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Client Testimonials

Since Best Lawyers was founded in 1981, prominent lawyers – from presidents of the American Bar Association to general counsel of the largest corporations – have commented on the usefulness, thoroughness, and integrity of the peer-reviewed lists published by Best Lawyers.

Testimonials about Best Lawyers from Clients

This is a small sample of comments about Best Lawyers and its peer-reviewed listings from general counsel and corporate officers of some of the most significant corporations in the world:


"Looking for specific knowledge, e.g. for a second opinion Best Lawyers is a helpful source of information." Christina Ibrahim,
Vice President & Corporate Secretary

United Healthcare

"I always review Best Lawyers and rely on its recommendations." Kevin Maroney,
Associate General Counsel

Sumitomo Chemical

"We indeed refer to Best Lawyers very often in these days. In the era of global economy, where emerging markets have more and more importance, it is critical to have a sense of who appears to be good in a given field of a given jurisdiction. For this purpose, we find the information given by Best Lawyers more and more important." Kenji Ohno,
General Manager of the Legal Department

Bayer HealthCare

"I have used Best Lawyers to locate lawyers in an area of law that I do not have retained counsel. I find it to be a great resource." Bernd-Peter Bier,
Senior Vice President of Taxes Division

Office Depot

"Best Lawyers provides me with client perceptions and that makes it a great resource." Elisa Garcia,
General Counsel

The Rockefeller Group

"Best Lawyers is the gold standard in selecting a lawyer." Kevin R. Hackett,
General Manager of President And
Chief Executive Officer


"Best Lawyers is a reliable service." Matthew J. Kendrick,
Senior Counsel

J. P. Morgan Securities

"I don't have time to waste on mediocre lawyers. Best Lawyers gives me some idea of who is out there who won't." Laurie Breitenstein,
Associate General Counsel

Comerica Bank

"Each year I make note of the Best Lawyers results and make it a point to network into some of the attorneys that I don't already work with in case my go-to firms are conflicted out on a particular case. It is nice to have some pre-screening done before I make the contact." Robert A. Sajdak,
Senior Vice President And
Group Business Manager


"Best Lawyers is a wealth of information especially if you are not familiar with the local professions." Samuel Ballesteros,

Mutual of Omaha

"I use Best Lawyers because it has credibility. I have considered what you report about firms I know and it is true to my experience. Consequently, I have confidence in what you report when I need a firm or attorney in a venue where I don't have any existing relationship." Richard Anderl,
Executive VP & General Counsel


"For a mutual fund Trustee who is not a US citizen Best Lawyers is the 'Zagat' go-to guide. Boards constantly review the quality of advisers and understanding the shifting from of all the legal runners and riders is essential. Best Lawyers is a one-stop shop." P. Gerald Malone,
Chairman and Member of Nominating &
Corporate Governance Committee


"Best Lawyers is a valuable resource for insurance claims people." Robert Penn,
Director of Complex Property Claims

Pizza Hut

"Best Lawyers is a very helpful resource to narrow the scope of potential legal services in specific practice areas or locales where legal counsel is needed and contacts are limited." Mary Adolf,
Executive Director

Burris Investment Group

"Best Lawyers is a great resource." David Burrus,
Chairman of the Board


"I frequently check the Best Lawyers list to select an attorney in areas that I am not too familiar with. It is an excellent tool." Moe Nozari,
Former Executive Vice President of
Consumer & Office Business

International Paper

"This information is helpful in order to locate highly-regarded attorneys in areas of practice or geography where you would otherwise be unfamiliar." Sarah Norton,
Chief Counsel - Labor And Employment

General Cable

"Best Lawyers is another very useful resource in the lawyer and firm selection process." Robert J. Siverd,
Executive Vice President And General
Counsel And Secretary


"Rankings do give an indication, and recommendations do help, when they are from people who know well about the profession." Naoko Matsuzaki, LL.M.,
Corporate Counsel


"I have used this volume on quite a number of occasions and find the information to be quite complete and informative." Daniel Cooperman,
Former Senior Vice President,
General Counsel & Secretary

AMPAC - AmericanPacific

"I have always read the Best Lawyers list with interest each year. It isn't so much that I find new contacts in the list as that it confirms that I have made an effective choice." John Gibson,
Chairman - Board of Directors

EBSCO Industries, Inc.

"We have found Best Lawyers to be a consistent and reliable resource." David Walker,
Vice President & CFO


"Best Lawyers is an effective tool in identifying critical expertise when that expertise is required and/or needed quickly." Shawn Endsley,
Chief Financial Officer


"I have found the recommendations by Best Lawyers to be very helpful and accurate over the past 25 years." Timothy Crowley,
Managing Director, Leerink Swann