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Frost Brown Todd is a full-service law firm serving some of America’s top corporations and emerging companies. With attorneys regularly identified by clients, peers and industry organizations as leaders in their practice areas, the firm advises and protects clients in business transactions and litigation in many industries, including insurance, financial services, manufacturing, real estate, construction, energy and health care. More than 500 attorneys in 12 offices in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia provide unparalleled service to meet clients’ needs; deliver the insights and solutions available only from a diverse group of professionals; and support the communities in which they operate. To learn more, visit  

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Terrence L. Brookie Terrence L. Brookie Frost Brown Todd LLC
Practicing in: Construction Law | Commercial Litigation | Litigation - Construction
Practicing in: Construction Law | Commercial Litigation | Litigation - Construction
Alan S. Brown Alan S. Brown Frost Brown Todd LLC
Practicing in: Commercial Litigation
Practicing in: Commercial Litigation
Robert L. Hartley Robert L. Hartley Frost Brown Todd LLC
Practicing in: Commercial Litigation
Practicing in: Commercial Litigation
Jeffrey A. Hokanson Jeffrey A. Hokanson Frost Brown Todd LLC
Practicing in: Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization Law | Commercial Litigation | Litigation - Bankruptcy
Practicing in: Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization Law | Commercial Litigation | Litigation - Bankruptcy
William T. Robinson III William T. Robinson III Frost Brown Todd LLC
Practicing in: Appellate Practice | Appellate Practice | Commercial Litigation | Commercial Litigation | Personal Injury Litigation - Defendants | Personal Injury Litigation - Defendants
Practicing in: Appellate Practice | Appellate Practice | Commercial Litigation | Commercial Litigation | Personal Injury Litigation - Defendants | Personal Injury Litigation - Defendants

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    "Top-Listed" State Awards
    "Top-Listed" in Indiana in Construction Law with 3 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Indiana in Personal Injury Litigation - Defendants with 6 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Kentucky in Mass Tort Litigation / Class Actions - Defendants with 5 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Kentucky in Corporate Governance Law with 3 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Kentucky in Labor Law - Management with 7 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Kentucky in Private Funds / Hedge Funds Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Kentucky in Corporate Law with 12 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Kentucky in Mergers and Acquisitions Law with 7 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Kentucky in Securities Regulation with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Ohio in Media Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" Metro Awards
    "Top-Listed" in Florence, Kentucky with 5 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in West Chester, Ohio with 5 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Indianapolis, Indiana in Construction Law with 3 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Indianapolis, Indiana in Personal Injury Litigation - Defendants with 6 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Louisville, Kentucky in Mass Tort Litigation / Class Actions - Defendants with 4 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Louisville, Kentucky in Labor Law - Management with 6 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Louisville, Kentucky in Litigation and Controversy - Tax with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Louisville, Kentucky in Environmental Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Louisville, Kentucky in Securities Regulation with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Louisville, Kentucky in Corporate Governance Law with 3 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Louisville, Kentucky in Private Funds / Hedge Funds Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Cincinnati, Ohio in Media Law with 2 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Cincinnati, Ohio in Real Estate Law with 8 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Cincinnati, Ohio in Construction Law with 3 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Cincinnati, Ohio in Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization Law with 4 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Cincinnati, Ohio in Environmental Law with 5 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Cincinnati, Ohio in Litigation - Environmental with 5 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Cincinnati, Ohio in Employment Law - Management with 6 lawyers.

    "Top-Listed" State Awards
    "Top-Listed" in Indiana in Construction Law with 3 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Indiana in Personal Injury Litigation - Defendants with 6 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Kentucky in Mass Tort Litigation / Class Actions - Defendants with 5 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Kentucky in Corporate Governance Law with 3 lawyers.
    "Top-Listed" in Kentucky in Labor Law - Management with 7 lawyers.

    Client Comments

    "Adam Hall is an outstanding commercial litigator who provides a very effective and very cost-effective service. He listens well to the client to tailor the scope of his services to what the client wants."
    - David Horn
    AK Steel Corporation
    "Adam Hall is an outstanding commercial litigator who provides both very effective and very cost-effective service."
    "Adam has a great analytical mind and provides outstanding client service. He is as diligent and hardworking as they come."
    "Mr. Hines is an exceptional lawyer in terms of technical knowledge, dedication to clients, effectiveness, and responsiveness. He has become our most reliable legal partner around our real estate structured finance business."
    "Christopher Habel uses a pragmatic approach to complex regulatory and litigation matters, using experience and an engineering background to identify viable alternatives and solutions. "
    "Patton Pelfrey is not just a labor attorney but a friend to the corporation on all employee matters. He is very responsive. He listens first and then assists us with our needs."
    - William Corum
    Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives
    "Mr. Pelfrey has been an outstanding resource for our labor and legal matters since we engaged Pat when we purchased two nursing facilities in northwest Ohio that had union representation. Pat guided our way through a unique provision in labor law which resulted in us not recognizing these union contracts, but fulfilling our obligation to meet with the union. Shortly thereafter, both facility union employees filed decertification petitions and were both successful by very wide margins. Pat has been most gracious in all matters as he has serviced Trilogy Health Service in a number of ongoing matters. Pat is very accessible and prompt in returning calls when requested. I know of only a couple of attorneys with Pat's skill and knowledge of labor matters. Without hesitation, I would recommend Pat to any other clients who may be in need of effective labor counsel."
    - Philip Caldwell
    Trilogy Health Services, LLC
    "Patton Pelfrey without question has a very positive response time with and we have had excellent results."
    - William Corum
    Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives
    "I have known Mr. Pelfrey since 1998 when he represented our company on labor relations issues in our Kentucky facility. His excellent service and support was the catalyst to engage Mr. Pelfrey on all of our U.S. labor and employee relations matters including union organizing, collective bargaining, grievance arbitrations, plant closures, restructuring, and all legal compliance issues. In addition to his guidance on strategy and tactics for complex issues, he also ensures we receive appropriate education, thus saving us legal costs for the future. Mr. Pelfrey has gone above and beyond by providing service on weekends and even during his vacation time. I continue to be impressed with his practical guidance, problem solving, and business acumen."
    - Edward Faultless
    "In addition to the excellent legal advice, we also found Pat and his colleagues willing to educate our team on the nuances of specific legal issues and/or processes. With this additional expertise and service we could minimize our legal expenses over the long term as we internalized the expertise. In my experience, Pat also provides practical guidance on strategy and tactics in order to make efficient business decisions, not just win at all costs. That said, we did not lose a labor arbitration in the decade plus period that Pat represented Nexans Energy USA Inc. and Nexans Magnet Wire USA Inc. While Pat is based in Louisville, KY I always had support from our business leaders to fly Pat to represent us at hearings in other jurisdictions. Pat always has delivered fantastic service, even when he should have been on vacation."
    "Scott is a very knowledgeable Construction Law attorney who does a super job handling and growing the relationship between his firm and my company."
    - Todd Wilkowski
    Baker Concrete Construction, Inc.
    "Scott Gurney is a great relationship attorney who is also very knowledgeable in construction law. He really appreciates the value of partnering with inside counsel and ensuring they receive value added services."
    - Todd Wilkowski
    Baker Concrete Construction, Inc.
    "I worked with Scott on one mediation and one arbitration. Both had positive outcomes for us. Scott worked with us on both cases. I have found him to be very knowledgeable regarding construction, which is a tremendous help. He also has hired some other attorneys who work in his department and have engineering degrees, along with the law degree. I find his team hard to beat."
    - Todd Kelchenr
    Kelchner Excavating
    "I've found Scott to have a very good general knowledge of all aspects of construction law. There has not been a situation that I have given him where he couldn't provide expert advice. He not only provides this expert advice, but he is able to also provide guidance. He anticipates the effect of any given action and works with me to choose the proper direction to take, always taking into account the cost impact of that direction. In summary, Scott is excellent at listening, analyzing, and recommending options, while being mindful of the associated cost. What more could you ask from your lawyer? "
    - Philip Neumann
    Universal Contracting Corporation
    "Scott truly provides strategies that assist our business plan. We are able to "think tank", if you will, through an issue and develop multiple action plans in order to create resolution. Scott has a refreshing personality with a get-the-job-done kind of action. "
    - Tim L. Turton
    Coppage Construction Co.
    "I have worked with Dan Novakov in the tax/estate group for several years. He is an excellent attorney and is prompt to respond. Dan is genuine and can be trusted as a person of character."
    - Bruce Ruggles
    U.S. Trust - Bank of America, N.A.
    "David is one of the most adept problem solvers I have had the pleasure to work with over the years. What others may view as an insurmountable hurdle, David views as an opportunity to apply all that he has learned as an excellent public law attorney."
    - Timothy Offtermatt
    A.G. Edwards & Sons
    "David is a highly responsive and trusted advisor. He is always motivated in solving problems and finding creative solutions. I would highly recommend him."
    "Mr. Rogers possesses a unique quality which allows him to establish and maintain a comfortable working relationship with his clients by instilling a confidence in the quality and timeliness of his work product."
    "David has an exceptional ability to match the litigation strategies and tactics employed to the client's particular goals. His knowledge of employment law and his litigation skills are superior. His dedication to and understanding of the client's specific needs set him apart from most lawyers with whom I have worked."
    - William Andrews
    Regent Title Insurance Agency, LLC
    "For four years, David and his partners were my primary labor and employment lawyers. David is a gem. He has the right balance of aggressive litigator and steady counselor, which is precisely what you need in labor and employment cases. He is well prepared, unafraid to be honest, and I always felt like he "had my back." He is the kind of lawyer with whom you immediately feel comfortable."
    "Debbie is a top-caliber attorney. Her advice is always supported by a well thought out and understandable explanation. She takes a conservative approach in her work, which meshes well with our comfort level. I would not hesitate to recommend Debbie to another colleague."
    "Don Crain is who all young lawyers should try to emulate. His legal skills are surpassed by his interpersonal skills. He not only gives sound legal advice, but communicates in a way that is easy to understand. He is always timely in his response and does what is in my best interest, rather than his own. I enthusiastically refer Don Crain to my friends and business associates every chance I get."
    - George Lang
    West Chester Township
    "Don is a well-respected lawyer in the community. He provided well-reasoned and common sense responses to difficult questions. He is an asset to my organization."
    "Donald Crain knows labor law backwards and forwards and practices it with total professionalism with both clients and labor groups. He is always well prepared and well versed and is the epitome of a strategist. His major lifetime unique experiences in both personal and business arenas have given him a perspective not many in his field can draw from."
    "Douglas Lutz is practical, responsive, and just plain smart."
    "Edward M. King - or Ted - is easily the best and brightest attorney I've ever worked with during my 25 year tenure in commercial lending with JPMorgan Chase. Ted's remarkable responsiveness and dedication, combined with his extensive knowledge and experience in Finance and Bankruptcy Law have made Ted King JPMorgan Chase's counsel of choice in most large restructurings in our region. Ted's dedication, attention to detail, and perseverance are noteworthy, and one of his many distinctive competencies includes his ability to provide consistently creative and valuable ideas and suggestions to ensure our bank achieves the best possible outcome. Ted has served as lead counsel roles for committees, debtors, secured creditors, or purchasers in several of our largest regional chapter 11 cases. Ted has also represented regional and money center banks in out-of-court restructurings, including several large potential chapter 11 cases. Ted's extensive community involvement includes the Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) a program he organized to make presentations to over 2,000 high school seniors in Jefferson County, KY high schools. Ted's also been very involved with the American Board of Certification, the only organization that certifies business bankruptcy lawyers."
    - Gay Ellison
    JP Morgan Chase
    "I can't say enough good things about Grant. He epitomizes what a commercial litigator should be. The keys to success in commercial litigation are "preparation, preparation, and preparation." No one is better prepared, whether for a hearing, a deposition or for trial, than Grant. He's also great at getting back to the client and he is one heck of a nice guy. He proves that civility is not only not an impediment to success in litigation, but a quality that significantly contributes to its achievement."
    - Mark Delevie
    SK Capital Management
    "In my experience working with Grant Cowan, I have found Grant to be an effective communicator who responds timely to issues and requests. He also clearly demonstrates the ability to get to the heart of the legal matter and focus on the real legal issue rather than deal with extraneous matters related to an issue."
    - Thomas Pappas
    The Sheakley Group
    "Convergys is a global company and we engage outside counsel throughout the world. I can say without hesitation that Grant is by far my preferred provider of legal services. I actually look forward to needing his services at 4 p.m. on a Friday because I know that he will be in his office, that he will work all weekend, and that the work product will be exactly what I need. I also engage his services for more long-term assignments, including fraud investigations and non-compete litigation. Again, I am always impressed by his responsiveness, his immediate grasp of the issues, and his thought leadership in assessing risk and offering creative solutions to mitigate risk. His trial work is excellent. For all these reasons, he is truly one of the best lawyers in America."
    - Claudia Cline
    Convergys Corporation
    "Jeff Rush has worked on the OMNOVA account since the early 2000 time period. Jeff has been invaluable over the years and OMNOVA has completed numerous refinancings. With Jeff's knowledge of the product and company those efforts has been a success. I would highly recommend Jeff."
    - Chet Fox
    OMNOVA Solutions, Inc.
    "Jeff Rush is very efficient. He is quick to respond, has a deal-making mindset, and exudes a level of comfort that makes it easy for anyone to work with him."
    "Jeff Rush is the preferred lending lawyer for the largest banks in Cincinnati. Jeff and his associates represent the bank on 90% of my (and my colleagues') transactions. Jeff has more experience than 99% of the lawyers in the market place. This leads to reasonable hours billed. Jeff is the requested lender counsel by most of my clients because he has worked with them on many deals so he understands their corporate structure and loans. If I have questions about complex structures or something I have not seen before, Jeff is my go-to guy."
    "Mr. McMurray has represented our company on numerous real estate development projects with environmental issues over the course of the last 10 years, and he always delivers the highest quality representation. He is very thorough in his analysis, and efficiently crafts solutions that are practical and reasonable. Mr. McMurray is in great demand by a number of clients, yet always manages to deliver outstanding service by meeting the time-sensitive needs of each of his clients."
    - Bryan Blade
    Anchor Properties, Inc.
    "Kim Mauer is the reason the Cincinnati Development Fund works with Frost Brown Todd. She is organized, efficient, knowledgeable, responsive, and knows real estate finance law thoroughly. Through our work with Kim we have developed relationships with other partners and associates, primarily with expertise in New Markets Tax Credit law, an area in which FBT has been a national leader since the program was introduced."
    - Jeanne Golliher
    Cincinnati Development Fund
    "I have worked with Kim Mauer for over 14 years and have always been impressed by her professionalism and attention to detail. She has been engaged to handle complex real estate matters and has completed those assignments quite effectively. Kim is well respected by her peers in the legal community and she is quite active in our community when it comes to her support of civic and charitable organizations."
    - Kurt Reiber
    KeyBank, National Association
    "Kim Mauer is the finest commercial attorney with whom I have had the opportunity to work. She is not only extremely knowledgeable and seasoned, but also very responsive and practical. She anticipates issues and directs your attention to those. Her foresight has helped me avoid any number of difficult situations. She also fully explains and illustrates with examples the various legal issues attendant to our transactions, which permits me to strike a business balance in my decision making."
    - Stephen Schatteman
    U.S. Bank
    "Kim is one of the most thorough and efficient attorneys with whom I have ever worked. She understands the business needs of creditors, and works to arrive at mutually beneficial solutions that protect the bank while balancing the needs of the corporate customer."
    "As a Chief Credit Officer in commercial banking, I have worked with many attorneys. Kim Mauer is by far the "best" attorney in negotiating, preparing, and structuring complex commercial credit facilities for the bank; she also takes a sincere interest in advising the bank on both credit and non-credit issues. As a Chief Credit Officer, I have complete faith in her counsel, and, as I have told my fellow bankers, I want Kim Mauer on my side of the table when I am negotiating a complex and difficult credit transaction. Kim is a real asset to the legal profession, and I would highly recommend her both as an attorney and as a person. "
    "Mark F. Sommer has represented my company in a number of tax controversies. He has been able to settle issues with taxing authorities using a common sense and efficient approach. This has saved the taxing authorities and me time and effort by avoiding further efforts in prosecuting issues. I would particularly recommend Mark for Kentucky income and non-income tax issues. His staff is also very helpful. "
    "I have worked with Mark Sommer since I moved to Lexington in 1996. Mark has represented Lexmark on several matters and always brings the highest level of professionalism, deep knowledge of KY law, and his many contacts to get the best answer on each issue. I have also worked with Mark on tax policy issues through the KY Chamber of Commerce, and Mark willingly brings his deep understanding of KY law to help promote a better business tax environment in the state."
    "What comes to mind when I think of Mark Sommer is great advice in a strong teaming environment with our internal tax group. Ashland, Inc. has been using Mark Sommer for many years, and he has helped us resolve numerous issues."
    "Mark Sommer has outstanding tax expertise combined with exceptional client service."
    "Mark F. Sommer has represented Fifth Third Bank in a number of tax related matters before the Kentucky Department of Revenue and the Kentucky Department of Transportation. He has brought extensive experience and outstanding technical skills to each of these engagements and has a well-grounded understanding of the regulatory environment in Kentucky. Equally if not more important he has broad and deep personal relationships with many key individuals within the various Cabinets and those relationships have proven invaluable in fashioning favorable outcomes for his client."
    "In my work with Mekesha, she has been responsive and interested in solving the legal problem in front of her. She is a smart, practical, and skilled communicator who is well-suited to advocate for her client's position."
    - Bill Ford
    Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
    "Not only is Reid Lemasters an excellent attorney with vast knowledge of Real Estate Law, he is also a caring and personable man who engages in his profession with integrity."
    "John McCall is tenacious and thorough. His contract terms are an impregnable fortress. He is a great commercial and energy lawyer."
    - John McCall
    Frost Brown Todd
    "Pat is one of the top transactional attorneys I have encountered in my 16 years of practicing law in the context of complex, sophisticated transactions. He is meticulous and thorough, and he ensures that clients consider the important ramifications of the language selections in agreements. Pat is also effective in a way that a number of top attorneys are not. He can communicate effectively with people at all levels of the organization. This ensures that we do not have a misunderstanding or lapse, which can very easily occur when attorneys do not communicate effectively. Pat has been an invaluable resource to E.ON U.S. over the years, and we consider him to be an irreplaceable member of the team in managing certain areas of our legal work. I would highly recommend Pat for inclusion in the Best Lawyers list. "
    - Steven Phillips
    E.ON U.S. LLC
    "I have known Patrick for over 20 years, both from working with him and as a client. His knowledge of corporate law, especially as it pertains to transactions, is superb. He relates well with all individuals, and is a pleasure with whom to work. Many times our projects are on short timetables, requiring long hours to result in quick turnarounds, and he is always up to the task and responsive. He is willing to explain a complicated transaction to the client in a way that is easily understood. Patrick is a genuinely good person, honest and a top-notch attorney. We have complete confidence in his decisions and enjoy a good working relationship with him."
    - Cheryl Johnson
    E.ON U.S. LLC
    "Pat communicates issues to his client very well and offers well-reasoned solutions to issues. He has a very good understanding of the objectives we are trying to achieve and is very helpful in getting us there."
    - Dan Arbough
    East On U.S.
    "Patrick Northam is an outstanding corporate attorney with considerable experience in the areas of mergers, securities, energy, and general business law. He clearly qualifies as one of the leading lawyers in Kentucky in his field. He has represented my company for approximately 15 years."
    - John McCall
    Frost Brown Todd
    "I cannot begin to express in words my admiration and respect for the work Mr. Northam has done on behalf of Trinity Coal Company. Over the past 30 months, he has handled acquisition transactions in excess of $180mm on our behalf, and his attention to detail exceeded all expectations. His ability to quickly grasp the terms and conditions of the transaction, and then craft the documents concurrent with the high level of due diligence has been amazing. He is tireless, as each of these transactions was on a very tight schedule, requiring long hours. Pat's attention to the details and his ability to communicate and resolve open issues are two more examples of his outstanding attributes. I believe it goes without saying that Pat, if not the best, is one of the best attorneys I have ever worked with on acquisitions in my 30-year career. "
    - Jeff Hoops
    Trinity Coal Company
    "Mr. Northam is an experienced transactional attorney capable of successfully handling complex matters. He is an effective negotiator and is easy to work with. He has excellent written and verbal communications skills and superb analytical skills. He is effective in managing multi-disciplinary teams necessary for successful negotiation of complex transactions. He consistently provides legal services in a timely manner and makes every effort to accommodate the unique needs of his client."
    - Robert Ehrler
    E.ON U.S. LLC
    "Mr. Northam is a pleasure to work with. He focuses on the important details; he delivers high-quality work in a timely manner, provides sound legal advice, and listens to the issues and needs of the client. In addition to working well with the client, he is an effective advocate for the client's interests with third parties."
    - David Sinclair
    E.ON U.S. LLC
    "I've worked with Pat on many transactions over the last nine years. Pat is very diligent and thorough in his work. In addition, he always responds quickly while providing sound legal advice. Pat is clear and persuasive in his communications and is an effective listener as well."
    - Thomas DePaull
    EON-U.S. Services Inc.
    "Pat is an incredibly thorough attorney who does a super job balancing business objectives and legal doctrine. As the business person, I rest well knowing Pat is negotiating and papering our position such that all potential risks are vetted to an eliminated or minimized level. He is clearly client-need-minded with great professional and social demeanor."
    - Paul Thompson
    E.ON U.S. LLC
    "Pat is extremely diligent and works hard to fully understand his clients' business needs. He excels at analyzing complex issues and developing thoughtful solutions. Pat has been a valued contributor to our success in a broad range of commercial matters."
    "Mr. Northam has an extraordinary ability to bring the largest and most complex transactions to closing, while seeing that every detail has been addressed. His dedication to client goals is unquestionable."
    "Pat is a superb transactional lawyer in whom we have a high level of confidence. He is sophisticated; he sees the big picture but focuses on details. He is responsive and has a sound knowledge of the business implications of his recommendations. Pat is practical, and excellent at anticipating potential problem areas and drafting against them."
    "Pat is a partner in solving business challenges. He can balance legal vs. business issues to help achieve value-added solutions. He has a strong work ethic and client orientation. I value his opinion and appreciate his approach to finding solutions rather than only finding obstacles. This "can do" approach always adds value."
    "Patrick Northam is one of the most thorough and down-to-earth commercial attorneys I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Pat has consistently given us a quality agreement that is to the benefit of our Company, while considering the needs of all parties involved. He has a knack of making the complex less so."
    "Phillip Schworer has expertise in working with the state of Kentucky and N.C. was critical on reestablishing a relationship that had declined. His face to face negotiation skills are excellent. His knowledge of environmental testing is very good based on personal background."
    "I have worked with Mr. Cleary on a variety of labor and employment issues for over a decade. He is a skilled negotiator in collective bargaining and a superior litigator before the NLRB, the courts, and in appellate work. His briefs are always clear and right on the mark. He has a gift for instantly recalling case names and decisions, as well as detailed facts of cases he is handling. He is very intelligent, straightforward, honest, and cost conscious. He has never missed a deadline and is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him."
    - Cynthia Beauchamp
    U-Haul International
    "Richard Cleary is extremely bright, capable, and responsive. He is one of the best outside counsel that I have ever worked with. He has represented every company for which I have worked throughout my career due to his fabulous expertise and representation."
    - Barbara Sellinger
    Wyndham Worldwide, Inc.
    "I have had the honor of working with Rich Cleary on multiple labor negotiations and other labor/management issues. During my 20 years in human resources, I have never met an attorney or any other professional with more class or expertise than Rich. Rich is an exceptional attorney, but that is not what makes him different from others like him. His trust, integrity, and ability to communicate at all levels of management and genuine concern and respect for all individuals are only a few of the traits that set him apart. As an attorney, he represents his firm and clients with a passion and he is well respected by both sides of the table. His ability to understand situations, prepare himself and witnesses, and present our position is truly exceptional. Rich truly is one of the best."
    - Timothy Williams
    Noranda Aluminum Inc.
    "Richard is a gifted practitioner who is servant oriented and professional at all times. He is an attorney who commands the respect of the most influential members of the community, but possesses the humility to effectively interact with the least known members of society. He is the genuine article who always delivers the goods."
    "Scott Brown is one of the first lawyers I turn to when I have a need for consultation on insurance litigation. He is well informed and offers many practical solutions."
    - Robert Bernens
    CORE Risk Services
    "Scott Brown is well thought out. He creates a prompt decision or advice, while taking into consideration my best interest. I would recommend Scott Brown as an expert in Construction Law."
    - Glenn Wauligman
    Performance Construction
    "Looking out for the "little guy" - that's what Scott does every time he represents our Company. He treats us with the same vigor as his big corporate clients. His professionalism, character, and determination are beyond reproach. Scott doesn't pretend to know everything about our industry; but somehow, he always asks the right questions and eventually develops the most appropriate course of legal action. As a small business owner, in an industry plagued with legal time bombs, it's comforting to know that Scott is in our corner and representing us on many different levels. He is undoubtedly one of the best attorneys I have ever worked with. "
    - Peter Schulteis
    Global Underwriters, Inc
    "I have worked with Scott Brown of Frost Brown and Todd on multiple litigation matters of varying degrees of complexity over the last four years. In each case, Scott and I have worked very closely together to develop a strategy that best suited the facts and circumstances of the case and I have been very pleased with the sound advice I have received from Scott, the careful and thoughtful approach Scott takes to development of a litigation strategy, and his ability to consider and recommend changes to that strategy as the litigation goes forward. I have especially enjoyed the interaction between Scott, his colleagues at Frost Brown & Todd, and me in working towards favorable outcomes in each of these cases. It is most valuable to me when outside counsel that I retain take the time to learn how our business works, how market dynamics influence us, and how the particular issues in play in a litigation matter have been impacted by those factors. We are particularly impressed with these aspects of Scott's practice. "
    - Danlias Howe
    Universal American
    "Mr. Brown is very knowledgeable; he is clear and concise in his oral and written communications. He is very prompt to respond and provide status reports. Mr. Brown is a pleasure to work with."
    "Scott has distinguished himself in handling negotiations and litigation for our firm in all ways. He is thorough and insightful in his analysis, concise and clear in his writing, and articulate at the table or in court - and all of this with a keen practical and legal perspective. He is never evasive or vague; he is always tenacious and professional. He has been an outstanding advocate. "
    "Mr. Samuels was of inmeasurable help in dealing with a state environmental agency problem that could have put my company out of business. His knowledge of the law, his ability to get the cooperation of the state regulatory authorities, and his creativity in crafting a workable solution was outstanding. Mr. Samuels is a capable and results oriented attorney that I recommend without reservation."
    - John Sayle
    The Hall China Company
    "Mr. Steve Samuels is extremely thorough and organized, very articulate, and has a very credible presence in all aspects of the Environmental field. His opinions and recommendations are direct, concise, and provide the client with understandable and realistic views of the issues and possible outcomes."
    - Donald Rector, P.E.
    Southwest Licking Community Water and Sewer District
    "Steve Samuels has represented our interests especially in regard to environmental issues. He is extremely knowledgeable, attentive, honest ,and personable. He gets results! I would strongly endorse Stephen Samuels to other potential clients and consider him one of the best lawyers with whom I've been associated."
    - Bob Weiler
    The Robert Weiler Company
    "I have known Steve Samuels for over 15 years. He is an excellent attorney in the environmental and water/wastewater fields. I go to Steve with a wide variety of issues and projects, and recommend many of our clients to him. Steve is always looking out for the client by resolving matters rather than prolonging matters. He is easy to work with, very responsive, and timely, which makes for happy clients. Whenever any matter comes up with permitting, federal and state regulations, water/sewer agreements, and other water/sewer issues, Steve is the one attorney who will address the matter timely and effectively to the benefit of the client. I highly recommend Steve Samuels to anyone seeking assistance in these areas."
    - Kerry Hogan
    URS Corporation
    "We have worked with Mr. Samuels for a number of years through dealing with a variety of issues. Mr. Samuels brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. He provides us with various options and discusses potential consequences of our decisions in a clear and precise manner. Any questions we have raised, he has promptly provided us with guidance and options. I would highly recommend Mr. Samuels to anyone."
    - Donald Sherman
    Fairfield County Utilities
    "Stephen Samuels is very knowledgeable and responsive to his clients. He manages complex situations and is a good strategist."
    "Stephen Samuels is very knowledgeable and responsive. He understands not only the law, but also adds value because of an ability and desire to understand the subject matter. He uses the firm's support in other areas of the law judiciously."
    "Steve is not only very competent in his area of expertise, but he is one of the most practical attorneys that I know. Excellent choice to be included on your list."
    "Steven Wesloh is an experienced Environmental Law attorney who consistently provides valuable representation and generates a high quality work product. He is a dependable and professional resource for our organization and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others."
    "Mr. Williams is a true professional. He is very bright and really knows his subject matter. He has been a huge help in union negotiations and also in the employment law area. I would highly recommend his firm as they are very responsive and knowledgeable."
    - Joseph Marotti
    Rubbermaid Home Products
    "Tom Williams is the best Labor Attorney that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I have brought him in to each company that I have been employed with. I have the utmost confidence is his advice and have never been found wrong on any issue when following his advice. He also has been very successful in assisting the company on items of concern, when his advice had not been followed and an issue occurred. His insight has been very, very valuable. I have been able to indicate the level of risk that the company is willing to take and he has given us proper guidance to ensure the protection of the company within those guidelines, especially when those guidelines change or become more flexible. I have worked with Tom Williams for over 25 years and would strongly recommend him to anyone. "
    - Carl Wolf
    Cardington Yutaka Technologies, Inc.
    "We have worked with Tim Hagerty on a number of environmental and regulatory matters. He is extremely thorough and knowledgeable. He does a great job keeping us up to date and responding timely to any questions or requests that we have. I would have no hesitation recommending him to others. "
    - Rebecca Gohmann
    Booth Energy (includes Cambrian Coal Corp.)
    "Mr. Martin has an "even keel" approach that assists what is usually a highly stressful rezoning environment. He clearly understands both the state and local legislation on zoning issues and has a very good rapport with the local officials. His work is thorough, timely, and well-written."
    "Warren Hoffman is a very quick study of facts and details of the deal. He does not try to renegotiate a deal, but makes sure you are protected. His experience allows you to discuss various aspects of a transaction with a comfort level of his expertise in the various areas of law. His honesty is uncompromised. His record of charitable work with Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital is a testament to his character and leadership abilities."
    - Tony Huff
    Floyd County Resources
    "I have worked on and off with Bill Hayes for 20 years, not only while at Scotts but also at other manufacturing companies in Ohio. Bill's expertise in air regulatory matters and his rapport with the Ohio EPA allow Bill to be an excellent representative of a company's position. Bill is great to work with, not only because of his knowledge of the law, but also because of his personality with his clients. Bill deserves any and all recognitions for jobs well done. "
    - Michael Black
    The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company
    "Bill is very knowledgeable and current on complex regulatory issues, such as New Source Review. He weighs all possible information before developing a cohesive strategy that will result in a positive client outcome. Most importantly, Bill is effective because of his composure, personal demeanor, and ability to create win-win scenarios."
    - Craig Schmeisser
    RMT, Inc.
    "Bill is outstanding to work with. He uniquely combines an in-depth knowledge of environmental regulations, and the statutes and case law behind them, with a practical, common-sense application to provide basic, easy-to-follow solutions to complex issues. His depth of experience on both sides of environmental compliance and enforcement make him an invaluable asset to us and our clients."
    - Jeff Slayback
    Environmental Quality Management, Inc.
    "Bill's technical expertise in environmental law is unsurpassed. He also is exceptionally responsive and client focused."
    - Robert Hust
    Honda of America Mfg., Inc.
    "I have the highest regard for Bill Hayes. Bill clearly explains in layman's language what our requirements are or are not in regards to the complicated regulations surrounding industry. Bill understands our company and gives timely responses to all inquiries. Bill keeps us informed when new regulations are passed which he feels may impact us. I would not hesitate to recommend Bill's expertise to any prospective client."
    "Mr. Hayes has assisted several companies I have worked with for over the last 10 years. He has brought his deep experience in federal and state requirements across the Midwest, his innate ability to gain consensus, and his high ethical standards to situations requiring frank and heartfelt negotiations. In each case, he brought the issue to a conclusion that upper management considered a success and materially benefited our bottom line."
    "Adam Hall is an outstanding commercial litigator who provides a very effective and very cost-effective service. He listens well to the client to tailor the scope of his services to what the client wants."
    - David Horn
    AK Steel Corporation
    "Adam Hall is an outstanding commercial litigator who provides both very effective and very cost-effective service."
    "Adam has a great analytical mind and provides outstanding client service. He is as diligent and hardworking as they come."
    "Mr. Hines is an exceptional lawyer in terms of technical knowledge, dedication to clients, effectiveness, and responsiveness. He has become our most reliable legal partner around our real estate structured finance business."

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