Client Comments features a vast and significant collection of client comments regarding lawyers listed in Best Lawyers®. Client comments provide supporting information to assist potential clients in understanding the particular strengths of lawyers who have already been acknowledged by their peers to be among the outstanding practitioners in their jurisdictions and in their fields of expertise.

We believe that peer-review – the methodology that we developed over three decades ago – continues to provide the most accurate basis for creating our list of outstanding legal talent. As a result, client comments are not utilized as part of the general evaluations for inclusion in Best Lawyers, but are provided to the many potential clients who refer to our lists when seeking lawyers of exceptional talent. Best Lawyers is the only major peer-review publication we know of that provides these detailed and attributed comments, and we believe that they are much more valuable than the short, generic comments attributed only to "clients" in general or to "the marketplace" that appear in some other publications.

Clients who have received legal services from a listed lawyer can submit comments regarding their experience via a link included under the attorney’s listing on our website. Clients can also contact us directly to submit a comment. Please note that some lawyer listings are available by subscribers only, but many of the listings have been made available to all users.

We are grateful for the level of response and detailed comments provided, and we’re pleased that most of the responding clients have agreed to let us identify them by name, title, and affiliation. Thoughtful client comments, especially attributed ones, assist other potential clients and referring lawyers in their search for counsel, making Best Lawyers an even more valuable resource.

Seven states – Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Wyoming – currently prohibit testimonials and endorsements, and Best Lawyers complies with the prohibition. Additional states have restrictions on testimonials and endorsements. These states prohibit testimonials that refer to pending matters, that come from celebrities or "public figures," and that "constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome" of a legal matter or suggest that prior results will guarantee a similar outcome. We monitor comments in all states to make sure that they honor these restrictions.

If you have questions regarding client comments, you can review our Frequently Asked Questions section or contact us directly at 803.648.0300803.648.0300 or at: