Top Three Tips for Hiring Employees

Dominick J. Bratti

Dominick J. Bratti
Dominick J. Bratti

Hiring employees is almost certainly one of the most imperative decisions a business will ever make. The recipe to a successful hire is often in finding workers that will enhance your business with a positive value alignment and mind-set, but there are a few basic guidelines that you should consider during the hiring process.

The following are 3 tips for growing your business through hiring and developing great employees:

1.  Stick to the facts when interviewing. There are a myriad of state and federal laws, rules and regulations regarding what employers can and cannot ask job applicants.The basic rule is to stick to discussing what is relevant and related to the job at issue, including the candidates qualifications and experience. If religion, politics, family or health issues come up during the interview, steer the conversation back to what is important to the job.

2.  Check references. As odd as it may sound, a significant number of employers do not check references or perform background checks of candidates. Although prior employers may be reluctant to speak with you, checking references can save you from hiring the wrong person. There are numerous vendors who can provide this service for a fee and it is worth checking them out.

3.  Require pre-employment drug tests. Employers who fail to perform pre-employment drug tests will attract candidates who know that they are not able to pass such tests. The consequences of hiring such persons can be devastating. Remember, however, that since the drug test is considered a medical examination, they can only be done after a candidate is given a conditional offer of employment, but before they start work. If the candidate fails the test, the job offer will be withdrawn.

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