ability to get to the heart of any matter, no matter how difficult. He is tireless, knowledgeable, practical, and extraordinarily professional and cordial to opposing counsel. John has accomplished a dozen success stories in extremely complex and bitterly contested matters. John is my first choice for real estate zoning and litigation matters -- hands down."
    "John Erwin is extremely wise, in both knowledge of Health Care and Corporate Law (and areas outside but relevant to those), and in identifying significant and potentially significant issues and developing creative solutions. He always keeps an eye on finding (or accepting) the right solution presented in the right manner, and is not focused on being "right" or "winning.""
    - Donald Von Hagen
    Laboratory Corporation of America
    "John Erwin and K&L Gates is a trusted advisor."
    "I have worked with many very fine lawyers. John Rotunno may be the finest among them. John is smart, creative, and incredibly hard-working. He communicates clearly with both lawyers and business people, and understands how the matters he has been engaged to work on fit into the business. John is a hands-on lawyer -- if you hire him, you get him with appropriate delegation, not abandonment. He will represent you zealously, and with unfailing civility. John is my first choice, every time."
    - Janet Olsen
    Artisan Partners Limited Partnership
    "He is the best attorney I have ever worked with. In any matter he handles, John Rotunno rolls up his sleeves and digs in deep."
    "Joe is an exceptional attorney who brings both legal expertise and pragmatic insights to complex matters. In addition to his legal and technical knowledge, Joe has provided business and strategic perspectives that have helped to shape more effective solutions and corporate strategies. His mastery of bankruptcy law is complemented by the ability to develop and evaluate options and clearly communicate the essence of the factual, legal and business issues to corporate executives. Joe defines professionalism and is a true gentleman. I would highly recommend Joe and his entire team at Kennedy Covington."
    - Edward Schuth
    Lance, Inc.
    "Joe is our group's "go-to" attorney on restructuring and bankruptcy matters. He has been instrumental in helping us to achieve great outcomes in some difficult restructuring situations. While he has the complete skill set, traits that distinguish Joe include creativity and excellent communication and negotiation skills. Most of all Joe is great to work with because of his exceptional personal qualities."
    - Neal Morrison
    Wachovia Capital Partners
    "Joe has phenomenal insight, but is also eminently practical. When it comes to bankruptcy, insolvency and/or collection issues, including deal structuring, there is none better. The more difficult and challenging the problem, the more Joe shines."
    "Kent is a great lawyer and a phenomenal manager. He knows the right counsel to put on the correct project at the appropriate time. He is a key trusted adviser in whom I have great faith."
    - Joe Freddoso
    "I am a lawyer and have worked with quite a number of lawyers. She is the best that I have seen in her field."
    - Joseph French
    Joe French & Associates
    "Kim Askew is a super lawyer."
    - Joseph French
    Joe French & Associates
    "Larry Patent has clear and strong expertise on the law of derivatives/futures. His advice is practical and to the point. He is a pleasure to work with and is well connected from an industry standpoint in an area of the law that is clearly evolving due to newly enacted Dodd Frank legislation."
    "Margaret Inouye is a great lawyer."
    - Jeff Christianson
    F5 Networks Inc.
    "Margaret Inouye is an outstanding lawyer. She combines legal expertise with a practical approach to getting the best results for her clients. We trust her with a variety of complex and sensitive corporate matters and are confident in her representation of our company."
    - Robert Hille
    Laird Norton Tyee
    "Margaret promptly and personably serves her clients, offering to them a rare combination of deep expertise and practical business awareness."
    "Margaret Inouye is an excellent lawyer who has the gift of practicality. She brings expertise to her clients and their issues while helping them keep the big picture and end goal in mind."
    "Martin has been our personal and corporate/tax counsel for over a quarter of a century. He has buttressed our company, staff, and efforts with creative, sound, and successful advice in business, law, tax, and corporate governance. Martin is one of the pillars that support our company. We could not be where we are without his help and valuable assistance. "
    - Raul Herrero
    Ralco International, Inc.
    "Martin Allen has done a phenomenal job for my company in many ways. His in-depth knowledge of tax and corporate law and his creative business sense are valued at every level of the organization. He is able to create and implement incredibly complex structures and strategies while maintaining focus on our corporate goals. There are a couple of things I truly appreciate when I work with Martin (things that are not often present in other outside counsel). First, Martin partners very well with our project teams, which include deal counsel we use from other firms. For instance, Martin has been our tax counsel on several transactions that were handled by another law firm. Difficult to have happen smoothly, and yet the fact that more than one firm is involved is almost invisible due, in large part, to Martin's team-oriented attitude. Something else I value is Martin's ability to make these complex matters understandable; his elegant use of language permits the layman to understand and appreciate the structure of the deal while still providing a useful record/summary for the tax planner and attorney. "
    "Martin Allen is a brilliant practitioner. He provides practical solutions and clearly written explanations of the most complex tax matters. He is the best."
    "Mary Beth Johnston, who leads K&L Gates' Health Care team, is an incredible, intelligent, knowledgeable, skilled attorney -- not just in health care, but in any area of the law in which you have a question. Mary Beth is one of the finest attorneys that I have ever had the fortune of knowing and working with."
    - Lou Patalano
    Cape Fear Valley Health System
    "Mary Beth Johnston is one of the many attorneys that I have had the privilege of working with over the years. She is one of the most intelligent, skilled, knowledgeable, kinds, client-focused and caring attorneys I know. Mary Beth has a diverse knowledge base that covers numerous legal specialties, and I would absolutely recommend her."
    - Lou Patalano
    Cape Fear Valley Health System
    "Mary Beth Johnston is excellent to work with. She is our "go-to" person for all our healthcare legal questions. She is always available to offer sound and practical advice on healthcare issues."
    - Bernadette Spong
    Rex Healthcare
    "Of the many attorneys that I have had the opportunity to work with, Mary Beth Johnston is one of the finest and sharpest attorneys that I know. Clearly, Mary Beth is intelligent, but she is also uniquely skilled in working with her clients to find proactive legal solutions. Not only is she a subject matter expert in health care law, Mary Beth also offers diverse expertise in many other areas of the law, i.e., HR, business, financial, etc. I would highly recommend Mary Beth."
    "Mike Ricciuti is meticulously attentive to detail, extraordinarily talented, remarkably insightful, and exemplary in his legal representation. He is impressively effective, and I was actually proud to have worked with him and have the benefits of his services. Among other lawyers, in an adversarial context, Mike particularly stands out with his superior ability to understand not only his own side's position but also the sides of all interested parties, and communicate that as effectively as a client could want."
    - Van Krikorian
    Global Gold Corp.
    "Mike Ricciuti is meticulously attentive to detail, extraordinarily talented, remarkably insightful, and exemplary in his legal representation. He is impressively effective, and I was actually proud to have worked with him and have the benefits of his services. Among other lawyers, in an adversarial context, Mike particularly stands out with his superior ability to understand not only his own side's position but also the sides of all interested parties, and communicate that as effectively as a client could want."
    - Van Krikorian
    Global Gold Corp.
    "Mike is an outstanding lawyer to have in your corner. "
    - Tom Lammert
    National Real Estate Information Services
    "Mike Ricciuti is very good to work with -- always responsive with helpful, practical advice and counsel."
    - James Line
    Sacramento Employees Retirement System
    "Mike is the most exceptional lawyer I have ever seen in action -- and I have seen many. No one works harder or prepares more. He is quick to see the issues and creative in his analysis. He is particularly exceptional in court. He has a masterful command of all the facts and his presentation is thoughtful, articulate and convincing."
    "If you have an easy case, do not call Mike Ricciuti. Mr. Ricciuti is a type of lawyer that solves serious problems. His ability to break down a case and make sense of it in a short period of time is amazing. You can tell he worked on prosecuting cases and defending cases. He has an incredible ability to triage a case and get the best results possible when time is a factor. You can never go wrong with this lawyer."
    "Michael DeMarco represents the highest level of professionalism and litigation experience in the country. He is unusually committed, determined to help his client while remaining faithful to his duties as a lawyer, and continually exhibiting native and acquired instinctual skills that are rare and invaluable to a client. Especially when confronted with a less than scrupulous adversary, Michael DeMarco is a principled champion of first choice."
    - Van Krikorian
    Global Gold Corp.
    "Mike was always very knowledgeable in his area of expertise and was very responsive to a multitude of issues that came up in a cross-border jurisdictional case. While I had not met Mike prior to engaging K&L Gates, I came to trust his judgment and analysis of the issues presented. He is an extremely effective lawyer and a pleasure to work with."
    - Clint Lofman
    Hudson Advisors
    "Mike does a terrific job in analyzing 40 Act issues and counseling appropriate responses. His team is also highly skilled, and their areas of expertise range from tax to banking law. I would highly recommend Mike Caccese and his team from K&L Gates to others."
    "I have been working with Mike for several years now. He is very knowledgeable and often offers practical solutions. He is personable and responsive."
    "I have used Michael Greco as an arbitrator in the past and I would recommend him. He is also an exceptionally nice person."
    - Daniel Dain
    Brennan, Dain, Le Ray, Wiest, Torpy & Garner, P.C.
    "Mr. Greco is a true gentleman and a pleasure to appear before. He treats everyone with the utmost respect and runs a fair proceeding. He weighs through the evidence and does a good job sorting out complex factual scenarios. I do recommend him for complex cases."
    - Daniel Dain
    Brennan, Dain, Le Ray, Wiest, Torpy & Garner, P.C.
    "Patrick has been a tremendous resource for our firm as a skilled strategist who understands both the complex and day-to-day issues that arise in our business. He readily shares his expertise in an effective, amiable manner that is highly effective and appreciated."
    - Mari Anderson
    McKinstry Co.
    "Peter is a terrific real estate lawyer. He is very knowledgeable. He's excellent at drafting real estate documents or real estate related provisions in other transaction agreements. He is very good at problem solving and a terrific team player who gets along great not only with the client but with the "other side" too. He is incredibly responsive to boot."
    - George Dwight II
    Duke Energy Corporation
    "Counselor McLean III is one of the brightest real estate law practitioners I've experienced in my 35 years in the business. He is just excellent and cares deeply about his clients and doing the right thing. In our experience, most of individuals with the real estate and environmental teams for KLG are generally this way. I know of no other real estate attorney that I would trust as implicitly as I do Peter, he is just excellent."
    - Addison Causey
    Bank of America Corp.
    "Peter is exceptionally responsive to my company as a client. He works well with both me as in-house counsel and my business clients. His calm manner works well in all settings and puts his clients at ease. We appreciate his "solution-oriented" approach."
    "Philip Van Der Weele is an extremely knowledgeable, highly intelligent, and easy to speak to attorney."
    - John Cody
    "I have been working with Phil Van Der Weele from K&L Gates LLP for over 10 years. Phil is a "can do", "pro business" attorney who always finds the legal way to support the business and facilitate transactions in the most professional, effective, and straight forward way. Phil is blessed with the unique talent to thoroughly analyze complex legal/business matters and transform them into clear, simple, and easy-to-implement guidelines. His vast antitrust law knowledge and real-life legal (and litigation) experience are impressive. Phil is always accessible and he timely responds to all inquiries. His professionalism provides his clients with the comfort that they can focus on the business while Phil will take care of the rest. I highly recommend Phil and know his clients won't regret leaving their most important matters in his skillful hands."
    - Ariela Dvorkis
    Motorola, Inc.
    "Phil Vanderweele in K&L Gates' antitrust practice provides a depth of advice that is valuable as in-house counsel as well as offering business guidance as much as legal analysis. His approachable demeanor in adversarial situations is especially appreciated."
    - Spencer W. Leese
    WaferTech LLC
    "I have had the pleasure of working with Phil for several years. Phil is an expert in his field who also has that rare ability to explain complex legal issues to non-legal audiences. "
    - Angela Morrill
    "Phil's experience, candor, and intelligence make him a trustworthy partner analyzing antitrust issues. He communicates capably to boil complex issues down to simple decisions. He takes professionalism seriously, which is a valuable commodity practicing in the Northwest."
    "Phil Vanderweele strikes the right balance as an advocate and an advisor, using his experience to both resolve and educate us on our legal matters. His integrity and professionalism make him a pleasure to work with (especially when confronting a difficult opponent) and easy to trust. Phil also regularly takes the time to speak to young lawyers in our community. "
    "Raleigh Shoemaker is an extremely competent advisor and trusted counselor who truly knows our business. He listens, asks the right questions, and provides practical answers and alternatives to the complex legal issues of our business."
    - Harry Emerson
    The Springs Company
    "We have relied on Raleigh Shoemaker and his team at K&L Gates for over 25 years. With his intimate knowledge of our family and complex businesses, and his remarkable responsiveness, he essentially functions as though he were our in-house general counsel. Such is perhaps the highest compliment we can pay him."
    - William Taylor
    The Springs Company
    "Raleigh Shoemaker is an exceptional practitioner. He has deep technical expertise, but applies it to a practical situation in an artful way. He has exceptional communication skills with clients. Additionally, he has tremendous partnership skills with other advisors. "
    "Robert Wittie is a Jedi master. He is highly detailed and has an extraordinary intellect."
    - Steven Adelkoff
    Shariah Capital LLC
    "Bob Zutz is one of the very best in the investment company/mutual fund area. He is knowledgeable, practical, well-connected to current developments, and very responsive. It is hard to imagine a client could do better than have Bob as his counselor or advocate."
    - J. Michael Parish
    Forum Funds
    "Bob Zutz combines an astonishing knowledge of 40 Act law with razor-sharp analytical skills and a superb focus on client service. It is a delight to work with him and with others at K&L Gates."
    - James Poterba
    TIAA-CREF Funds
    "Robert Zutz is outstanding in every way. He is incredibly knowledgeable, focused and current. Mr. Zutz is one of the very best."
    "Rosemary Alito is a powerful advocate and formidable opponent who is admired by her peers and the judiciary."
    - Kevin Gildea
    Franklin Credit Management
    "Roy H. Michaux, Jr. is the attorney you hope you will engage but seldom do. His professionalism, knowledge, communications, and court appearances are flawless. He has represented me in a truly outstanding fashion, and he has achieved the results we both expected. Mr. Michaux could easily be the model in a case study for aspiring attorneys."
    - Peter Drez
    "Sean has been an instrumental part of our outside legal team. He assisted us in taking the company public and in several following acquisitions. He is also extremely adept in his interpretations of the ever-changing SEC laws."
    - Eric Pike
    Pike Electric Corporation
    "Attorney Stanley Ragalevsky masterfully combines unparalleled talent and experience with an extremely practical approach to achieve desired outcomes. Simply put, he is the most effective attorney I have ever worked with."
    - Paul Falvey
    Holbrook Co-Operative Bank
    "Stan is truly an outstanding lawyer. He provides valuable information about the banking industry to his clients. I value the advice and counsel provided by Stan."
    - James Lively
    Bridgewater Savings Bank
    "Stephan is a seasoned professional who understands his clients."
    - Karl Swanson
    Washington Business Services
    "Stephan Coonrod is widely considered one of the elite M&A attorneys in the Pacific Northwest as a result of his extensive experience, superior client service, and mix of legal and business judgment."
    - Mark D. Working
    Zachary Scott & Co.
    "Stephan is one of the best M&A attorneys in the Pacific Northwest. He is extremely quick to understand a situation; is able to explain complex concepts and issues to clients; and is able to incorporate business judgment in the resolution of difficult issues. He works very well with clients and other professionals on the team."
    "From M&A transactions to strategic planning, Stephan Coonrod is skilled in many aspects of Corporate Law. Yet, it is his personal involvement that truly makes the difference in the expertise that he brings to the table. Because he works with companies ranging from start-ups to billion dollar firms, he can often see the things that are coming up on the horizon for you and your firm before you do."
    "Steve Topetzes has broad expertise in broker-dealer regulatory matters. He provides very cost-effective services. Steve relates well to business clients, and he maintains excellent relationships with regulators."
    - Jeffrey Holik
    PNC Financial Services Group
    "Stephen Topetzes is highly experienced, very responsive to my needs, very careful and thorough. Additionally, he is attentive to costs."
    "Steve has represented Carousel Capital, my previous firm, and me personally for over 25 years. I respect his expertise and trust his judgment. He is consistent in his advice and has a tremendous work ethic. He is a valuable partner to our business."
    - Nelson Schwab III
    Carousel Capital Partners
    "Steve Rhyne is the consummate professional. He has exceptional knowledge and experience, as well as outstanding people skills. He has assisted Carousel Capital grow for the past 15 years. We appreciate all he has done for us."
    - Nelson Schwab III
    Carousel Capital Partners
    "Steve listens to clients and expertly evaluates alternative strategies. He performs tasks dependably, and he is a pleasure to work with."
    - Brian Goray
    GreenHawk Corporation
    "Mr. McCrae has helped our company on Real Estate and other matters for decades. Over the course of that relationship he has proven himself to be exceptionally knowledgeable, honest, and dependable. I have personally found him to be extremely timely in our communications and always careful to ensure that he is clear and thorough. His reputation for professionalism has earned him a very high standing in the local legal and business communities. I would recommend Steve McCrae without hesitation to anyone needing legal help or advice on a real estate matter."
    - Dehler Hart
    Springland Inc.
    "Steve has a great understanding of the law, and his considerable experience has proven invaluable. We have worked closely with Steve for over 10 years from everything from tenant leases to a complex annexation, rezoning, and development agreements covering thousands of acres. Steve and K&L Gates keep even the most complex issues on track and have broad experience to know and advise clients on the critical, key issues."
    - James Traynor
    Clear Springs Development Company
    "Steve McCrae assisted us with complex real estate transactions that were critical for the success of our project. His responsiveness and professionalism during these transactions will insure we remain a long-term client."
    "Steven Kowal is hands-on and organized."
    - David Lim
    Phillippine Airlines
    "Steven Kowal is an excellent, excellent lawyer."
    "Mr. Kowal epitomizes the professional lawyer with his integrity, knowledge, and critical thinking abilities. Mr. Kowal should be on every short list for public or private executives seeking an A-list white-collar criminal defense attorney. For the more complex matters, Mr. Kowal stands without peer with his intellectual capabilities and his vast experience with issues ranging from antitrust to garden-variety mail-fraud -- capabilities and experience that go well-beyond table-pounding and media PR. Unlike his competitors, Mr. Kowal puts aside his own ego and provides the best advice and defense through careful planning, development, and execution of the proper strategy to achieve the best results. From writing motions to arguing in front of judges or juries, Mr. Kowal is not only the best criminal defense lawyer I have worked with, he is the best lawyer I have ever seen or experienced first-hand. I highly recommend Steven Kowal as a Best Lawyer."
    "While in-house counsel at two pharmaceutical companies, we retained Steve to handle a number of serious investigations. Steve has a wonderful style that is appreciated, not only by the lawyers on the team, but also the business clients who received updates and a final report from Steve. Steve is incredibly intelligent. He also is thorough and practical in his approach. He is top-notch in his field and I highly recommend Steve for the most serious matters."
    "Suzanne Thomas is the consummate professional. She is highly skilled, very responsive, and a pleasant person to work with on tough cases. She has achieved excellent results for companies I've worked for over the years. I recommend Suzanne without any reservation."
    - Eric Baker
    Starbucks Corp.
    "Suzanne Thomas is the best employment lawyer in Seattle."
    - Jeff Christianson
    F5 Networks Inc.
    "Suzanne Thomas is an outstanding attorney who balances the client requests with a healthy dose of reality and discipline around negotiations."
    - Thomas Nielson
    "Suzanne Thomas has consistently excellent work. She provides prompt and thorough responses to client queries; she has an excellent grasp of what the client really needs."
    "Rick is a very responsive and expert attorney. He is quick yet thoughtful. He is also flexible in documenting various structures, which is important since our firm makes structured debt and equity investments."
    - Scott E. Chappell
    BIA Digital Partners LP
    "Rick is awesome. He takes the time to thoroughly understand the issue at hand. He is completely focused on the best resolution as appropriate. He will also bring in additional people when appropriate to ensure the broadest expertise is brought to bear. He personally has a very broad background which enables him to have detailed discussions that can impact strategic level decisions. Rick has a very good business personality and is a true pleasure to work with."
    "I find Rick Giovannelli and his team to be very thoughtful and responsive."
    "I have worked on real estate matters from coast to coast with dozens of attorneys at several firms, and Tom Homburger stands out, not only due to his expertise and responsiveness, but his proactive yet diplomatic approach to enforcing lender's rights and remedies. Tom is also quick to understand our objectives and adapt to the specifics of each matter. Especially in the current commercial real estate market environment, these qualities both help me do my job more effectively and make Tom a pleasure to work with."
    - Jacob Baron
    Ing Clarion Capital
    "Tom is a seasoned finance professional. I appreciate our interaction and his counsel."
    "Thomas Homburger is a very attentive and responsive lawyer with an international perspective."
    "Timothy Pierce is an outstanding trial lawyer who can be counted on to deliver unexpectedly good results, even in the most hostile jurisdictions and under the most challenging circumstances. His courtroom skills and ability to influence juries are first rate, and when it comes to strategy, he always makes the right call."
    "As in-house counsel, it is our job to find outside lawyers who not only are licensed to appear in courts where we can't, but who also add intellectual value. Tim Pierce, in addition to being a skilled trial attorney, contributes an enormous amount of intellectual capital to any construction-related litigation."
    "Vince Avallone is one of the finest labor and employment lawyers I have ever worked with. His recommendations are always pragmatic; he is incredibly responsive and very conscious of costs. He possesses exceptional litigation skills. I would strongly recommend him to trusted friends and colleagues."
    - Joseph Fox, Esq.
    Celanese Corporation
    "Bill Holmes is one of the country's top energy lawyers. He is cost effective and easy to work with. He knows his stuff."
    "Bill Holmes is one of the best renewable energy attorneys in the country."
    "Mr. Hogewood is a subject matter expert. He is good, responsive, and knowledgeable. He is eager to look for a solution."
    "Alan is one of the true deans of securities regulation. His years of experience as a senior SEC official and private practice attorney make him an invaluable resource. He is a lawyer who can answer my questions without generating an expensive research project staffed by multiple associates. His expertise is wide-ranging across several disciplines. He is a pleasure to work with."
    "Alan is always very responsive and is able to tap into the right resources within his firm. He also has the ability to take complex situations and summarize them in a concise manner. He is a pleasure to work with."
    "Amy Williams is a good business partner. She is knowledgeable, well respected in the bar, and effective in resolving disputes."

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