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Promises Kept

Kenneth J. Allen Law Group

Ken Allen honors his roots by fighting for clients

30 Years of Best Lawyers

James A. Strain

James A. Strain

Hovde Dassow & Deets

Hovde Dassow & Deets

Boyd and Rick Hovde were both named Best Lawyers’ 2014 Lawyers of the Year in Indianapolis

Culture Club

Ice Miller

100 years later, Ice Miller’s founding principles remain strong

A Leading Partnership in Immigration Law

Myers Thompson

Minneapolis Lawyer of the Year Howard S. (Sam) Myers III on building a premier corporate immigration firm with Best Lawyer Elizabeth A. Thompson

A Passion for Service

Schwebel Goetz & Sieben

How Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben became one of the largest plaintiffs’ personal injury firms in Minnesota

Top Three Tips for Hiring Employees

Dominick J. Bratti

Hiring new employees can be difficult and stressful. Make the process easier by following these three tips for hiring employees.

The Lion Bite Case Sleeps in Nevada, But It's a Whale of a Story

Stephen C. Yohay

"The two cases present fascinating and divergent approaches to whether, and how, the issue of human contact with wild animals should be regulated by safety and health enforcement agencies."

Credit Bidding at Bankruptcy Sales: A Powerful Tool, But Not Absolute

Jeffrey C. Toole and Harry W. Greenfield

The authors discuss how recent bankruptcy cases may level the credit bidding playing field for lenders by initiating bidding caps during a bankruptcy sale process. They recommend proceeding with caution: Lenders who are overzealous, especially in “loan-to-own” scenarios, may invite accusations of unfair conduct that could undercut their right to credit bid.

Our Code of Honor

Wayne R. Gross

Wayne R. Gross recollects on how his career was shaped by men who lived by the military code of honor.

Which Entity Should I Form For My Business Enterprise?

Peter A. Greenbaum

This quick summary details the key legal issues for business owners to consider when trying to keep personal and business assets separate.

Beware Wage and Hour Law Traps

Megan Erickson Moritz

Beware these 5 wage and hour law traps that employers may not fully understand.

Is Blogging a Concerted Protected Activity?

Jeff Weintraub

You Can’t Blog About That! Or Can You?


Jonathan Farrer

Crowdfunding has made an impact in the past year raising more than five billion dollars worldwide. Crowdfunding is still legJonathan Farrerally constrained in Australia, but it seems like that will soon end.

How to Pick a Jury

Lawrence H. Fleischman

Lawrence Fleischman recalls his early experience as a trial judge in 1985.

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