Richard Flitcroft

Comparative Advertising laws differ from country to country. It's best to know what is and isn't allowed in your country. Here is some advice on what to avoid when using comparative advertising in Australia.

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The IRR Ate My Capital! How IRR Hurdles in Real Estate JVs May Cannibalize Contributions Made After Promote Distributions

Daniel B. Guggenheim

"IRRs may seem simple and typical formulations in real estate ventures work as expected in many cases — but not in every case. It is important for investors in real estate ventures, and their counsel, to understand the nuances of IRRs to avoid surprises and ensure that the joint venture agreement includes appropriate provisions to achieve the desired economics."

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Worst Case Scenario

Brett Godfrey

Brett Godfrey details the events that took place when his airplane experienced double engine failure over mountainous terrain. He also describes the lessons that this experience taught him.

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A Difficult Year To Predict For Real Estate

Manuel Farach

There are multiple factors that are most likely responsible for the current hit-or-miss real estate market. Find out more about those potential factors.

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Are You Paying Your Summer Intern Correctly?

Susan Milner Parrott

As summer approaches, employers need to carefully review whether or not interns are being compensated correctly.

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The Tiring Terrain Of Insurance Contract Exhaustion

Scott M. Seaman

"Exhaustion is a fundamental requirement that generally is discussed in connection with excess insurance. "

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The Pros and Cons of Making a Submission to a Parliamentary Inquiry

Anna Ross

"There is a natural concern about the time and effort involved in preparing a submission, and whether the possible benefits justify the organisation’s cost and investment."

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Social Media Assets in Bankruptcy: Facebook and Twitter Accounts Subject to Reach of Creditors

G. Larry Engel & Vincent J. Novak

According to Morrison & Foerster, "Social media sites are transforming not only the daily lives of consumers, but also how companies interact with consumers. "

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The Black Market Peso Exchange and the Small Exporter

Robert J. Becerra

Small businesses are encouraged to export goods internationally, which in return has increased their risk for trade-based money laundering. Find out more about trade-based money laundering and the black market peso exchange in this article.

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Is Mandatory Joint Custody In The Best Interests of Children?

Richard S. Victor

Richard S. Victor discusses some of the problems he sees with the proposed law to change the Michigan Child Custody Act.

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In The News 2015 - Nashville

Compiled by Nat Barr

Notable news of listed lawyers in and around Nashville

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In The News 2015 - Texas

Compiled by Nat Barr and Eva Saviano

Notable news of listed lawyers in and around Texas

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An Immigration Powerhouse

by Sean Stonefield

Whittenburg Strange & Walker, P.C., offers a highly experienced legal team that includes some of the region’s most respected immigration lawyers.

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Making Safety a Priority

by Sean Stonefield

Dan Sciano on representing the underdog and advocating for change.

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The Right Fit

by Sean Stonefield

Texas trial legend Dan Cogdell on what he looks for in a case.

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Big Case Playbook

by the Law Offices of Frank L. Branson

Firm uses experience, expertise, commitment to succeed with big cases.

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