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The Value of Trial Experience

Pribanic & Pribanic

Pittsburgh’s Plaintiffs’ Product Liability Litigation 2015 "Lawyer of the Year" Victor Pribanic on his firm’s legacy of excellence

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Kevin J. Garber, Pittsburgh "Lawyer of the Year" - Environmental Law, 2015

by Maggie Burch

Shareholder and key member of the Energy and Natural Resources Practice Group of Babst Calland's Pittsburgh office Kevin Garber on cooperating across the bench.

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Small Publishers Face Uphill Battle

Derek C. Crownover

"The music industry is being rocked by the new age of digital media and distribution. "

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In The News 2015

Compiled by Best Lawyers

Notable news of listed lawyers in and around Pittsburgh, PA

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Lessons From Airbnb and Uber Privacy Incidents: Gaining Trust Through Privacy Compliance

Sophie Bradshaw

"The privacy of our personal information has, in many respects, become a commodity to be traded for goods and services: If you receive goods or services for free, it is you (or your personal information) that is the product. "

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If you give your product a catchy name, you best protect it with a trademark registration

Steven Z. Raber

Have you ever wondered why "Kleenex" is referred to as "Kleenex brand facial tissues" in commercials? Find out why in this article.

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Effective Inclement Weather Policies—Top 10 Factors to Consider

Diane M. Saunders

A properly planned inclement weather policy can help employers avoid safety issues that may arise during weather crises.

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The “Boomerang Employee” – Think Before Re-Hiring the “Comeback Kid”

Christine Thomlinson

Never heard the term "Boomerang Employee"? Find out what the term means in this article by Christine Thomlinson of Rubin Thomlinson.

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Taking Over the Taxes of the Deceased

Suzana Popovic-Montag

It has been said that nothing is certain in this world except death and taxes. This episode of Hull & Hull TV deals with both. Read the article below.

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Trusted Advocates

Malone Law

Respected trial attorneys Tommy and Adam Malone are committed to making a meaningful difference for their injured clients.

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Friends & Foes

Laura Standley

In January 2015, Best Lawyers spoke with legal malpractice powerhouses Charlotte Perrell and Christine Mast, two preeminent Atlanta attorneys who were named 2015 Best Lawyers “Lawyers of the Year” in legal malpractice law. Both women have spent two decades honing their skills in this complex and fascinating area of law. With Perrell on the plaintiff’s side and Mast on the defense, these formidable

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Ten Common Myths of Data Breach Mitigation and Response

Alicia Gilleskie

In 2014, Alicia Gilleskie debunked 10 common myths associated with data breaches.

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Teen Posing as Physician Raises Security Concerns for Healthcare Employers

Dee Anna D. Hays

This incident is a reminder to all healthcare employers about the security risk inherent in the industry.

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Five Aged Care Trends to Watch in 2015

Jonathan Farrer & Catherine Teo

The Australian aged care sector is experiencing a period of rapid change, with new regulatory reforms, evolving business models and breakneck consolidation in 2014.

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How to Handle Partners Who Are Bullies

Christopher R. Sackett

Dealing with a bully is not always an easy task. Christopher R. Sackett gives advice on how to handle having a bully as a partner.

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Pitfalls in Reviving an Unfinished Development Project

Philip M. Hastings

Picking up where someone left off on unfinished development projects has many different 'pitfalls'.

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