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Lawyer And Media Testimonials

Since Best Lawyers was founded in 1981, prominent lawyers – from presidents of the American Bar Association to general counsel of the largest corporations – have commented on the usefulness, thoroughness, and integrity of the peer-reviewed lists published by Best Lawyers.

Testimonials about Best Lawyers from other
prominent lawyers and the legal media

This is a small sample of comments about Best Lawyers from lawyers and legal media outlets:

United States District Court Western District of Tennessee

"Best Lawyers is a shorthand way of knowing a person is possessed of all the skill, the integrity, and the qualifications to serve and meet the highest ideals of a lawyer. A professional's professional." Bernice B. Donald,
Former U.S. District Court Judge,
United States District Court,
Western District of Tennessee

Larry Bodine - Web And Marketing Consultant

"Best Lawyers, one of the country's few legitimate lawyer-rating services." Larry Bodine,
Strategic Marketing Consultant &
Business Development Advisor

Durrette Crump P.L.C. - Commerical and Complex Litigation - Business Taxation - Labor and Employment - Health Care - Bankruptcy

"I always encourage my attorneys to put themselves or their colleagues in for consideration for Best Lawyers. I believe Best Lawyers is a cut above the other "lists" and other attorneys often use the Best Lawyers site for information and referrals. This past year one of the founders of the firm and our president received the coveted letter announcing that he had been named. As soon as he shared the news with me I lobbied for our firm to take advantage of the link to Best Lawyers and we did so that day. I was pleasantly amazed and seriously delighted to learn the very next day that he had had a call directly from the Best Lawyer site and better yet, had landed a matter from that call. The client told him his attorney had a conflict and he knew he was on Best Lawyers so that is where he searched for a replacement. He chose our firm. I really can't ask for better than that." Amy Smith-Pike,
Former Marketing Director,
DurretteCrump, Richmond, Virginia


"The Best Lawyers in America has successfully established itself as a reputable and reliable clearinghouse of well-regarded attorneys. Inclusion is exclusive and coveted, and there is regular turnover in the attorneys listed. Woodward/White notes that Best Lawyers lists have been featured in more than 50 major metropolitan magazines in the past two years, an indication of how widely publicized the individual listings have become... This kind of exclusivity, and the solid reputation that the directory's selection process has achieved, make the directory a valuable resource for users." The North America Guide to Law Firm and
Lawyer Directories Deborah McMurray and
E. Leigh Dance, ELD Project Marketing, Inc.

Greenberg Taurig

"Many lawyers appreciate the ground-breaking work which is done by The Best Lawyers in America. Most people ignore the numerous copycats which have followed in your footsteps." Jeffrey M. Smith,
Greenbery Traurig, Atlanta, Georgia

Allen Matkins - Challenge. Opportunity. Success.

"There are several groups who publish top lawyer lists; however, we consider your publication the 'best of class.'" Gary S. McKitterick,
Allen Matkins Leck Gamble Mallory &
Natsis, Irvine, California

Bass Berry And Sims - Centered to Deliver

"Our firm recently received a call from a prospective client who had found us via the Best Lawyers Web Site. They told us that they were impressed that our firm had so many attorneys listed. We met with them, presented our credentials, and got the business, thanks in part to the initial contact through Best Lawyers in America." Jennifer P. Habib,
Former Director of Business Development
& Marketing, Bass, Berry & Sims PLC,
Nashville, Tennessee

StepToe And Johnson P. L. L. C. - Attorneys At Law

"We recently visited an energy client who, when told about the number of our attorneys listed in Best Lawyers, commented, 'Now, that really means something to me.'" Betsy Beorn Spellman,
Director of Client Services,
Steptoe & Johnson,
Clarksburg, West Virginia

American Bar Association - Defending Libery, Pursuing Justice

"A thorough, reliable and valuable resource for all who seek the best in our profession." Jerome J. Shestack,
Past President of the American Bar Association,
1997 - 1998

The American Lawyer

"The most respected list of attorneys in practice." The American Lawyer

Wilentz - Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer P.A. - Commitment to Make a Difference

"As a nationally recognized honor of achievement to the recipient, Best Lawyers is a valuable resource in locating highly qualified attorneys throughout the country." Michael F. Schaff,
Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer,
Woodbridge, New Jersey

Thompson & Knight - Attorneys and Counselors - Impact

"When I need a lawyer or to refer a lawyer in another city, and I don't already know someone in whom I have confidence, I turn to Best Lawyers. It is the source for exceptional attorneys." Marc E. Grossberg,
Thompson & Knight,
Houston, Texas

Wood Herron & Evans LLP - intellectual property law

"On many occasions I have had an opportunity to use Best Lawyers for co-counsel and client referral purposes in other jurisdictions and in other areas of the law, both for myself and for others in our 40-attorney boutique practice. Every one of these referrals has worked out well with competent counsel and service. Your publication has served us well for quite a while. Our experience with it exemplifies the quality of its content and of counsel listed. Thank you for a truly useful resource." David S. Stallard,
Wood, Herron & Evans,
Cincinnati, Ohio


"A handy guide...I practiced law in Nashville, Tennessee, and when I looked at the Nashville list, there were all the right lawyers." Fred Graham,
Court TV
(When Law Correspondent for CBS News)

Vancott - Because It Matters

"Best Lawyers is the most reliable and, in my judgment, the most respected lawyer designation directory in the U. S. A listing in Best Lawyers carries a great deal of weight within and without the Bar." Robert S. Campbell,
Van Cott Bagley Cornwall & McCarthy

Buchanan Ingersoll Rooney PC

"When asked for a referral, Best Lawyers is the resource to which I invariably turn. I have a high confidence level in attorneys listed in the book, even without knowing them. The organization of attorneys by geographic location and legal practice area makes the publication very user-friendly." Thomas E. Boyle,
Buchanan Ingersoll,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania